Sophianic Plasma Shield

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During this important astrological cycle, the opening portals for a range of next generation intergalactic plasma transmissions are being sent into the earth body to exponentially amplify the impacts and results of Mass Consciousness Global Awakening. The current Magnetic Peak cycle is transmitting powerful Plasma Activations into the planet that are catalyzing the next stage of initiating the dark matter template that connects into the core of the planetary and human Lightbody. The Dark Matter Template is activating a range of new building blocks and raw substances into the matter world, in the form of re-encrypted energy grids and corrected Platonic Solids, light codes and elemental forces through corrections being made in the magnetic sound forces. These corrections are transmitting and being anchored into the planetary KA spirit body in the second dimension and above through the Sophianic Plasma Shield.

Mother’s Stream has manifested into Plasma Rings that appear to be transfiguring previously dormant or nullified sound bodies in the morphogenetic imprints of creation. These sound wave transmissions are rapidly building vibrational pressure that is amplifying polarities in the world of forces which are catalyzing oceanic cascades of tri-wave source energy transmitting into the quantum layers. This seeds light sparks into the dark matter template which is activating its higher spiritual functions. The circulation of the recently activated magnetic sound fields are transmitting liquid plasma crystal sparks that are activating more of the 45-degree diagonal lines in the diamond grid network, which as a result of being turned on are purging out reversal female networks and shadow elements used by the satanic hierarchies. The verticals and diagonals are emitting liquid plasma light crystal sparks from the Mother’s Stream running into the female principled sound body architecture, which is forming into the larger plasma rings that create the Sophianic Plasma Shield.

The Mother’s Stream has generated the next stage of the Krystallah body architecture for the emergence of the Solar daughters of God, to support the manifestation of the Solar Feminine Christ on the earth and to gradually restore energetic balance in the planetary grid network. The purpose of this is to also rehabilitate the architecture of the Twinned Christ Child, which supports the male and female human biology to heal their gender reversals and access the inner holy spirit from inside their heart. This is clearing out those alien implants, distortions and reversals that were circulating sexual energy and shadow forms into the Baphomet Network. This network contributes to the Sexual Misery programming feeding into the Pain Body, which disconnects the sound body from the light body, preventing the formation and activation of the Human Crystal Body.

This will increase the energetic pressure in the macrocosm of the environment which acts as the catalyst for shifting the mass consciousness to awaken beyond the sorcery of mind spells and into the levels of perceiving the tyrannical power abuses in the current anti-human deception agendas. This is likely to steadily increase the outer turbulence and confusion as more people are being exposed to hard truths. The inner pressure will be especially felt by those invested heavily in the Controlled Narrative, who suffer from active cognitive dissonance and deeply buried subconscious complexes. Thus, are unprepared mentally and emotionally to productively cope with the fear broadcast and the variety of energetic stressors that are being applied to the consciousness body during this phase of the planetary Dark Night of the Soul.

In the midst of the outer chaos, the obsolete planetary architecture is quietly transforming through a deep and powerful cleansing as the Sophianic Plasma Shield anchored in the 2D core is effectively burning out extremely dense anti-life forces and parasites that are buried in multiple dimensional layers and extracting them from out of the earth. Gridworkers have observed a range of collapsing AI timelines, the dissolving of alien machinery and the eradication of assorted demonic forces that were running in Baphomet, Black Madonna and assorted Black Magic fields. These are reversal networks that have been drawn upon by the Controlling entities during their rituals for the purpose of hijacking and superimposing reversals upon the female principle, circulating Loosh into the black heart networks and obstructing the Sophianic diamond heart diagonal lines. Those alien structures and entities that have acted as imposters to the female principle to gather soul energy, hijack life force and spread anti-life death cult principles through the Dark Mother archetypes, wedded to the anti-life forces (the spawn of Black Lilith and Azazael) and used by the high priesthoods in the satanic classes, are undergoing a systematic purge. This appears in the field to be like pulling out a deep dark net infrastructure with many tentacles of black webbing with sprawling roots growing through the morphogenetic fields, that have been largely unseen by the earth inhabitants and so have been widely spreading their death cult satanic infection throughout the Planetary Grid Network.

