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In preparation for the Universal Gates opening during the Ascension Cycle, the Luciferian Knights Templar have been instrumental in the enforcement of the Atlantian Conspiracy, spreading disinformation about the location and advanced technologies that were used during the Atlantian civilization. For thousands of years, they have effectively carried out crusades and wars that were intended to destroy any artifacts or historical evidence of the Atlantian colonies, as well as distort any remaining evidence of ancient builder technology that was in Atlantis. In order to misdirect public attention, they have spread falsified Atlantian maps in order to lead astray any competing factions desiring to dominate the earth territories by finding and using powerful ancient vortices. [1]

Victors of War Re-wrote World History

When the planet earth was slowly invaded through a series of Historical Timeline Trigger Events, the victors of the last war were not human beings. Thus, the NAA was able to freely access the energy quanta of earth and her inhabitants without resistance, because awareness of this fact was methodically erased from historical references and the information suppressed from earth humans. Effectively, this produced anti-human control and mass consciousness enslavement on the earth. The incarnating earth human was no longer able to naturally access the intelligent consciousness of his own spiritual body, without employing sophisticated esoteric practices that necessitated long term efforts for rebuilding the consciousness. The techniques for building the lightbody were taught in the Mystery Schools of various lineages and this information was a tightly held secret, only given to the sequestered monks, elite or the ruling classes.[2]

Luciferian Covenant

The Snake Brotherhood Kings during Atlantis made a secret pact called the Luciferian Covenant for the purpose of the total annihilation of the historical timelines and cellular memories of humanity, to wipe out all records of highly technological human civilizations that were naturally evolving and advancing human consciousness and authentic human culture. The eradication of all of the technology, memories, histories and identities during the advanced civilization of the Atlantian colonies on the earth, is a conspiracy enacted through a blood covenant made with the Illuminati hybrid humans that make up the Power Elite and answer to the Thothian Luciferian groups.[3]

Patriarchal Vengeful God

Most all of the religious texts available to the masses have been heavily manipulated as fictionalized vehicles used to promote Propaganda-based Mind Control for the purpose of consciousness subjugation and spiritual oppression of human beings. To control the belief systems in the religiously minded, there has been a mass promotion that traditional holy doctrines represent the absolute word of God and that nothing in them can be questioned. Sadly, this is a cruel deception designed to fully confuse individuals about the nature of reality and the nature of their direct relationship with God, the inner Christos spirit. The Living Eternal God Spirit is not contained within the confines of words written within a book, but is found within the flow of loving kindness that exists in the sacred heart of each living person, as well as the organic consciousness of a place or thing. The perpetrated manipulation of human Consciousness into mind-controlled religion has been a long-term agenda that has been active since the Atlantian Flood, and is another aspect of comprehending the aggressive coverup of any evidence of the Atlantian Conspiracy. All human history before the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion has been obliterated from the history books, and we are given a false narrative about human origins and fed ongoing coverups and lies about ancient civilizations.

Controlling Timelines

The hijacked Violet Flame codes were taken as inverted embodiments used by the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics, these were duplicates or holographically cloned bodies from the Ruby Sun DNA template which were used to control the Atlantian related timelines. This is very important to the Belial group as the control over the Atlantian Cataclysm trigger events by reproducing this disaster repeatedly in the AI timelines, is what allows control over the planetary logos body, the 7D Magnetosphere, the earth elementals, and is that which powers up the Armageddon Software. We are emerging from the dark age which was held in place through the deception of the Atlantian Conspiracy and the lies we have been told by those loyal to the Luciferian Covenant, so the success of the NAA is wholly dependent on controlling these timelines and suppressing knowledge that these historical events transpired.[4]

Thoth and Egyptian Priest Hermes

Thoth incarnated as an Egyptian Priest repeatedly during the time that Mystery Schools were flourishing in Egyptian culture during the Middle Kingdom. This was in order to maintain control over the Atlantian Conspiracy held in place by the NAA since the Flood, and to be kept aware of the ongoing Guardian Alliance mission on the ground that Hatshepsut, Akhenaton and others had accepted. During multiple Egyptian timelines, he promoted himself as the direct scribe and speaker on behalf of the Gods. Declaring himself as the sole scribe and speaker for God, entrusted to translate the ancient wisdom and mathematical language contained in the Founder Records, also known philosophically as the Law of One. Thoth demonstrated the advanced knowledge he had gained from living multiple thousands of years and by teaching in the Egyptian Mystery Schools astronomy, medicine, alchemy and magic. He knew how to translate and recite the ancient wisdom from the Founder Records that he had originally stolen from the Maji Grail Kings during the Essene Massacre, and had previously compiled from the great libraries of Atlantis before the Flood.[5]

Thoth and Crowley

Thothian-Annunaki language (based on usurped enochian language of the Original Creational God Code – The Law of One) and related hermetic sciences was given to Aleister Crowley at the turn of the century in order for him to be the human embodiment that was necessary to bring Black Magic alchemical language into the physical realms – which continued the Atlantian brotherhood war and its Atlantian Conspiracy in this reality system.

Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization

The missing pieces of humanity’s historical records contain energetic signatures that can be tracked and found in the Planetary Grid Network itself, which can be translated by angelic human beings that have retained some of their original DNA memory. There are also many records comprised of physical evidence, artifacts and ancient writings that have been purposely hidden from the public by those serving the Luciferian Covenant and ongoing Atlantian Conspiracy. However, the biggest problem with recovering our historical records is that they have been weaponized against humanity in every way possible. These records have been the main source of the conflict in the timeline wars for thousands of years, as they open awareness to free energy devices, off planet origins and are connected to recovering and reclaiming The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization.[6]

Border Guards of Falsified History

Since Atlantian times the negative alien groups and their preferred bloodlines have been hiding this ancient knowledge and murdering those that had this knowledge, this was the secret pact behind the Atlantian Conspiracy. The conspiracy goes much further than just covering up the Atlantian timelines, and into all unapproved narratives that reveal truth or evidence about our advanced technology and access to free energy that is in our past. Not to mention the practices of Blood Sacrifice, blood drinking, Human Trafficking, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice these creatures are involved in and conspiring to hide from the public. We can see the same tactics of brute force control today, if an unapproved topic goes public that shines truth on their nefarious plans and criminally deviant lifestyle they deny, attack and reverse the victim to become the offender, and viciously persecute anyone that dare provide testimonial evidence or speak up truthfully. Moral courage sources from a profoundly deep spiritual bond with our God creator. This is the time for developing ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order to build the inner strength required for the moral and spiritual courage to face the truth.[7]

Egyptian Disinformation

Giza is said to have chronological estimates dated back to the reign of Khufu and his pyramid roughly between 2700 and 2500 BC. This information given to the public is connected to the controller’s pact of the Atlantian Conspiracy, so that all resulting buildings and architecture which might inform the public of the free energy devices used through cymatic principles of the Ancient Builder Races are to be confused, erased and in their place, a foolish narrative fed to the unsuspecting public that has been sufficiently mind wiped of their true past. The Great Pyramid is nearly 50,000 years old and was built with Geodetic Knowledge and cymatic principles common from Atlantis, the pyramid was functioning as a harmonic energy resonator in the prime meridian location of the planet.


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