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Mr. Lincoln's Tomb, Springfield, Illinois

During last December’s Cathedral Activations [2021], Guardian teams worked to clear the Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Memorial, as the star plasma domes were further aligned with Sirius star gateways to bring corrections to the 6D Indigo waves and by making further connections with the 13th Solar Dragon King Christ Michael. This began stages of anchoring the true authentic benevolent Holy Father presence onto our planet, and to remove the inverted black architecture used by those whom acted as his imposters. As Michael’s Dragon Line undergoes activation into the Pearl, we have learned that the Lincoln Cathedral has an Aquarian Solar Dragon that is newly awakening as a Guardian protector of those who embody the Natural Laws to defend freedom through the Solar Rod and Kingship Arcs.

The reason why this is important is that it is the amplification of the Natural Laws of God through the solarization of the Magna Carta and Constitutional documents that established the principle that everyone is subjected to the Law, even the king, and it guarantees the divine rights of all individuals. Lincoln is the only place in the world where you can find original copies of both the 1215 Magna Carta and the 1217 Charter of the Forest. The two charters are owned by Lincoln Cathedral.

Abraham Lincoln, a Christos Starseed, continued to work for the freedom of humanity on the ascension timeline by co-creating with the same law of structure in the American Constitution by authoring the Emancipation Proclamation. Following Tsar Alexander II’s Edict of Emancipation of Russian serfs to restore liberty and abolish serfdom, in December 1863, Lincoln issued his Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction. Key provisions required that the states accept the Emancipation Proclamation and thus the freedom of their slaves, and accept the Confiscation Acts, as well as the Act banning of slavery in United States territories. Tsar Alexander the Liberator and President Lincoln the soft-spoken Freedom Fighter shared a similar fate as both were assassinated by the cabal bankers who opposed giving these freedoms to the common people or peasants. Since then, if their bloodlines rose into power, they were hunted down and targeted for Genocide, as the spiteful retaliation of their original goals which set out to liberate their nation’s people. One such example of what became of Lincoln’s bloodline is looking back at the traumatic events in the Kennedy family history, known as the Kennedy curse. Another example is Tsar Alexanders bloodline resulted in the brutal execution of Czar Nicholas and his family, by Marxist trained Bolshevik soldiers. This gives us the clue that Russia’s true hidden heritage and America’s true heritage are deeply intertwined, freedom was proclaimed in their original law of structure that is being guided by divine laws as liberators. Thus, the current events on the world stage are important to revealing the ascension timeline in order to reject slavery and tyranny and ensure global human freedoms for the future.

This action is now being completed under God’s natural laws on Earth as represented in the return of the Kingship Arcs, which are proclamations of the Holy Father stating that his laws are the governing power in this domain and that his principle is an absolute truth for all human beings. This set into motion new events in the planetary field in which specific ruling families in the Power Elite that were acting as Kings, Presidents and Monarchs that had agreements made to ensure political unions in satanic embodiments are being seen very clearly in their actions of global SRA. These power elite groups believed they were supremely protected by their hierarches of Lunar Demons and NAA forces, as their proclaimed God is Satanic or Luciferian. As their satanic architecture of human slavery falls it reveals more details of how they accomplished their deeds and maintained their power bases in politics via practicing satanism, killing off the liberators and organizing Human Trafficking to the off-worlders.

Currently there has been extensive Guardian tracking and extractions of cloned identities and imposters that were inserted into the Tsar and Presidential bloodlines, such as the hijack and dark manipulation of Tsar Alexander II’s, Lincoln’s and Kennedy’s legacy, that had been completely controlled by the dark cabal as backed up by the NAA. That is until recently.[1]

Cosmic Dragon Awakening

The unification of these Dragon Lines generates new geomantic expressions as it undergoes the solar heart twinning of rhomboid diamond grid patterns into a global hierogamic union event. This new planetary activation comes with the restoration of the Triple Solar Christ Mary in her Universal Ankh Rose Body which produces sacred marriage with the Triple Solar Masculine Christ united through Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek. The Dragon Awakening is happening in the following areas of the planetary grid.

Each of these primary creator Dragons can reproduce themselves through Dragon Eggs which are anchored on top of Dragon Nodes, which are at the intersection of the dragon lines that they generally embody as an energetic principle in the planet. See Dragon Awakening.

Abraham Lincoln, Defender Amethyst and Ruby Dragons

During the first onset of the winter solstice Cathedral Activations (Dec 2021), the planetary wings were upgraded to the solar rod template and dragon wings of which the Chartres Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral, Rosslyn Chapel and the Washington DC Lincoln Memorial were chosen by Guardian Host to anchor restorations for the planet's Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon architecture. Since this time, Abraham Lincoln’s Christos Solar Dragon body has taken a primary role with current AI timeline collapses concerning end times global political strategies along with offering steadfast support for the etymological importance of the Magna Carta, The Great Charter of the Liberties, which was the forerunner of British Parliament, the Declaration of independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Abraham Lincoln has been previously identified as a Christos Starseed helping to guide the Christos Mission; we now include him to be one of the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Order that is directly involved in retrieving his spiritual brethren’s solar dragon body parts. As an unwavering and ardent constitutionalist and servant of the Law of One, he has been a constant companion during the most treacherous of Guardian missions, directing solar dragon body retrievals for the Ruby Order and Amethyst Order Maji Grail Kings.

