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Starseed Session Transcript:

Themes : Clearing serpents from grids in DC, Thomas Jefferson Timeline Clearing and his on original intent for US, Montauk and Shadow Governments, Kennedy brothers killed by shadow government.

Opening: So taking a deep breath into the still point and creating our sacred space. Again feeling that pillar that opens up for us, it's interesting I'm seeing four circles. They are like four sonic pillars, it's one pillar but there's four. It is like one large circle with 4 pillars in it, and we are in the center of the four. Somehow the trans-harmonic pillar is becoming beveled you know what beveled diamonds look like, with the facets? When we were in this diamond pillar last time it was it was kind of like a large chute, it reminds me of those hamster habitrail tubes. This is different now, there are four beveled pillars, and there's a larger pillar on the outside and we're in the center of the four. I know this is a trans-harmonic pillar, it’s changing into something, a diamond pillar, and this is the first time I've experienced it this way.

Again thank you beloveds, we are opening to create the intentional space of our sacred container with the intent of service to the beloved families of light, the holy order of the ascended races. We call in the cosmic triad and our Melchizedek families of Aton. From the still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree in sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will and intention of the One Self One God. We call upon our Guardian races to align to the Law of One mission, to work together for the highest capacity of God's infinite light love and power. Again, we come to represent human and planetary sovereignty, I am God, I am Free, I am Sovereign, for all those represented on our beloved Planet and for the human race.

As we open our field here today we ask all that is in service and exchange for this being, that our mutual teams work in the highest capacity of that exchange now. Of one source, one light, one love, in the true sovereignty and freedom we represent for all humankind. Thank you so much beloveds. As we set the intentions today for that, we ask for assistance and support in all ways of physically merging and supporting the maximum and optimum levels of function, health, and vitality for the physical cells, the material layers of physical selves to be merged and supported and all ways. Thank you.

Wow, it's like our sonic pillars, those four things are like the four faces of man. They are the elemental, what are these? These are sonic pillars that connects into the elemental command structures, fire water air and earth, in the Ascension Plan B timeline correct? Okay, confirmed.

The Aurora has now, as everything in our understanding we evolve into these different forms, and again I'm not clear on what to call this form exactly. I've just been made aware that these four pillars inside the trans-harmonic space are constructs that have been created by the Aurora forces. So it's not the Aurora as itself, but it's sonic pillars that connect into the new elemental command structures. It's interesting because in this form they're very solid. So is this a new way that we open our sessions? Just all information on what this is and how to work with it? I'm feeling this is a new tool that we're working with in the new elemental command and Aurora's structure, through the trans-harmonic timelines. Okay, it will be revealed, thank you.

Again, all that is in service in exchange, let's focus on the task at hand for today's session.

Clearing Serpents from DC Grids

Okay, our Guardian Host team has asked us about cleaning up the serpents. And I want to ask, tell me what that means, what is that about?

Okay, the Guardians are mentioning that lately, you and I have been running around at night with gridwork and we've been very busy lately. As we have been working in the field, we've been dismantling and collapsing these old enslavement structures. What they're saying is there are some astral entities, but they're telling me there is a type of consciousness race, and they're called Serpent races. It’s a Serpent race and they are kind of underlings that work for the Dracs.

The Dracs use the Serpents to energize and feed off of certain grid points or structures on the Ley Lines of the earth. The Serpents are used to keep these energy harvesting structures in place. Have you ever seen when you go to clear out dark pockets on the grid and you'll see a bunch of serpents feeding on the light or energy source in the field? Have you ever seen that kind of visual? What they're showing me is that the serpents are snakes. These snakes are from the serpent race and they are lower creations that are used by the Dracs and by the Annunaki. It looks like the Anunnaki work with or tell the Dracs to set up these structures in certain areas, or something. But the Serpents are a Drac creation and I see where there have been grids collapsed but the Serpents are still there, the snakes are still there. It's kind of like astral debris that has been left in place of some of the collapsing energetic structures on the grid network. They're telling me specifically on these Blood Covenant releases that these are related to the timelines in Egypt. The mystery schools that formed the basis of the secret society grid networks were holding in place these Blood Covenants, that there were tons, millions of these snakes, like astral etheric snakes all over the surface earth grids. And they want us to gather them and send them out through a portal in the black-hole, in the eighth center in terms of the Orion level.