We have had a team of new arrivals serving the Paliadorian Covenant that are great defenders of the Mother. The reclamation of the Solar Logos body in the Emerald Order Lyran Royal House had great impacts on the functioning ability of the Solar Rishi serving the Christos Mission to gain more access in our Solar System and to interact with the earth domain. These are the Solar Rishi guardians of the Universal Stargates now anchored in Ursa Major that are controlling the ‘nodus’ Ray system and guiding the process of spiritually healing the original angelic human tribal shield. There are also the cosmic levels of Christos-Sophia plasma beings that are here to protect humanity from AI extinction codes through shielding the earth, and are available to help mentor the spiritually awakening groups on the Ascension path.

We have arrived at the moment when our Cosmic Christos-Sophia brethren from the God worlds are showing up on the earth grid to build out ascending platforms for gender healing and announce to the NAA oppressors that humanity does not stand alone in the midst of the spiritual warfare happening on the earth. The new arrivals have shown up to serve and protect the emergence of the sacred crystal heart of the Mother-Sophia principle architecture, and to manifest the next stage of the Solar Feminine Christ embodiments that are holding the photo-sonic codes for the Sophianic Plasma Shield from the lost Songs of Lyra. These are the sound codes of the Musica Universalis which unites the music of the spheres, reconnecting the holographic matrix bodies throughout the Universal Time Matrix. Through the embodiment of the Krystallah coding held in the Solar Feminine Christ template, the lost songs are photonic-sonic healing codes that are transmitted from the Emerald Order House in Lyra to correct sound wave bodies. These Universal Trinity codes generate gelesiac plasma rings in and around the lightbody that further transmit liquid plasmic light throughout all the vertical and diagonal lines.

As a result of the Sophianic Plasma Shield it appears that all sound wave dimensional bodies throughout the mechanics of creation in the time matrix will be undergoing rehabilitation. That which inherently belongs to the Cosmic Mother, her dimensional sound bodies and Sophianic codes. This is the reclamation of sound bodies to the natural laws which are governed by the Law of Gender and contain the completed Solar Logos architecture which resurrected the House of Emerald Order Christos-Sophia.

These code transmissions are unprecedented in that they contain extremely high consciousness coding sourcing from the God worlds, and they are designed to burn away and remove an array of anti-female architecture that has been used to invert and reverse the Mother principle throughout the manifestation in the densities. From the Krystal Star Guardian Host, these are rounds of transmissions being overseen by the Paliadorian Dragon Kings which involve the restoration of the many sound wave bodies that make up dimensional spaces and were previously distorted from the insertion of alien machinery and AI Timelines which corrupted gender principle into reversals. This phase of architectural repair to the organic timelines especially involve rehabilitation of the sound body templates that were aspects of the female principled body. These were inverted to separate sound and light, to hijack the creation of sound waves in the time matrix so that they could control the holographic reality from that which becomes the instruction set for the dimensional light fields.

The corruption of the sound waves and hijack of the Mother’s original body parts is one part of the puzzle that allowed the corruption to infect the entire Ray system, thus the creation of false light holograms, AI timelines and the False Christ consciousness grid. The holographic matrix in our reality is undergoing sound wave template corrections in order to be aligned properly with the Krystic architecture, this is further correcting the way sound waves transmute into light waves in the entire spectrum of frequencies throughout all dimensions. Thus, the correction of the female sound bodies ripples out corrections into the male light bodies, and vice versa. This has significant impact on the entire Ray system that transmits all of these spectrums of light frequencies, commonly called the electromagnetic field spectrum or Chakra Wave Spectrum.

These are the nodus points anchored in Ursa Major that transmit the chakra wave spectrum through the capstone of the Universal Trinity, that are known to hold the genetic record of the original ray identities of the 12 Tribes seeded on Earth and Tara. It is confirmed by Krystal Star that our Paliadorian Guardian Host teams have gained complete control over the Capstone Nodus through the Holy Father principle, and that this structure controls the entire functioning of the Ray system in our Universe. This indeed is unprecedented. Many partial or fallen ascended masters and their false light structures or AI holograms used to manipulate earthlings, will be broken down and repurposed into the creatrix or returned back to their spiritual home.[1]

Organic Magnetism

The solar streams in the form of solar winds enter the Magnetosphere which is located in the ultraviolet layer of the Ionosphere and directly control the planet’s internal magnetic field, which is currently being reconfigured into organic states of magnetism.[2]


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