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The Sextant Matrix is a part of the more advanced bio-clock function of the human lightbody system of which has been tampered with and damaged through Metatronic Reversal.The Sextant matrix runs Metatronic Reversal frequencies in our Monadic layers of Lightbody which compact our consciousnesses and harm the body on the biological time clock of death.

It is the instrument used to measure and set the angle and rotation of the energetic current between the gender centers in the various positions throughout the holographic template. When our gender center is splitting apart the internal polarity of energies, it is the Sextant Matrix which is inoperable, damaged or broken. This is why our bodies die on earth with excessive Molecular Compaction, and Aging Disease. The sextant matrix function is to designate the measurement of spherical angles and rotation of the counter spiraling energies that ultimately create a functioning merkaba layer at each completed harmonic triad level. (3D-6D-9D-12D)

Ultimately the Sextant Matrix function is to unify the internal polarity of energies through merging the gender centers and like an opening an umbrella, create the field burst which extends outward the merkaba field layer. The sextant matrix has been targeted by the NRG Gender Splitter technologies, and is a part of complex systems in which there are intended repair projects for the NRG related gender and sexual damage that is in the human physical body and Lightbody. Until we can heal Metatronic Reversal in the Monadic body, the Sextant Matrix clock harms our biological functioning, increases Aging Disease and is the reason we physically die. More research on this matrix is required.

666 Seal Wing Trauma

This level of the blockage and quarantine is what is referred to as the 666 Seal and is a genetic block in the sixth dimensional frequency layers residing within the 6D Indigo Ray and 7D Violet Ray Monad or oversoul bodies and crown chakra which is referred to as our Wings. At the beginning of monadic level integration, this 666 Implant or Templar Seal can be removed form the human Lightbody.

Essentially this relates to the trauma of having our Wings cut off from our Lightbody and is related to the Curse of Yahweh. This fact is what created many of the Fallen Angelics and the Watchers trapped in the earth. This generated the artificial timelines being run by the Fallen Angelic Timekeeper. See Wing Trauma.


Ezekiel cannot go anywhere until this field is cleaned up in relationship to collective masculine consciousness, especially that which is connected to the Hibiru lines. The ‘Curse of Yahweh’ is related to Ezekiel and to the Sextant Matrix that was used to shorten the human life span and kill the body. Bones were collected upon the death of the body to create a more sinister way to trap the human consciousness. Thus, trapping the Consciousness through the dead body’s bones that are buried down here in the earth. This has happened to Ezekiel and he is held in place through his religious prophecy which is an alien construct in the earth. This is very important in the timeline of body elemental corruption. The Sextant Matrix is equal to degrading the elementals and to the corruption coded into the mitochondria and DNA as miasms.[1]

Liberation of Ezekiel

Important Update January 2022: Now that we have achieved the success of finally liberating his massive solar consciousness body, in which he has been reunited with his genuine female counterpart, this story is one small facet of the amazing adventure of freeing planet Earth from the anti-human invaders. This celebration includes all of our Christos family tirelessly working all over the Universe to find and reclaim all of his solar masculine rod parts and finally, the heartfelt emotional experience in realizing the sweet victory of Liberating Ezekiel. See Liberation of Ezekiel and 12th Solar Dragon King. [2]

Shift from Lunar to Solar Zodiac Imprints

With recent events [2023] shifting timelines from the Lunar Based Clockshield with Fallen Angelic Timekeeper mechanisms used by the red shields, and evolving into the solar based clockshield and Sun-Star Networks with Emerald Order Timekeeper functions, we are living in an exceptionally unique time of Zodiac Alteration. Humanity incarnated into the 3D planet with extremely distorted Lunar Matrix imprints with a false time clock or false biological clockshield that is connected into the monadic reversal currents that were designed to keep angelic humans unable to reunite with their authentic Gender Twin Flame in their respective timelines.

During the month of October [2023], the planet endured the next stage of bifurcation, whereby there was another major event with the Separation of Worlds between the Lunar Matrix distortions of the 3D zodiacal calendar positions and another new formation with corrected Sun-Star Networks aligning the 5D zodiacal calendar positions. The corrected Solar Calendar Positions for the ascending timeline zodiacal alignments have now begun, there is no turning back. These are the higher timeline positions of the sun star networks that have been anchored into the trifurcated section with the triple solar copper-rose-gold failsafe Solomon Temple and Solomon Chalice Grail platform with three Solomon Maji Grail Red Kings holding the Krystal Star of Azoth (Krist-Krystallah) connecting into the Cosmic Clock central clockshield that was generated for supporting the Aton God Body. This position is where returning Ascended Masters from outside of our time matrix can enter into our reality, and ride on the carrier waves of the White Lotus Triple Dragon Breath channels of Lote, Loti and Lota into the Temple of Khemalohatea located on the Rishic plane. The ascending Christos Starseed family on planet will either be anchored onto this central clockshield timeline within their personal base clockshield, or be able to commune in this area to reconnect with authentic Ascended Master spiritual family members in which to gain further support for their personal Ascension process, find their genetic twin and receive spiritual guidance for carrying out their divine mission after the Collective Event.[3]


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This term is found in the HGS manual Page 104

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