So they need us to go gather them, open a portal and send them through the galactic center right now. So let's just focus on that for a moment. And what we are looking for, these are on the Earth's surface. What they are showing me is that recently with all the astral configuration and changes on the Astral Plane, these membranes that separated, these realities and time pockets are no longer there. So we can go in and create a container, which is what we want to do, is create a big container and fill it up with these snakes. Get these snakes in there and send them through to them, which they will dispose of them or handle them through that 8th portal at the galactic core level. So okay, is there a location where do you want us to focus please?

Okay this is in the United States. They're saying the focus point is Washington D.C. So this also has to do with governmental structure, changes that are happening now in that area. There's just a lot of information coming through. What I'm feeling is there is a relationship to this astral structure and serpent races having to do with the timelines that affect the presidential election. There is something located there that is very dark energies, the Controllers use to impact and influence conditions changing in our government at the intention of its origination. You know how I've been talking about that mastery over deception? It's like learning that they become the masters at deceiving us but we are doing the gridwork. They're actually not telling us what to feel or what to do, they just influence the collective fields in a certain way so that we believe that's what we are supposed to do in the synchronicity of the event. They are masters at this deception using synchronistic events to impersonate divine will to push agendas for their false timelines.

What they're showing me is that there are collection pits of these snake serpent like creatures and then these serpent things, these snakes were used to secure and guard these grids for the Dracos. We've been collapsing the old network of grids, but they are asking us for some help on the clean up part of the debris that is left. Some of these timelines clearing go back into the time, space and location of Egypt, in the 18th Dynasty period. What they were doing is they were holding the Egyptian Dynastic period patterns of memory and enslavement in the fourth dimension of the Astral Plane, in the Soul bodies that were connected all the way back to these atrocities that happened in Atlantis and Egypt. These were the source times where the original enslavement happened to the human race, during these cataclysms and subsequent invasion.

Monetary System of Enslavement, Montauk

In order for them to creates the anomaly they did, think about this, there are 6.5 billion people on this planet and there's only 2000 or so of them that control the entire financial wealth worldwide in the Power Elite network. How did they do that? The odds are that doesn't make any sense that this small group of people could take over the entire power over currency used on the planet. When we know how the creation works in terms of all thoughts are things that create the holographic nature of reality, how were 2000 people able to collect the whole planetary wealth from 6.5 billion people? They've been using energetic constructs to keep the monetary system of enslavement in place and this is one of the ways they've been doing it.

Specifically what they're saying is around, I see okay, around the eastern seaboard there has been continuing excessive astral activity because of the time rips around Montauk. I don't know if you ever heard about the Montauk, but Montauk is around Long Island, New York. It was about the Philadelphia Experiment (1943) where they were working on dimensional blending. This in fact did apparently happen and it created a lot of time rips in the astral that is in that area. So a lot of the portals and the ways they slip in here when they are working with grids or working with the serpents is on the eastern seaboard of the United States. A big suction cup area is Washington DC, that whole Pentagon, the capital, Western Virginia, that whole area over there near the DC area. What I'm seeing at the moment is it is infiltrated with these snake, serpent looking creatures. Again their directive and design was to utilize the energy off the grid network, and the feeling is that it reminds me of leeches. They were sucking the energy in the area off the grid network and directing it appropriately in the way that maintained the energy circuit of these grids to loop on each other and stay in place. In a sense these grids in a certain way are sentient entities of their own. It's like a siphoning off and feeding of these grids in order to keep them active and operating. They had to keep them active.

I see okay. So in working with this, first of all let's just go ahead and go into our third eye and whatever we experience here because it is kind of an unusual request we have received . They're the saying focus is on Washington DC. Of course the first thing I see is the capital, Abraham Lincoln memorial, everything over there. Okay, they're asking that we open a vortex over there, wherever we are connecting with the point in Washington DC to open a Transit Gate Vortex.

Okay, this is bizarre. What I'm getting now they're showing me that you have a bloodline connection and there were souls that were advanced that came to the earth and they were a part of the creation of the United States and constitution. This feels that it would be the forefathers of the United States or something. This is so funny because I know absolutely nothing about American history, as my interest is always on ancient history and ancient cultures. What they're showing me is that you in your blood currently have the bloodline to one the forefathers and they're showing me that those beings that intended the United States were actually advanced in their consciousness. They were not actually intending any kid of evil control or corruption. I'm seeing Thomas Jefferson. For some reason I'm getting Thomas Jefferson is the big guy here right now. When we opened the vortex in Washington DC, I saw Thomas Jefferson come through to communicate with us. Basically what he's, what he is saying is that... Okay, I understand, thank you.

