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The intruding groups sought to permanently destroy the natural occurring Solar Christ DNA from existing anywhere on the planet and within the entire Universal system, in order to take this planet as their primary territory for colonization. It is these nefarious NAA groups that had planned to gradually use Solar Simulators to replace the heat of the actual Sun in the lower atmosphere, because it is the Sun that transmits its eternal Soul intelligence from the Solar Logos to humanity.

Effectively, the War Over Consciousness is between the Lunar Consciousness, (finite parasitic forms) and Solar Consciousness (eternal light forms) that are engaged in conflicts to gain control over the human Soul’s future timelines on the Earth during the Ascension Cycle. The Lunar is fighting for access to the genetic material in human bodies that they can use for colonization, life extension, and slave labor. The Solar has finally returned back into the lowest dimensions in the phantom realms and is attempting to free all imprisoned consciousness that has been stuck in time, repeatedly recycled and enslaved. [1]

Moon Chains, Lunar Forces

The damage incurred to the Solar Stargate system and Sun Disc Network disconnected the Avatar Christ Matrix spiritual-communication links inside the planetary core manifestation template, plummeting the Earth into the darkest age. This damage to the core template and its subsequent disconnection from the Solar Logos generated a closed system of finite energy supply that prevented planetary ascension and terminated communication with the extradimensional Diamond Sun families. The NAA groups took advantage of the closed system and the fragmented Souls of Tara as they were reseeded back into the Earth timelines to reclaim their lost Soul parts. As a result of the planetary grid damage, they had lost their Soul memories and many were recycled repeatedly into the lower dimensional bands of the 3D earth timelines, unable to heal their Soul Matrix, evolve or ascend as their consciousness body was stuck in time.

This cataclysmic event brought about the Moon Chains and Black Hole Entities that came into contact with the Earth, who began to genetically modify and harvest the planetary field to be a consciousness prison and farming territory. Moon Chains are soulless beings, like some of the Greys and Zetas, that have been cloned and hybridized for use by the NAA groups who have placed them on various moons and planets to be workers. Moon Chains also have connections to the refugee races that came from the Mars-Maldek wars, which resulted in exploding planets in the Solar System. Moon Chain lineages are also considered cast offs or laggards from other cycles of evolutionary rounds that occur between multiple planets root races located in our Solar System. The Moon Chain lineages have been directly involved both karmically and technologically with purposely creating the sexual misery mind control program in the human race during this dark age, in order to harvest the maximum amount of human sexual energy for their explicit use. The Sexual Misery program is a lunar distortion that is designed to manipulate and abuse the Solar consciousness sexual energies. This type of manipulation is also extremely spiritually abusive because it greatly harms the human lightbody.[2]

NAA Colonization

These hybrid creatures were used to colonize the grid systems and to occupy many spaces of the earth body and beyond, which the higher ups in the NAA would use as workers to gain control over certain power points, portals and earth vortices. The NAA covertly used the same colonial practices in recent history, through the policy of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and then exploiting it economically. Like the practice of economic terrorism, the Power Elite groups have learned from the best, the NAA who have been conquering planets, exploiting resources, settling underground territories and turning the inhabitants on the surface into their slaves, long before they came to the earth. The earth is the heart jewel of the entire Universe with an ascending planet status, so the conquering of this territory means much more to them. This is the source of the genetic modification to create the Blended Earth Reality, the agenda to generate artificial timelines and phantom constructs that these non-human entities could use to colonize and exist within the earth, even though they do not have consciousness that comes from this planet. To exist here they had to create a blended reality of AI Timelines nested in the organic timelines, slowly assimilating genetic modifications into humans that would be hospitable to their black hole forms and Lunar Consciousness level.[3]


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