Sirian Crystal Temples

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The planetary Failsafe Mission activations continue in order for the planetary architecture to have the triple solar masculine and triple solar feminine foundational structures which form into multiple layers of nested Krystal Cathedrals, within which Emerald Guardian Host and Christos Solar Dragon teams can work in order to support the ongoing build out for anchoring the Cosmic Spirit Body layers. The Cosmic Spirit Body is the eternal spirit body that has emerged into matter from the Sirius B support infrastructure that was built through the Sirian Crystal Temples in the hosting platform section of Andromeda, which run into the spanner arc gateway system that straddles the particle dimensions of our planet from the 1D to the 7D layers. Corrections reaching a particular threshold of rehabilitation in the Magnetosphere and planetary logos body from the damage generated by the Inverted 7D Violet Ray network, has been critical to the success of the Sirian Crystal Temple hosting infrastructure helping to bridge the Albion network into the Rasha layers and Cosmic Spirit Body.[1]

Rasha Ring Span

Transcript: The Sirian Crystal Temples modulate the Eternal Spirit spark through the structure that operates in the internal domains of reality and then spans out into the external reality field that make up our Time Matrix. To unblock the many layers of dimensional access into the Sirian Crystal Temples from our timelines, required evictions and cleaning out of the middle section Ring Span of the Rasha Body.[2]


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