We’re coming into an awareness of understanding that every structure that's created starts with the intentional purpose and reason for its expression. So in the natural harmony of being source directed when you're connected to God source and your God being, your Soul is creating from the pure joy and harmony of its expression. There is no agenda. So through the process of human evolution and with the Annunaki and all the false alien structures that were built down here, these structures were created with control agendas. There were agendas to control, agendas to make money, agendas to enslave others and so forth. What they're showing me is that back when the United States was being created the intention that was created was genuinely one of freedom and liberation for all human beings. The forefathers that constructed this organizational system and Constitution actually had greater understanding of the principles that we’re talking about with the Law of One, as well as in terms of Christ consciousness and what we’re here on earth to do in terms of the Ascension plan, which is news to me. This is a completely new to me I had no idea that the forefathers of the United States were advanced masters sent here to complete that project.

Okay so they're showing me that the United States, this whole intentional situation of the government was actually created with clear and good intentions, with freedom and liberty in mind and to protect the liberties of human beings, to protect the people from the shadows of tyranny. They understood that people weren’t ready to self govern but their concepts of democracy were about as close as they could create in the physical plane... what I'm actually really seeing, which is very endearing and very lovely, is that the true intention of service to the human being was really being maintained. They really were doing it from that position to begin to evolve humans into self governance, at least a couple of them had genuine spiritual inspiration for helping humans live in freedom. At least Thomas Jefferson held that intention. I don't know much about him but he's the one that's representing this conversation at the moment.

What he is saying is that we are helping in the resetting the course of the structure used in the government, somehow along the way the intentional field for the governments of humans had become corrupted and deviated. But because the original intention set for the United States structure was born of freedom, that rather than collapsing the whole energetic structure, because every structure has an energetic signature that created and co-created with it, that it is possible that we can supersede it? And so if you go to the causal event of the reason why it was created, if was created from the ill intent of control and abuse, it's almost impossible to purify it. What they're saying is that there's an energetic template and intention that is created in the connections of the government that are about the United States as energetic entity. And what we are doing is reclaiming that to the rightful owner in the original intention in which it was set forth originally. Which is apparently during the Thomas Jefferson period of his involvement in the creation of the United States. I am not sure what timeline this is that we are working with exactly, but they are saying that it is the causal point that the United States was created. What I'm saying, the idea of the original intent was freedom, liberty for all, which is exactly what the Christ consciousness covenants in the Law of One are about.

Now that there has been structures of certain secret societies and other grid networks that were feeding into the corruption of that structure, what they're saying is that we can now help to influence the fields by connecting that timeline of intent, as the original blueprint of the constitution and US government to supersede the corrupted intent that is currently in place.

So we are acting as liaisons, because we are the ones in the physical right now on the earth, and this all happens in the physical. This is so surreal, I mean it is Thomas Jefferson. I never knew Thomas Jefferson. You’re going to have to tell me about your life, because forgive me I'm not that familiar with it.

Okay so as we open the field of intent, they’re here to work with us and what they're doing is it's like we open the condition of the portal that links in between the time space that allows them access. That's what we’re doing right now. We’ve opened a portal and we are holding the portal in the Washington DC area for our Guardian team to assist. We are requesting as we hold this portal for human freedom and liberty and for that, which is in service to the governmental access of the United States of America and that, which serves the Christ consciousness and its grids of intention to serve the people. We supersede all destructive and negative intention that has been made post the original organizational agreement. God this is amazing. We are actually activating, energizing and re-gridding, reweaving the overlay of the blueprint of the original intention for the peoples of the United States of America as an entity, energized, vitalized and created with the full intention of oneness, wholeness, liberty and freedom for humankind. We ask to recalibrate all that is to be aligned to the Law of One and the principles of the Law of One as set forth by our beloved friend Thomas Jefferson.

You’ll have to look at your family tree that's interesting. Do you know anything about Thomas Jefferson like where he came from?

