Correcting Amethyst Order Flame Codes

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During the magnetic peak cycle, an opening into the trans-time continuum from within the parallel earth transpired with the anchoring of the Sophianic plasma shield and Holy Mother rising in the earth body. Along with the many other previous clearings completed to extract the Atlantian Cataclysm from NAA manipulation in the AI Timelines, this made access and fire letter retrieval possible throughout sections of the Atlantian cataclysm event that had timeline triggers in multiple versions of the earth and Tara. For the Amethyst Order to become present in this material plane, it required that the Amethyst Order flame codes and DNA fire letters were retrieved from the timeline trigger events in the Atlantian cataclysms in order to correct the main 36D template of the Cosmic Amethyst Order creations hosting within this system.

The hijacked Violet Flame codes were taken as inverted embodiments used by the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics, these were duplicates or holographically cloned bodies from the Ruby Sun DNA template which were used to control the Atlantian related timelines. This is very important to the Belial group as the control over the Atlantian Cataclysm trigger events by reproducing this disaster repeatedly in the AI timelines, is what allows control over the planetary logos body, the 7D magnetosphere, the earth elementals, and is that which powers up the Armageddon software. We are emerging from the dark age which was held in place through the deception of the Atlantian Conspiracy and the lies we have been told by those loyal to the Luciferian Covenant, so the success of the NAA is wholly dependent on controlling these timelines and suppressing knowledge that these historical events transpired.

The correction of the Flame codes and Amethyst Order fire letters have direct correspondence to the cetacean-whale-porpoise sound code and sonic patterns, and those spiritual families who embody the Holy Father lineages that hold violet sun heart codes. These are diamond crystal hearts linked directly with the Amethyst Order Holy Father principle, that hold special Rod flame codes that transmit their code controls into the earth crystal core and crystal generators. These are the true Merlin’s that innately know the principles of alchemy, rising up from the cosmic womb of the Creatrix Field, overseeing the raw substances undergoing purification under each Law of Alchemy in order to reach the final perfected state of the Magnum Opus. The Christos Maji Wizards of long forgotten lore, hold the Sophianic sapphire-violet heart codes which speak their loving sound tones to the earth. They are designed to protect the eco-balance of the natural kingdom, all living things on the planet respond to forces of spiritual love contained in their violet sun heart language. Those with the Code of the Violet Sun will have very strong spiritual connection and love for the earth kingdom, they are sensitive to sound, and will feel compelled to do what they can to help heal the earth. When spiritually activated, they will begin to remember the inner Merlin, which will bring to the surface awareness that they can directly communicate with the elementals, fairy and deva spirits that live in nature.

As this Amethyst Template is being restored, it links into its counterpart as the Emerald Order template, which is connected to building the architecture for the hierogamic template and sacred union of the Aeonic Pair, Christos-Sophia. Over the cycles, the trauma and pain of separation of the male and female counterparts, the black heart distortions of the fallen entities, generated deep heart center blockages. The spiritual healing continues to clear these painful blockages that have impacted the crystal heart complex, which also has significance with all 7D Violet Ray related issues, including the Gaian timelines. However, these major events have been supportive to help clear out the Crown of Thorns implant which runs on reversal 7D current and distorts the crown center. Guardian Teams have been especially motivated to remove this implant from the planetary morphogenetic fields, so that all souls being birthed into the earth at this time have a correct northern and inner staff position, aligned Violet Ray crown and the spiritual connection with the Cosmic Clock directing their lightbody towards ascension.

Violet Flame Holders

When enough of the Violet Flame Holders have embodied their corrected fire letter sequences as a result of the ongoing corrected Violet wave plasma activations, this aligns with the Metagalactic Core and generates major shifts in the planetary architecture that correct the alien machinery reversals that had previously distorted the planetary 7D Violet Ray current. See Inverted 7D Violet Ray.[1]

Crown of Thorns

The Crown of Thorns is designed to distort the natural energetic circuitry and violet ray spectrum in the crown center by caging the pineal gland, blocking and scrambling the spiritual communication that comes from the higher dimensions by first being transmitted into the crown center and energy receivers that are behind both ears. The Crown of Thorns is a part of the crucifixion implants placed in the planetary body during the 7D magnetosphere invasion with the Jehovian Grid, thus we each have been born with this enslavement device when we incarnate on this planet. This implant acts as another frequency fence to keep humanity unable to spiritually communicate or gain access to their higher spiritual bodies. It blocks the vertical communication channel around the head, skull and crown.[2]


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