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The Controllers have used the influence of the mainstream media and the mass promotion of the academic-science-medical system to prepare the masses over the past hundred years through chemical, social and genetic engineering programs to make the current generations much more susceptible to the idea of genetically modifying themselves to ultimately carry out transhumanist goals. When Cybernetics was popularized in the academic circles after World War II, ongoing conferences were organized by scholars throughout many disciplines for the purpose of study and experimentation on the types of control and communication that could be exerted over “the animal and the machine”, and then ultimately finding ways of merging them together. These conferences began the academic think tanks used by the intelligence community that further expanded into the secret society groups and the bloodline family’s covert meetings for troubleshooting the methods for steering control of the population. Thus, working on methods for influencing the Collective Consciousness energy potentials in the human mind to move us in the directions that they wanted us to go.

Essentially, they began to set up the border guards of the matrix throughout the control pillars of society, with the mainstream narrative on repeat lulling people to stay asleep and just follow the arrows painted on the floor. Cyberneticists focus on how any person or thing processes information, reacts to that information and then studies the stimulus response that needs to be introduced in order to change the behavior as well as the output levels needed to achieve the desired result for the control operator. Cybernetics is a vast interdisciplinary strategy that expanded its influence into the many fields of study within Psychology, and clearly this was instrumental in developing multiple levels of strategies for exerting social control, Mind Control, Pavlovian Classical Conditioning, all leading up to covert brainwashing methods that are used for psychological warfare and MKUltra programming.

As a result of cybernetics being entrenched in science, academia, medicine and even the entertainment industry, many people have been brainwashed to think that implanting chips, neural links into AI brains and adding bionic parts will create an immortal superhuman. This is the supposed stated goal of cybernetics on steroids, evolved into the transhumanist agendas. Currently, the NAA is taking the mass genetic experimentation to the next level, the intended transmission for the embodiment of AI Signals running throughout the human cells, Bio-Neurology and brain, which suspends free and independent thought and potentially creates mind-controlled automatons and Cyborgs. The elite regularly promote cybernetic control theory experiments through their overall strategies to build out of the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart cities and the merging of humans with machines, promoting this as making positive strides towards improving society. In fact, as an example this year at Davos there was a special session dedicated to discuss the topic, “When Humans Become Cyborgs”.

To achieve the end goals of cybernetics, methodical steps have been taken to re-structure society so the masses would easily obey authority, by shaping human perception with repeated mind control Propaganda about the proven sciences supposedly behind these innovations, especially those being pushed through the medical industry. Powerful medical directors or global health organization representatives can hold patents on designer viruses or other scientific discoveries in which they can effectively write their own white papers in scientific journals through paid grants or donations, establishing the precise conclusions that are favorable for selling, distributing or mandating their medical product for servicing the global supply. Otherwise said, major conflicts of interest exist at the highest levels when it comes to standards of enforcing public health. As long as bribery, intimidation, threats and blackmail are used to enforce public health, there is no real public health. Only the illusion that we have a robust medical system, which is actually based upon paid for science journals along with infiltrated academic environments and global health organizations employed by the special interests of the Controllers.

Thus, it was important for them to repeat the same false narratives over many years and to run marketing campaigns in order to condition the masses to trust the credibility of medicine by accepting the science journals, global health authorities and pharmaceutical corporations without question. High statistics of mortality and disability from hospital medical negligence, along with known pharmaceutical and vaccine damage has been completely ignored or brushed aside, to withhold that critical information from the public. It has taken years of brainwashing through the mainstream media to train consumers to over-rely on the authority of the medical system, foregoing their own intuition, in which the medical consumer submits to the medical deity to prescribe various delivery methods of chemical based genetic engineering. Without the awareness of how these synthetic chemicals or combined “medicines” actually interact with their organic body immunity and human consciousness, Informed Consent has been subverted. The billion-dollar marketing campaigns of the main pharmaceutical global health conglomerates run the mainstream media news, in which they get to decide what commentary is allowed to be spoon fed to the masses, thereby eliminating any objective or critical information about the failures of western medicine.

By carrying out these deceptive anti-Christ agendas, these death cult bloodline families believe they get to rule the earth forever as living Gods, above any laws. The death cult Controllers covert mission has been to intentionally and systematically genetically modify organic human DNA for the purpose of enslaving humans as genetic specimens for ongoing experimentation and slavery, while supplying an unlimited access of energetic Loosh and genetically hybridized bodies for the NAA. This includes the many hidden underground laboratories known to the elites, born from cyberneticists for this very purpose. These are basically cloning stations used for genetic testing and genetic harvesting in which test tube babies, cloning, double sperm in vitro fertilization, SRA and removing the mother’s DNA and ovum from out of the pregnancy process, are ongoing live experiments. The Misogyny knows no end in this twisted and sick world, in which the psychopaths are hell bent to genetically modify and create bodies that kill the inner Christ spirit and God spark within the organic human body. Thus, declaring these genetically engineered bodies and transhuman modifications as the new creation intended to be Satan’s spawn.

The Controllers completely infiltrated the academic, science and medical authority power structures throughout society, and installed those groomed and loyal bloodline death cult members into their top ranks to serve as the heads of industry and public faces. The academic-science-medical system, bio-technology, pharmaceutical companies are controlled at the top by the members in the main factions of the death cult that answer to the highest levels of the Dragon Moth forces they contact during satanic rituals. To understand why these dark entities want unlimited access to control human physical bodies for their personal use, first we need to be aware that most of them are disembodied phantom creatures without the ability to incarnate into a corporeal form or recreate a living physical body on this plane. Genetic Engineering human DNA serves this purpose for them, as they can more easily control our minds, possess our bodies, hijack our genetic code, sacrifice our children, and siphon our light source when we are filled with toxic chemicals and Mind Control, having no idea that they exist.

Whether we call them NAA, Satan or Lucifer does not matter, for these parasitic forces are the enemies of the human race. For those of us aware of the end goals of these bloodline families, it is disturbing to note that the entire scope of genetic research projects and the genetic engineering industries are deeply entrenched and controlled by these satanic families. The Hollywood and entertainment satanic death cults are especially involved in these unethical activities carried out secretly in the Cloning Stations. The entertainment industry has used subliminal programming and digital code within the media content for many years already, in order to program the masses to become violent, hyper-sexual and prone to impulsive self-destruction in which to increase the forces of chaos. The Social Engineering of entertainment media and video games continually implanting thoughts of self-destruction and harm is effective at dumbing down the masses, and disconnecting them from their inner spirit and possibility for exercising free will and gaining the self-determination required to lead their lives. This is the cyberneticist’s satanic dream for total control over the human body.

The Rockefellers have been especially prolific with their funding of cybernetics and in the infiltration of the academic, science and medical environments, and so some brief information about their rise to power over the past 150 years is helpful as a case study of understanding the agendas of these death cult bloodline families.[1]


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