Shadow Government and Grey technology

So basically we are reclaiming our right, we are reclaiming our sovereignty at this governmental level, the earth surface. In a sense what we're doing is we're overriding subsequent blueprints of tyranny, of deception, duplicity and hiding corruption. What I’m seeing is there's a lot of hidden agendas operating in the shadows. Okay, what I am seeing, this is about the shadow government control. I see, okay. So what we are doing is we are dismantling the energetic structure that has been used in energizing the shadow government control. Okay, they’re taking it further. I'm seeing that prior to the original blueprint what has been done, and this seems to be some time around the 1950s or so, that shadow operatives, a government, an underground and secret government started. Okay, there was an underground government working with ETs in the 1930’s. By the 50’s they decided to make profits so what they decided to do was in order to utilize the alien technologies they had been given in the 30’s by the Zeta, Grey Aliens and they knew that they couldn't let the public know what they were doing off planet, because who is going accept that?

I'm getting this one reason why the alien, the extraterrestrial situation has been covered up so much. They knew that the ET reality would drastically change the political and economic environment. They also knew that now that they had contact with extraterrestrial races what happened is the extraterrestrials were actually using and manipulating them but they did give them advanced technology. They gave them blueprints, they gave them ships, like starships or something like spaceships, so that they could study jet propulsion systems and other systems that actually were about space-time travel etc.

I don't know if they figured it out or not but this went on in the 30’s. By the 50’s, they the government had looked at the information but they decided there was no way that they could go to the president or to the government publicly and say look we need money and funds to build a spaceship and colonies. Because now that they had the technology, they wanted to experiment with it secretly, they wanted to see if it worked.

They are showing me this is what Montauk was about. I don’t know what year Montauk was but Montauk was one of the first major experiments that the shadow government was involved in that was experimenting with alien technology and time travel. By the time Montauk came around they were able to get the funds. What happened is they created underground businesses of racketeering, extortion and, I see oh my God, this is wild and Drug use. What I'm seeing is that they were promoting or they were supplying arms. There was a lot of money being made on military supply, like arms and guns that were given to guerrillas or military factions. So basically they would go down and they would give countries that were having Civil War problems, they would go down and give these barbaric gorillas a bunch of automatic weapons and let them kill each other.

They would make a lot of money doing this. They’re showing me this is like economic terrorism was going on, but they were making massive amounts of money off this. And this money that they would use in arms or military trade or in drug trade, they would filter that money and it would go into building these alien technologies and experimenting with these technologies in many ways. They are showing me this is how the shadow government was formed. There wasn't a shadow government until this time. The shadow government is like completely different, it’s hidden from public view and all accountability. And so all the money and stuff is off the books and they use that money for various purposes. Some of it is about building these technologies, building spaceships, experimenting with whatever they're doing.

So okay, in a sense we come back into blood money. Money that is being used underhandedly to finance this. They're saying that this is the point the government got out of control. This was the point the shadow government became so powerful because they had these alien technologies now, they had forces, they had trillions and trillions of dollars that was off the books, which means free of tax, free of accountability. So people operating in the shadow government are basically the freest beings on the planet to abuse power because they don't exist, yet they have tremendous amounts of financial resource and hidden power on this planet. I'm getting it now.

So these grids and structures that we have been working with are about dissolving the energetic structure that supplies the foundation for a lot of these layers in the shadow government. It's not even near complete yet but I'm seeing how complex the layers are. There are these tentacles that go everywhere into many worldwide organizations. The shadow government is feeding the drug trade, the shadow government is feeding the war trade, shadow government is feeding all of this separation in between the peoples so that we will just keep murdering and killing each other. Basically that's a part of their agenda to keep wars ongoing and that fits right into the new world order of population control. They want to kill some of the population off in order to, I guess to try and control all of the resources that are on the surface of the earth.

So in working with this we are superseding any of the subsequent contracts, agreements or intentions that were made that are not from the original intention and that which is of the true source assisting in the freedom and liberation of all begins.

You can see these grids and these structures have been here for eons of time. It is like they are sourcing from enslavement of a really long time ago, but they go in and they feed current systems that are supported now. With our government, it is so bizarre to see the timelines that come all the way through that are supporting certain systems that are in the here and now. So this is one of the first sessions that I've ever had where they have taken me into a present time because I've never ever dealt with governmental grid network structures, ever. This is the first time I've ever seen any of this in this way, and been asked for us to show up.

What is interesting about this is the fact that this November we have elections. Obviously they're trying to accomplish something right now that has to do with lifting off maybe some of the influence or power that is being held in place by this level of being. This is so foreign to me, as I don't do politics. This is not an area that I can be effective in any way supporting.

For a moment we are going to spin the vortex. As you spin draw in and collapse in your own mind, and I'm going to join in this with you, we will do this together. All of the astral debris, snakes and serpent races because these are entities and creations that have been strewn all over the place on the grid network over there. And what they do is they energize the structures to stay in place. That was like their role to anchor it.

