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The successful events of the Universal Time Matrix Twinning between Melchizedek and Elaysa was revealed to be the covert sacred mission of the Oraphim that have fulfilled their part of the Emerald Covenant. As a result, the Oraphim family will become much more present in supporting the ascending Indigo human family on the Earth, as previously connecting or communicating directly with them was rarefied.

The first emanations of the Oraphim Double Diamond Sun template in the Universe were intended to locate and integrate the exploded and lost consciousness parts of the Emerald Founder Azurite (Ascended Master) lineages. The priority was locating the entire Blue Ray Melchizedek Rishi-Reisha family in this matrix and its parallels, as their factions of Sirius B Maharaji had been lost and scattered in the inner domains, in order to finally free and return the organic consciousness of the Melchizedek Logos. The Sirius B Maharaji collective are connected to the Blue Rainbow Sun Star network that forms the Melchizedek Logos or Universal Mind matrix in our creation system. The Blue Ray Maharaji from Sirius B embody and hold the entire crystalline blueprint records of the 5D Taran planet, which hold the original records of the angelic 5-star human Diamond Sun body that was first seeded in the Universe in the Taran planetary matrix, or Earth's 5D timelines. The Oraphim could rehabilitate and heal Maharaji spiritual body parts up to 24D, and are the spiritual parents of the 6D Indigo lines incarnated on the Earth; thus, all Indigos have inside them the genetic package and potentials of their original Sirius B Maharaji Oraphim parents.

In order to fully restore the organic 5D timelines during the ascension cycle, it is important that these original histories are recovered to the Emerald Founders and that the artificial timelines and alien machinery used to replicate and clone these lineages by the invading races are completely dismantled and extracted out from the timelines. The reclamation of the Orion's Belt complex has been yet another important project of the Oraphim stationed in the higher dimensions of Mintaka, in the reclamation of organic 5D architecture and restoration of the Emerald Founder records needed for organic timelines of planetary ascension.

The Oraphim with the Rishic grail lines incarnated with the particular mission to rehabilitate the completed Melchizedek Logos body with his divine counterpart Elaysa, and the Triple Solar Reisha family. The Blue Ray Melchizedek Rishic-Oraphim forms first entered the higher dimensions of our system through primarily Sirius B and Mintaka, the latter being one of three stars in Orion's Belt. Some of these Guardian groups stayed and formed a council for reclaiming the middle pillars from 8D Mintaka in order to administer and repair the damage incurred from the wormhole technology and the insertion of a Black Sun into Alnilam, designed to hijack the Holy Father principle through the Orion Group colonization in the Orion's Belt. Their ancient presence in the covert Guardian Oraphim mission in Mintaka was to dismantle the Black Sun and false umbilicus wormhole networks, which was revealed during recent events reclaiming Alnilam for the Amethyst Order Rishi and Pink Diamond Elohei lines of Cosmic Holy Father. This particular Guardian group in Mintaka has been instrumental in the spiritual warfare strategy by directing long term rehabilitation projects concerning Orion constellation that had been damaged by Wesan Black Sun machinery, that cloned Earth-Tara-Gaia matrices and began to run metatronic reversal or base 10 reversal current during the Dragon Moth invasion of the 8D layers in the Orion's Belt.

Having made a base in Orion's Belt the Orion Group consortium of NAA entities used black hole technology to connect a series of phantom wormholes from the Orion constellation of stars to several Dragon Moth strongholds into the planetary grid network. They made their primary headquarters in the three main stars in Orion's Belt, Alnitak (Zeta Orionis), Alnilam (Epsilon Orionis), Mintaka (Delta Orionis), and further out in Bellatrix and Rigel which can be found linked into the ley lines running through many of the planetary holographic features found in pyramids or ancient structures. These stars in Orion were linked into the planetary grid network through phantom wormholes that were centered in the 7D Stargate of Peru, which were being controlled from the Draco constellation's alpha star Thuban. The phantom wormholes were intended to hold together the Wall in Time, blocking the return of the Emerald Founders during the Ascension Cycle, and to function as the NAA false umbilicus in which the planetary soul and angelic humans would ultimately be captured in a phantom matrix under NAA control during the physical death passage. [1]


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