Rishic Shield

From Ascension Glossary
4 Horizontal Shields by P. Goldenlotus

There are 5 Horizontal triad grids that hold the Morphogenetic Field or Blueprint for the Stations of Identity in each Harmonic Universe. Each triad body forms into a personal shield that builds the horizontal structure of the auric field levels of the 12 Tree Grid and is the construct for holding the mental bodies and masculine Rod principle. The Rishic Shield is activated through all Six Hara Points and begins the unification of 13D-14D-15D consciousness bodies upon the fifth Harmonic Universe which contains the Founder Solar Rishi and Solar Dragon identities. See Horizontal Triad Bodies.

Top 12D Shield or RA Shield Central Spherical Point (Not illustrated): 8D Gold, 14D Pale Gold = Golden Fleece Horizontal Body connected to Solar Rishi, the Rishic Shield.

When the consciousness bodies are integrated and merged horizontally with all the mental aspects of the personal shields, it activates new sensory body functions that generate the Ankh Body. The Rishic Shield holds the 13D-14D-15D layers of Diamond Sun DNA and beyond, and its axiatonal lines, chakras and seed crystals that form the Founder Threefold Founder Flame consciousness. Through Solar Rishic integration, Emerald Order Oraphim and Indigos will integrate into the Emerald Sun DNA and progress outside of this Universal Time Matrix to continue consciousness evolution or choose to remain in service to the lower creation fields.


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