So in your inner mind just intend as we open the vortex, we are going to open a huge vortex and we’re going to collect any and all astral debris, snakes, serpent race, Drac debris, structure, device or orientation, any effect associated with these elements sourcing in holding from these dissolved grids. We are asking for their disposal, their removal and termination from the surface of the earth and in the ethers. We are returning them from whence they came and we ask the Guardian races to dispense of them appropriately through the eighth portal. Thank you so much.

We ask all to be released and returned into the galactic core and center and dispensed with as appropriate or rehabilitated as appropriate.

We command through the voice of God itself, all that is sovereignty, liberty and freedom to be reinstated, reconnect, activated and energized for every single human being within the United States.

We ask that all truths be revealed into the light and that we hold the space of higher consciousness and awareness that supports the liberation and freedom of all souls and consciousness in human beings.

We claim the original covenant as created with the United States and our original forefathers to be the covenant with the Law of One. We make the declaration and claim here stated and commanded into the voice of God now fully, completely and totally.

Devas, thank you so much for your help. We've collected a group of lovely helpers. They are nature deva spirits and they are helping us collect these things, the negative elemental. We call upon the blessings of Divine Source to be bestowed upon the Devic realm, the nature realm, the animal kingdoms through all spaces, which are cleared. We call upon the divine grace to be washed through each and every layer through the nature spirits and Devic realms. With deep unconditional love and compassion we thank you so much for your assistance in service with us.

Kennedy Brothers

I saw in that timeline when we were basically erasing it from the point of the shadow government existence, I look at everything as energy I see the original intention as a blueprint an entity of its own and then I see these offshoots travelling through time. All these offshoots just got severed and dissolved off, but the timeline of the shadow government went into the Kennedy debacle. What I saw is that he knew. He knew about the shadow governments trade with arms and drugs and that's what he was trying to dismantle. His brother knew and that's why they both were killed. Very interesting. So the shadow government killed the Kennedys.

Okay, so actually now what I'm feeling is that we’re just exuding kind of like grace along the whole area. I can feel that what has been removed is now being filled with light. I'm seeing that whole area there on the ground and earth was in density, chaos and yuck. I have never been to Washington DC but that's the energy that I got from connecting there, just felt like slime, very unpleasant. Now I just feel that area vibrationally being raised in the vicinity. I wonder how big Washington DC is, it is this entire circumference area.

(answering a question or responding to a comment)

The monadic beam of you is in your thymus. That's the God consciousness pillar that comes out of that the area and that's the area that connects into the core, which is the 8th portal. So awesome.

For whatever reason I'm seeing colors restored. It's like they took white light or a golden light and they swept the pallet. It's like they lightened the area and now I see them adding color back. Almost like they're putting some… you now what they are doing? We're doing exactly what the Annunaki have been doing to us for millions of years. We are reclaiming the creation as ours again in the rightful ownership by returning the original creation code to that which was in the humanitarian intent in the architecture for freedom.

We have to reclaim it into the liberation and truth, but we have to reclaim it for the greater good of the people. I'm seeing that's what we just acted upon. It's a reclaiming of our guardianship and representation of who we are as beings and consciousness to be free. That divine right of who we are supersedes all the all the corruption and deception that came after because these were all ill intentions to harm, basically sucking off the original intention of something that was very good, and yet created all of this tyranny and shadow stuff. We are doing what the Annunaki did, but in reverse. It's like they used this way to influence humans, to make decisions and act in certain ways and it's like we are now reclaiming the energy architecture back into the harmony of our creation as it was prior to their manipulations. This is really interesting.

Something's getting kind of finished up here. Okay, thank you so much. Again in terms of the completion of that project all that is needed and necessary to fully anchor, lock and seal this within the timelines and time matrix. We finalize this with the universal Christ light and that which is God consciousness, one source, one-self made manifest here and now.

Beloveds, thank you so much.

In assisting with some personal issues around support and sustenance and nourishment to the levels of being, we ask now for all information and insight into that which is in service to the more personal effects of this beloved in feeling nourished, connected, supported both in economic and other sources to support this work in what she's doing.

Okay, what I I'm getting from them with the job situation is that the intensity of the shifting fields and the level of so-called duty that you have with those fields, it's not appropriate for you to be in a day-to-day regular situation where you have to show up at certain time. What they're saying is that temporarily right now, until the fields stabilize, what is happening right now is constant field collapse. It's like looking upon these layers and layers that I've been seeing and there are constant parallel reality and probable reality collapses happening, as well as these timeline pools that we are working on.

