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Cosmic Mother would generally appear in her rainbow dragon form when she was coming to announce herself and would communicate through the twinkling Bethlehem Star of White Solar Fire or an undulating tri-wave current of the Opalescent Flames, which later was understood to be of the Elaysa Sun.[1]

Eternal Time Chrysanthemum Body

Eternal Time Chrysanthemum Body (art by Sequoia)

The White Order Diamond Elohei have erected a golden scaffolding for the Elaysian Krystal Cathedral Network which at its highest Krystal Spire ignites the eternal Cosmic White Wedded Flame of Christos Sophia which bridges the Holy Mother Sophia's Chrysanthemum Body, together they have been building extensive White Rose coding and the Chrysanthemum Ankh Body.

Lady of the Lamps

There is a Lady of the Lamps and there is a Gentleman of the Lamps krystic architecture that surfaced when these Holy Lamp Activations started to show up when the Krystal Cathedral Networks, the Gothic Cathedral Networks, were being re-connected into their proper sun-star networks in the Planetary Grid Network. This was an Activation of these Cathedrals to hold a Krystal Cathedral grid within it. These are the required Krystic housings for the God body of authentic Ascended Masters. Now we know that the Ascended Masters are returning and they need a body of which to seat themselves and that is within a Krystal Cathedral or a Ankh Body.

So these are for the embodiments of authentic Ascended Masters, those that have a transmigration ability in which to leave or exist in or outside of the time matrix. So the Elaysa White Sun creates Mother Pillars and these Mother Pillars unite Seven Eternal Flames of the Lady of the Lamp and this ignites within our ray system within the Capstone Codes and the Capstone Nodus and that which is that heavenly couple emanation of Ursa Major Constellation and the Seven Sisters of Pleiades. So the Father Pillar is made from the Melchizedek Blue Sun and so the Melchizedek Blue Sun Father Pillar unites with the Seven Eternal Flames of which we call it the Holy Gentleman of the Lamps. And again this Lamps ritual is connected to the Cosmic Dragon Starhuman template of Emerald Order in which the Bethlehem sun-star is a Cosmic White Sun-Star inside the Twinned Solar Dragon Rishi-Reisha heart complex, which is a part of a full transmigrational Emerald Sun template of Ascended Masters with their Diamond Rainbow bodies. Now the Mother Pillar and Father Pillar access into the Cosmic Hearts of the God Worlds from their Triple Solar Temple of Solomon and within the Aton God Body.[2]

Holy White Swan and Holy Mountain Architecture

The Cosmic Mother Dragon appears in her Triple Solar Reisha Merida-Guinevere-Brigid form when encircling the planet with her silvery ouroboros line, emanating silver white flames from her Elaysa Sun consciousness streams of Holy White Swan, which appears to reconfigure the distortions of artificial holograms and reversal blueprints. As she ignited the Avebury Umbilicus with her massive Bethlehem Star of silvery white flames during the Summer Solstice, the tri-waves of braided silver and gold pulsed through the dragon lines, which intersected with the floating bridge or Blue Rainbow Arc above Mount Kailash. This seems to be the primary focus of building the recent Holy Mountain architecture for seating the Blue Rainbow Bridge. A type of Cosmic Christ Consciousness distribution center in which different star patterns that are connected to the returning Ascended Master Rishi-Reisha identities, can heal their light body and reunite with their spiritual sun-star home and divine counterparts.[3]

White Diamond Sacred Sophia Wedded Garment

White Queen Merida Initiates the Sacred Sophianic Awakening (art by Elizabeth)

To announce the return of the Sacred Sophianic Awakening during the onset of Virgoan alignments, the Mother of the World, White Queen Merida was seated in the Cosmic Clock sun-star networks solar calendar position with the Staff of Elaysa, united in activity with her hierogamic masculine counterpart Michael-Merlin. Together, they built their holy signature of Cosmic Twinned Solar-Spirit Suns designed with further rehabilitations for the Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix as connected to the 11:11:11 networks (vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines running 11D frequency sets) by linking them into the White Rainbow Arc Bridge in order to secure the maji grail lineages from further Enki DNA corruption, in preparation for the emergent solar birthing of Cosmic Christos Children. As Merida spoke the ancient Cosmic Mother Language through the Lady of the Seven Lamps in Pleiades, her throat, voice and spoken word flowed tones of Eireayanas through the Eiras Silver Seed currents. Her Mother of the World presence resonated throughout the Solar Logos matrix as the Bethlehem Star activated within the Mother Elaysa Cathedral, in which the first action of her spoken word manifested into the spiritual formation of the newly created White Diamond Sacred Sophia Wedded Garment, shown to be embedded with marquis diamonds emitting Christos-Sophia musical signatures and assorted spiritual titles as given by the Godhead.[4]


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