Twinned Christ Child

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Along with the Holy Mother aspects rising to embody Solar Feminine Christ architecture, this year has brought on the restoration of the Cosmic Mother principle to her authentic offspring with corrections being made in the planetary body to heal the DNA-RNA, Chromosomal and mitochondrial bonds that fully support the pregnancy, birth and spiritual emanation for the Twinned Christos Child template. Those of us that serve the Paliadorian teams’ mission for seeding the ongoing Rainbow Plasma Activations have been working towards building the architecture required to fulfill the second emanation of the Twinned Christ Child on the earth, by birthing the Christos-Sophia Rainbow Plasma Shield.

The ascension symptoms for those embodied at liquid plasma avatar levels has included what may feel like an actual spiritual body pregnancy, complete with distended abdomen at the hara complex for both males and females. This Twinned Christ Child hierogamic union template has been a closely guarded secret of the authentic Feline Mother lineages in the Emerald Order (EO) teams that have been protecting this architecture. This particular project has been extremely targeted by the NAA and EO imposters that have been panic-stricken in sending ongoing death threats and forms of black magic attacks in any attempt to stop this Twinned Christ Child template from coming into manifestation.

In previous evolution cycles, the cosmic coupling of the hierogamic template or the Christos-Sophia Aeonic Pairing was distorted through reversal sound ‘astral waters’, alien machinery and artificial timelines overlaid on the construct at the 11th dimensional level to continually generate reversals throughout the lower dimensions. This alien construct was overlaid after the Fall of Lyra, and upon the King Arthur timelines and 11D stargates, which appeared to be like a massive cancerous body that was placed on top of the Albion and Cathar bodies to leave these structures of sound and light frozen in a mountain of miasmatic black goo. This resulted in the Solar Masculine Christ being disconnected from his genetic equal the Solar Feminine Christ through assortments of inverted sound wave architecture, rod and staff displacement and this intended static field of separation that prevented the unification within the Law of Gender. This alien architecture was heavily guarded by dark avatar collectives stationed in these areas in the Phantom Matrix.

Recently, Paliadorian Starseeds acted as lightbody surrogates for down stepping the pregnancy of Christ energy, designed to protect the Christos child while gestating, and then support reunification of the Aeonic Pairing of the Twinned Christ Child to be finally seeded into the planetary body. The Twinned Christ Children were conceived in the diamond heart of Aqualasha, then were placed in the Paliadorian Dragon King rainbow shield which was highly guarded so this template could be braided as Christos consciousness liquid plasma energy streams into formed templates in our Universe. The living light surrogate for holding the Christos-Sophia male and female child principle was for the purpose of reanimating the Twinned Christ Child, in both male and female child forms that were held outside of time in Aqualasha until they were fully formed and ready. The Twinned Christ Child in female Sophianic form was birthed first into the grail system holding the astral waters through the Universal Diamond Rose Heart of Mary, and is correcting the dimensional sound wave bodies from running reversals and alien corruption into the organic timelines.

Sekhmet Goddess (art by Elizabeth)

The Twinned Christ Child in male form was birthed second into the capstone nodus of the Solar ray system through the Sun Disc Network Solar Temple, and is correcting the dimensional light wave bodies from running reversals of false light and dead light into the organic timelines. It was observed that both children were surrounded in Mother Sophia Sonic Pillars being fiercely guarded by many Feline Goddess Elohei beings that protect the Staff Codes and Blue Lion Grid originally on Tara, that appeared in the form of Sekhmet Guardians.

This template is also for the purpose of correcting the birth transduction sequence to support aligned birthing of children on the earth to be aligned with Krystic architecture. Once this Krystic architecture was stabilized in the earth during the Easter window, this grid support allowed the ability of many lightworkers to find and reclaim many of the children souls that were stuck in the phantom areas, that were used in satanic ritual abuse or had been killed by psychopathic pedovores. Thus, the experience of holding children souls and transiting souls has greatly evolved in the last six months, as the Mother’s Stream and Sophianic principle are rising steadily in the earth body. The restoration of the Solar Feminine Christ via the Cosmic Mother is reconnecting many vertical, horizontal and diagonal links into the Universal creatrix field, making them active again, which allows a much deeper access channel into the bowels of the earth and in-between spaces.[1]

Golden Dragon Egg or Solar Egg

There are 13 Dragon Beings that are enveloped in the Earth crust, that have been here for eons of time as Guardians of the Ley Lines, ready to awaken and protect the Christ Child once the Golden Dragon Egg cracks open. They remain asleep in the Earth until the planetary collective consciousness reaches the level of higher dimensional consciousness and self-awareness where the tipping point of global awakening occurs. It appears that with the Rise of Arthur, his awakening in the Albion initiates further global awakening within these stasis beings. [2]

Rainbow Dragons

The Cosmic Christos Solar Rainbow Dragons have unified and are braiding themselves into the crystalline grid which generates a northern position and southern position of massive Solar-Sun Rainbow Plasma Shields. There are two enormous Rainbow Plasma Shields, one located in the middle of the northern hemisphere the other in the middle of the southern hemisphere. These plasma shields are acting similarly to the electrical paddles that are used in a defibrillator and at the exact moment in divine organic alignment, these paddles are directing a massive amount of plasmic current into the Emerald Crystal Heart to reestablish the core heart song of Earth.[3]


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