And this is the condensed and concentrated period of time in which this level of work that we are doing, this is it. This is the time to do it. We are being called to be available for that because there is a time field on this. It has got to be completed by August (2008) or so. There's another cycle beginning or another period or phase or something beginning in the first week of September.. So right now it's like were going "full steam ahead" on this particular level of unplugging. Like you said, we are returning everything back to its original state in the creation.

Okay, so that answers that question. However again, in terms of financial and economic support we want to put in the request of economic and financial support, bringing abundance, well-being, connection to this beloved being in support of her service work.

I'm just seeing channels opening, okay, there saying that you now one of the issues that is challenging for us at this time is that the system and the structure down here and the way that we manifest down here in the system is not how we are connected anymore. What they're saying is that most human beings, all human beings, manifests from mind construct that has been placed in the system physically, and that system is corrupted into enslavement. So that every time when you're manifesting resources, like say you are trying to bring money to yourself and your in a mind thought around this. Because your soul and being are about sovereignty and freedom and truth and that is a concerted and definitive point of who you, you can’t be anything separate from that. Because that's who you are, as big as your spiritual body is when you try to manifest money from the system from a mind construct, because the mind has been completely encrypted with enslavement, it's like you can't meet very well.

I'm seeing that there are attempts to lock us into a timeline or a space of, okay there showing me that is like larger grids of nourishment. Because a lot of the issue is everything down here in the structure is contaminated. It's contaminated in such a way that if you "support the system", then you will get the resources. Right now you and I don't support the system.

So what is happening is even though we're still stuck here in the physical having to pay rent and do things in a 3D, what they're showing me is that this is a hurdle that we are overcoming. But we are not entirely clear of it yet, because of the nature of who we are and what we are doing down here. What they're saying should help us, is that if we move into any type of level of creation or manifestation it has to be out side of thinking. It can’t happen in the body. It is almost like it has to happen from the sense of pure presence and beingness. Like when you're in the in breath and your breathing in the resources and abundance that is sustaining. We have to bring the concept that we are in this here now, is that the I be merged with and now. The I and now have to be fully merged in the breath of full presence outside of the mind program.

I understand what you're saying but can you give me an exercise or something more tangible in how this can be applied here?

Okay, We are really going to have to practice with this one. I haven't heard this before.

This is a Melchizedek Guardian that is in the male form and I am familiar with you but your name escapes me, I’m sorry. There is a tone or name with you. Thank you, thank you so much we really appreciate your presence and your guidance with this because this is a very big issue for us.

What he's saying to me is that we can… he's giving us a trick. The trick is the in-breathe holding, and out breath holding, is the mimicking of creation. It's like when we breathe in that is the in-breath of creation. When we are holding our breath there's the still point of creation. And then when we exhale it's the out-breath of creation. What he's saying is that we can learn a trick if we create in the still point.

The trick of it is that when you are in between breath you're not in the mind space. It is like saying breath for a few minutes, do deep breathing and bring your consciousness presence fully in the now, outside of the mind thinking. You're just breathing. When you're in the holding after you do this a few minutes and you feel really present an alert. If in the presence of your essence of the being you are, then in the held breath, manifest the exact picture of what it is you need and put that out there. Are we to breath that out or hold it in? Okay, what he is saying is we’re putting that into the still point. Our still point is the point in between the rib cage. This is the area where the zero point field consciousness is. What I'm seeing is he's showing us that as you breath in for four counts, really deep deep breaths. You're taking really deep deep breaths in and you're holding for four counts. And then you're releasing it pretty forcefully and doing a couple rounds this. He is saying that in-between the breath is the point that we can connect to the creation, into this moment that we exist in. He is saying the problem is that the timeline, which we are operating isn’t here. We’re somewhere in between. So we have to breath in the still point, connect to the space and time we are in, even though we can’t define that now because there isn't a defining space to it. But the still point is the full presence of all. It is the holographic cell that replicates everywhere and it's from that point we can create what we need, to be bridged here. There's something about there is no timeline anymore. It's no time, in which we have to create in. I hope that makes sense.

(Answer to a question)

I think you are the still point. I'm getting we’re still a work in progress in that way, but we're becoming the holders of that quality of energy. It's being merged through and through. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions - 5-8-2008]

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