Another demanding grid project has begun in Washington DC and Lincolnshire, in which he has been guiding awareness to the Blue Solar Dragon Plasma Dome complex connected to the Aquarian constellation that has been at rest near the Lincoln Cathedral, home of the original copies of Magna Carta, pointing to the east in the countryside within a location of the Lincolnshire Wolds in the county of Lincolnshire, England.

Lincoln has been active in the Washington DC Lincoln Memorial area where Guardian teams placed Amethyst Dragon Kingship Arcs, the Pillars of Cosmic Justice, along with recently upgraded Krystal Cathedral architecture for anchoring Lincoln’s Ruby Order Templar solar dragon body within the location. Guardians supported the anchoring of the Ruby Diamond Krystal Cathedral to surround the Washington DC grids in which to anchor the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar and Ruby Zephyr Shield, commanding the space under the natural laws of the Ruby Order-Amethyst Order Dragon Kings.

The recent events of the Ruby Order taking stand in the Lincoln Memorial and nearby grids began a series of explosive spiritual warfare situations spanning into several prominent presidential and historical timelines going back to World War II, that was observed to detonate a set of NET bombs going off on the east coast grids in electrical wars, while collapsing previously manipulated timelines and incurring tremendous damage to multiple dimensions of Thothian Leviathan and Enki red wave AI machinery. In the wake of this confrontation and subsequent destruction, it revealed more layered nests of Enki’s antichrist armies underground, with Thothian Leviathan Medusa snake head types and newly discovered factions of the Black Sun Dragon Moth, appearing frightfully similar to the Darth Maul character.

These horrifying demonic entities running rampant underground in Washington DC were being powered up through the satanic ritual practices and child sacrifice of the so-called Washington elites and Synagogue of Satan, which held various signatures of the antichrist stench that pervaded the Luciferian bloodline of power elites that have embedded themselves in the mind control Propaganda machinery of the Hollywood production meets the One World Order political agenda. Within the sequences of demolition, it was made clear that the majority of the public faces of political Manchurian candidate puppet strings are taking orders from those with dual citizenship as mind-controlled military intelligence assets and their ongoing prostitution and pedophilia blackmail operations as designed by their NAA overlords, the invading entities stationed in the underground tunnels of the Knesset in Israel.

These NAA Annunaki hybrid factions are being cornered as their hostile geopolitical agendas to genocide the natives is being made clear to the world, in efforts to expand their underground network from Israel into the Ukraine areas and for the purpose of gaining complete control over all underground bases, Human Trafficking, genetic labs and Adrenochrome farms in the region. As well as to steal the local resources with the predictable money laundering schemes for bribery and blackmail operations for inciting culture wars, which has become the hotbed of severely contested public opinions based wholly upon deceptions and military intelligence directed divide and conquer psychological operations. The majority of the population are not aware that a war over territory with hostile nonhumans and the Black Sun military intelligence groomed Fourth Reich nazis that take orders from their NAA overlords in the 9D Stargate of Antarctica, are directing them to demolish the western power centers in order to usher in the techno-totalitarianism of the Great Reset, in which the primary values upholding individual freedoms that first organized the USA have been put in the crosshairs for annihilation.

The Knesset NAA group have had a heavy influence on controlled opposition in Washington DC and running disinformation narratives through the AI uploading of the Q Agenda Psyops which further had leads to off planet Secret Space Programs. Many of the negative deceptions and narratives being played throughout the artificial Q structures online were found to be cloned out and manipulated by the Thothian Zephilium administrators of the Zeta looking glass technologies for building AI timelines. Once again, there appears to be the organic formation of the Q psyops agenda and Earth Alliances working to uphold humanitarian interests, versus many cloned varieties of negative ego tricks and consciousness traps set up by those with anti-human agendas. However, the majority of the intelligence operations had been infiltrated with Zeta alien Looking Glass technology in the phantom areas and seems to be why several previous operations to stop the global bio-weapon roll outs have failed over the past three years. Thus, it is optimistic to be humbly aware that the Cosmic Father’s current priorities are directing the spiritual power to back up the true heart based Spiritual Warriors that stand for human freedom, family values and genuinely love the planet. Interestingly, it is the Amethyst Dragon Kings and Ruby Order collaborating with Guardian Abraham Lincoln who are tirelessly working to implode the shadow government infrastructure, by extracting their black magician armies used to run satanic forces and direct fallen demonic entities that gives the collective Loosh power behind the satanic churches and SRA Black Houses utilized for protecting the dark cabal families involved in carrying out the destruction of the United States.

Ongoing Guardian presence in the Washington DC grids are carrying out assorted evictions, retrievals and identification of sources of organized human trafficking networks as connected to installed Luciferian bloodline families that have been protected by Baphomet Black Magic Sorcery, and complex NAA AI machinery that has been placed under the White House and surrounding areas for supporting and hiding ongoing SRA activities. [2]

The Lincolnshire Aquarian Blue Dragon

Mr. Lincoln has been revealing his namesake as connected to the Blue Solar Dragon complex that is connected to the Aquarian constellation within a location of the Lincolnshire Wolds in the county of Lincolnshire, England. With the Pluto in Aquarius placement, this seems to have catalyzed several explosive and powerful actions from the Cosmic Father Aquarian Solar Dragons, which seem to be nourished by Ursa Major rainbow rounds for supporting their divine mission which has Founder records accessible from within this main Blue Dragon complex which is about ten miles above in the sky.[3]


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