Mass Consciousness Global Awakening

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During this important astrological cycle, the opening portals for a range of next generation intergalactic plasma transmissions are being sent into the earth body to exponentially amplify the impacts and results of Mass Consciousness Global Awakening. The current Magnetic Peak cycle is transmitting powerful plasma activations into the planet that are catalyzing the next stage of initiating the Dark Matter Template that connects into the core of the planetary and human Lightbody. The dark matter template is activating a range of new building blocks and raw substances into the matter world, in the form of re-encrypted energy grids and corrected Platonic Solids, light codes and elemental forces through corrections being made in the magnetic sound forces. These corrections are transmitting and being anchored into the planetary KA spirit body in the second dimension and above through the Sophianic Plasma Shield.

This will increase the energetic pressure in the macrocosm of the environment which acts as the catalyst for shifting the mass consciousness to awaken beyond the Sorcery of mind spells and into the levels of perceiving the tyrannical power abuses in the current anti-human deception agendas. This is likely to steadily increase the outer turbulence and confusion as more people are being exposed to hard truths. The inner pressure will be especially felt by those invested heavily in the Controlled Narrative, who suffer from active Cognitive Dissonance and deeply buried subconscious complexes. Thus, are unprepared mentally and emotionally to productively cope with the fear broadcast and the variety of energetic stressors that are being applied to the consciousness body during this phase of the planetary Dark Night of the Soul.

We have arrived at the moment when our Cosmic Christos-Sophia brethren from the God worlds are showing up on the earth grid to build out ascending platforms for gender healing and announce to the NAA oppressors that humanity does not stand alone in the midst of the Spiritual Warfare happening on the earth. The new arrivals have shown up to serve and protect the emergence of the Sacred Crystal Heart of the Mother-Sophia principle architecture, and to manifest the next stage of the Solar Feminine Christ embodiments that are holding the photo-sonic codes for the Sophianic Plasma Shield from the lost Songs of Lyra. These are the sound codes of the Musica Universalis which unites the music of the spheres, reconnecting the holographic matrix bodies throughout the Universal Time Matrix. Through the embodiment of the Krystallah coding held in the Solar Feminine Christ template, the lost songs are photonic-sonic healing codes that are transmitted from the Emerald Order House in Lyra to correct sound wave bodies. These Universal Trinity codes generate gelesiac Plasma Rings in and around the Lightbody that further transmit liquid plasmic light throughout all the vertical and diagonal lines.

Preparing to Receive Divine Mother Sophia

To prepare the earth to fully receive the awakened wisdom of the Sophianic Solar Female Christ consciousness, we must begin to see and know what has happened to her and her children, to all of humanity. We must understand that what is promoted as Divine Mother or through dark female archetypes is actually not the Mother at all, but an imposter that took her place by inverting her consciousness which is used to manipulate us. To awaken to the knowledge that satanic ritual abuse was orchestrated globally through mind control to subjugate her children, in order to hold her body captive in the reversal grids that are fed by the continual production of the Satanic forces, means recognizing what prevented her from incarnating upon the earth. This entails awakening to the horrific awareness of SRA and the Blood Sacrifice of her children carried out to gain access to the animating forces of the Sophianic creational power, which was ultimately used by the NAA to gain complete control over this world.

Further, the NAA brought their complete mind control SRA ideology to the earth and this is the causal event of the spawning of the alien hybrid satanic and luciferian bloodlines. The death cult cabal was produced from out of these original slavery and Breeding Programs led by Thothian groups in Nibiru, in which these soul groups were specifically designed to hold the modified genetics for the base 10 reversal template for the Black Suns on the earth. These are the original bloodline lineages of the high-ranking Controllers. [1]


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