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To rediscover the profound nature of sound technologies that were used prior to the fall and lost knowledge of our advanced human civilization, we will be led to the importance of Cymatics.

Cymatics is the study of the relationship between geometric patterns which emit frequencies that are formed by sound vibrations and how these sound waves can directly influence and create forms in physical matter. We can think of Cymatics as the study and knowledge of sound made visible, that which demonstrates through mathematical progression and geometric patterns the organizing power of sound, vibration and frequency. The harmonic series made within the trinity, the base tones, the overtones and the resonating tone sequences within the natural laws that follow predictable math patterns in sonic geometries which can be traced in the study of Cymatics.

Sonic Polygons

Cymatics is taken from the ancient Greek kyma which means wave, in which energy waves and sound waves create systems of energy within ordered geometric patterns, which further transmit their relative frequencies into the environment. Many great philosophical minds from antiquity investigated the divine laws of nature in terms of Cymatics, studying the natural world to determine the mathematical order and its relationship to sounds, musical tones, words and their impacts upon form and structure.

Dr. Hans Jenny extensively studied these geometric relationships in the late 1960’s and discovered that when using various materials like sand, water, iron shavings and viscous fluids on vibrating plates and crystal oscillators, the substances would organize themselves into very specific geometric patterns and precisely measured vibrations. From his ongoing work it was obvious that sound waves are frequency wave signatures which function as an instrument through which these frequency patterns become specific geometric patterns that form consciousness in space. He would send ranges of constant low to constant high sound pitches into these tested materials and beautiful geometric patterns of hexagons, pentagonal stars, spirals and complex mandalas would appear, forming in the substance itself.

As he increased the sound pitch into even higher frequencies, the geometric patterns forming would appear with increasing complexity as if revealing the quantum energetic patterns of consciousness inherent in all of life. Incredibly complex patterns formed that looked like extensive neuronal networks, blood pulsing through capillaries, weather patterns in the sky, close ups of living biological organisms like trees or leaves, and even what appeared to be nebulas and spinning galaxies moving in deep space. Through Dr. Jenny’s and others more recent work with Cymatics, it is crystal clear that these geometric patterns illustrate the structure of the physical universe and the interconnection these patterns have with human consciousness that is intimately related to sound waves and frequencies, as well as energy architecture and blueprints. It is indisputable that our cells respond to sound, vibration and frequency which can and does alter our interior landscape via our cellular communication, which influences frequencies in our daily life and manifest what we experience in the outer reality.

Dr. Masuro Emoto also was researching cymatics through studying messages in water, as he proved with endless examples when he exposed water to sound waves and messages of either positive or negative vibration, there was a direct correlating image made visible in the water. His important body of work laid yet another foundation within cymatics in knowing that water holds memory. Water memory is the ability of water to retain memory of substances previously dissolved in it, as well as hold the memory of DNA imprints, and higher consciousness effects. The medium of DNA transmission and its communication is made through exposing DNA structures to water. Electromagnetic transmission of DNA’s genetic information is carried through water, which imprints the base template. Bring to mind the power of the math held in the Icosahedron shape and its natural frequency and we will be led to a natural and powerful water purification technology.

Everything you can see and everything you cannot see in this reality is a vibrating sound frequency that has a geometric pattern which influences the quality of our consciousness and interconnection with all of life. Not that long ago, human beings on the planet knew this to be true in accordance to divine and natural laws, and this was commonly accepted knowledge throughout the human culture.

Before the NAA invasion of our planet, the angelic human race understood that the nature of reality was vibrating sound frequencies and math, and had developed many technological applications in which sound and frequency was being used in learning, healing, building, architecture, art and music and to even help grow an abundance of food. Humans on Earth lived in accordance with an advanced knowledge of systems of energy resonance and cymatics, the angelic human culture of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Tartaria were actually much more technologically advanced than now, and were based upon principles of the Law of One and syntropy. Syntropy refers to the open-source architecture of free energy made available to replenish any loss of energy that may occur in the management of a system, in order to retain the balanced functioning within all of its component parts.

Recently, more information is surfacing from the planetary grid network as the result of the current magnetic sound upgrades and the ongoing spiritual warfare for the control over timelines, in which more of our hidden human history as consciousness slaves is being revealed. Although the Atlantian Cataclysm and Sumerian-Egypt Invasion are historical timeline trigger events that brought on the Dark Aeon of negative alien invasion, it has been clarified that the advanced angelic human culture was using free energy devices, cymatics and high technology disciplines from the height of Atlantis, and that the total obliteration of this knowledge from out of public view was actually very recent.

It was only a few hundred years ago, when this knowledge of free energy and cymatics became secret and totally forbidden, and those that knew the power of sound and free energy were completely erased from our history. Tesla came to help humanity regain this knowledge over a hundred and twenty years ago. There was a hidden agenda to erase all evidence in our public records and any semblance of our accurate timelines that reflected access to free energy devices, which was completely decimated by the intruding races and their representatives.[1]

Platonic Solids as Sonic Geometry

Earth and Platonic Solids

The sonic geometries, Light Symbol Codes are based in the platonic solid shapes and lines of light are programmed from one dimension above where they are being directly placed in the field. This is accomplished by directing geometric codes from mathematical shapes which form into light programs into one dimensional area in order to direct the appropriate sound frequencies into the dimension above it. In directing certain light code symbols into a specific dimension of time and space, the architect behind the making of the Blueprint is simultaneously directing sound wave frequencies or sonic geometries into the dimension that exists above it. Remember that sound makes geometric forms which become patterns made visible through light. The interplay of light and sound must be used together in the creation of energy fields and forms, and thus the male and female principle are always entwined and working together in some capacity in the mechanics of creation.


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