White Diamond Sacred Sophia Wedded Garment

From Ascension Glossary
White Queen Merida Initiates the Sacred Sophianic Awakening (art by Elizabeth)

To announce the return of the Sacred Sophianic Awakening during the onset of Virgoan alignments, the Mother of the World, White Queen Merida was seated in the Cosmic Clock sun-star networks solar calendar position with the Staff of Elaysa, united in activity with her hierogamic masculine counterpart Michael-Merlin. Together, they built their holy signature of Cosmic Twinned Solar-Spirit Suns designed with further rehabilitations for the Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix as connected to the 11:11:11 networks (vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines running 11D frequency sets) by linking them into the White Rainbow Arc Bridge in order to secure the maji grail lineages from further Enki DNA corruption, in preparation for the emergent solar birthing of Cosmic Christos Children. As Merida spoke the ancient Cosmic Mother Language through the Lady of the Seven Lamps in Pleiades, her throat, voice and spoken word flowed tones of Eireayanas through the Eiras Silver Seed currents. Her Mother of the World presence resonated throughout the Solar Logos matrix as the Bethlehem Star activated within the Mother Elaysa Cathedral, in which the first action of her spoken word manifested into the spiritual formation of the newly created White Diamond Sacred Sophia Wedded Garment, shown to be embedded with marquis diamonds emitting Christos-Sophia musical signatures and assorted spiritual titles as given by the Godhead.[1]

This Eireayanas spirit activation began a wild west scenario of ascending Christos Starseeds rapidly shedding their Alien Hybridization histories, false identity clones and the inorganic lunar Genetic Modifications from their 1D atomic body layers which had placed Enki DNA Overlays on top of the organic Diamond Sun template, blocking the DNA Signal of the authentic Cosmic Elohei God Parents.

This sacred sophianic initiation represents the transmutation of the lunar feminine, the clearing of Lunar Matrix imprints and lunar consciousness records and the related alien hybridization histories with Enki DNA Overlays that were made upon both men and women, as the Solar Sons and Solar Daughters of God. This planetary activation has unleashed a torrent of solar spirit sophianic white silvery flames and marquis diamond Silver Seeds that has instigated radical frequency shifts upon the planet, whereby opening cosmic doorways heralding the return of assorted Arayanas Triple Solar Reisha Sophianic expressions and Emerald Order Yana representatives, such as Anuhazi Mu’a.

Thus, we are undergoing another delineation of the bifurcated portions of the planetary timelines with the emergence into yet another Cosmic Clock solar shield template forming into a spherical domain designed for the Rainbow Arc Bridges section for the incoming solar consciousness identities to station themselves or reside. This higher section is shifting into total alignment to the Cosmic Clock’s solar calendar positions with its master Emerald Timekeeper solar clock shield template opening the creation door which governs the planetary time matrix, in which those first ascending waves are stationing ourselves into consciousness alignment. This requires the shedding of lunar overlays that include the process of atomic transmutation of corrupted elements at the 1D base shield level and the ongoing extraction of Enki DNA Overlays and all related Enki skins used to falsify or clone identities for the use of NAA invaders and Imposter Spirits.

The reappearance of the original Anuhazi Mu’a from Tiamat along with the creation of the White Diamond Sacred Sophia Wedded Garment, struck a lightning bolt of terror into the minds of the NAA who had stolen the Cosmic Holy Mother’s Emerald Crystals with the Mother of Life DNA Language believing they had permanently maimed her embodied representatives and ultimately eliminated her existence from this reality for eternity. Thus, through the increased chaos being generated from the rapid frequency shifting happening during the current trifurcation phase, another stage of the spiritual battle in its final conflict for the planet has begun.[2]


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