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As some of the lower frequency planetary vortices that were functioning as the base chakra system of the earth have dissolved, one of the major events happening during this phase is the reconfiguration of the human lightbody's Grounding Mechanism. Essentially this refers to the reconfiguration of the red wave chakra spectrum, changing the root chakra 1D interface that governs the activation of prana seeds and life force distribution throughout the human body, as well as within the planetary body.

The Human Electromagnetic Energy Field is designed to directly interface with the planetary electromagnetic energy field via electrical circuits that generate a Grounding Mechanism. Electrical circuits are produced during electromagnetic field interaction, which occurs when having direct contact with the natural living consciousness of the earth through the planetary grid system. The planetary grid system is the global brain, it is the intelligent energy running through the world of forces and assorted frequency currents throughout the earth body. These assorted frequency currents run sequences of harmonic resonances throughout horizontal lines, vertical lines and diagonal lines. These cross dimensions through Stargate systems into white hole and black hole vortices, which project the fundamental frequency version of the holographic reality we experience in the Collective Consciousness on the earth.

Because the earth Stargates have been infiltrated by Negative Alien machinery for the purpose of broadcasting AI mind control and genetic modification of the human species, the version of time and space we experience in earth’s holographic reality has been artificially controlled by the unseen forces of the NAA. We are exposed to not only the shifting forces of an ascending planet, but the artificial technology counterforces that are blasted towards the planet and humanity to stop the consciousness evolution from progressing. Humanity is enduring the challenging state of planetary Ascension, the collective consciousness evolution, as we leave the artificial systems of alien technological control and begin to discover our true multidimensional spiritual identity and origins, way beyond the 3D Mind Control matrix. How well we navigate this chaotic time will be relative to how deeply connected we are to our core self, how well we can physically adapt to build a new Grounding Mechanism for ourselves.

Lightbody Grounding Mechanism

All humans and life forms on our planet have an interconnected bio-energy field composed of a complex network of Electrical Circuits, which make up the individual and collective electromagnetic battery body and this is commonly called the aura or Lightbody. The human lightbody is configured with specific electrical circuits in the root layers that are designed to energetically interface and lock down the lightbody grounding mechanism, directly with the planet. This Grounding Mechanism is what connects us to the Collective Consciousness and to all of the human race species memories on the earth. The electrical circuit is the path through which Subatomic Particles, or electrons from the electromagnetic current of the human energy field flow and exchange with the current that is running in the planetary grid network.

Electrons radiate or absorb energy in the form of photons of light when they are accelerated through the electrical circuitry of the human lightbody. When the human energy field interacts with the natural frequencies in the planetary electromagnetic field, subatomic particles are exchanged which produce light that carries assorted data through electromagnetic signals. When human DNA was unplugged in the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion, it was at this time the human race lost their ability to translate the Electromagnetic Signals of species memory, and we lost our DNA language that allowed for communication with the earth intelligence and with each other. However, the circuit exchange is still beneficial and some of us are coming online with the corrected DNA Signal pattern. The circuit exchange of electrons is equalized within the human body, helping to naturally neutralize negative energies or free radicals, which may result in many potential physical health benefits.

The human Lightbody’s electrical grounding works in the same manner as an electrical circuit that is attached to the earth uses the interface as an electrical conductor. The electrical circuitry in the human lightbody functions as the Grounding Mechanism, which produces a direct physical connection, and a DNA Signal bond and electromagnetic interface that communicates with the earth.[1]


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