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Rainbow Dragons

The Cosmic Christos Solar Rainbow Dragons have unified and are braiding themselves into the crystalline grid which generates a northern position and southern position of massive Solar-Sun Rainbow Plasma Shields. There are two enormous Rainbow Plasma Shields, one located in the middle of the northern hemisphere the other in the middle of the southern hemisphere. These plasma shields are acting similarly to the electrical paddles that are used in a defibrillator and at the exact moment in divine organic alignment, these paddles are directing a massive amount of plasmic current into the Emerald Crystal Heart to reestablish the core heart song of Earth.[1]

Arc Technology

The current instruction sets being transmitted to those on the Christos Mission are the result of the ongoing Paliadorian Activations that hold the sequences that allow assembly of the Arc of the Covenant code sets, as a host template that is held within our lightbody. When we incarnated on the earth with this spiritual mission, we held the instruction set for the future embodiment of the Arc codes, that would allow us to assemble the field as a group from the 13th Pillar Essene spiritual lineages that hold the internal Christos-Sophia Rainbow Plasma Shield. Together we hold the potential for enacting the Host Matrix Transplant for the entire planet and on behalf of reclaiming all lines within the 12 Essene Tribes. This Host matrix template acts like a krystal bridge that ripples effects into the outer manifestations in which the artificial timelines and AI machinery that are embedded in the reality fields begin to dissolve and fall apart, which collapses assorted NAA architecture that was built to support their anti-Christ patriarchal systems.[2]

Twinned Christ Children

Along with the Holy Mother aspects rising to embody Solar Feminine Christ architecture, this year has brought on the restoration of the Cosmic Mother principle to her authentic offspring with corrections being made in the planetary body to heal the DNA-RNA, Chromosomal and mitochondrial bonds that fully support the pregnancy, birth and spiritual emanation for the Twinned Christos Child template. Those of us that serve the Paliadorian teams’ mission for seeding the ongoing Rainbow Plasma Activations have been working towards building the architecture required to fulfill the second emanation of the Twinned Christ Child on the earth, by birthing the Christos-Sophia Rainbow Plasma Shield.[3]

Krystal Star Tetramorphic Amplifiers

This is a holographic instruction set for supporting corrected Tetramorphic patterns as required for Diamond Sun lightbody correction. We call upon and bring to mind the Hierogamic Union Tetramorphic amplifiers of Mother Arc, Yod of Father God and the Double Diamond Sun Body. Diamond Krystal Sphere of Liquid Rainbow Plasma, the Tetramorphic Symbol is a Perfected Eternal Human Being, which is both male and female, wearing a haloed Aurora Crown, emanating a Rainbow Plasma Shield or Aurora Krystal Shield, holding the Earth Globe in both outstretched palms. (Resonant Tone). I AM THAT I AM. Aquareion is an Andromedan Amplifier, used by Christos or Oraphim Starseeds to help restore the architecture towards unification between the masculine and feminine counterparts, to build the hierogamic template, to reunite the Christos-Sophia throughout the Universal Time Matrix. AquaSAreion works in conjunction with the Andromedan offspring/seed code chromosomal template as part of female Sophianic body corrections and supports an entire re-patterning of the brain waves, building the trinity circuitry in the brain that is the hypothalamus, pituitary and Pineal Gland, as well as vitalizing the myelin sheath functions of the CNS. Aquareion and AquaSAreion appear in the color sound tone of pastel lilac to pastel periwinkle, bring to mind the lilac periwinkle blend color spectrum and intend to connect with the Krystal Star frequencies.

Rainbow Dragon Breath

Through the Solar Rishi return the Earth has reached the stage during the Ascension Cycle when the Christos Solar Dragons are being awakened through the transmission of Rainbow Dragon Breath carried into their Emerald Crystal Heart. They are being called into planetary service by our Holy God Parent, the Cosmic Founders of the Emerald Order. We have waited eons for the planet to raise her frequency to the level that activated the hidden Emerald Crystal Heart in the Albion Lightbody, which was only made possible in the mass reflection of the Spiritual Love that is being expressed and shared in the collective hearts of humanity.

Cosmic Founder Step Down into 18D

To communicate with the Rha God World of Amethyst Order which source from the 36th dimension, and the original Emerald Order God World sourcing from the 48th dimension, the Cosmic Founders have stepped themselves down into the pure Rainbow Diamond Ray transmission from 18D. The Emerald Order God World domains in 48D stepped down into 18D to transmit the Rainbow Dragon Breath through the Diamond Ray current to perform the Solar Anointed Christ-Buddha Initiation on Earth to awaken the Solar Dragon Michael, the 13th Dragon King holder originally from the Emerald Sun God Worlds.


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