Radial Cord

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Ray Bodies

Radial Bodies are spheres that form a tissue around all layers of our Horizontal Triad Bodies. The Radial bodies work similarly as the projection screen that creates our moving hologram and determines the quality of the life we experience. The Radial Body receives through the Merkaba circulation of spiral energies the instructions held in the Blueprint and DNA of the 12 Tree Grid.

The Radial Body has the umbilicus that connects your entire Monadic and Consciousness Family all the way into your biology called the Radial Cord. [1]

Horizontal Triad Bodies

The interconnected collective layers of all of the five Horizontal Triad Bodies which includes all spherical energy domains, is called the Radial Body. These are multidimensional radiation identity spheres that encompass and protect the horizontal triad bodies. The Radial Body controls all of the internal spherical energy domains which further govern the holographic projection in the timelines that the individual consciousness experiences while incarnated in the harmonic universes. The merkaba field circulation of the instruction sets that pass into the personal [[Christos shield and then into the individuals’ DNA template are what inform the Radial Body about the specific design for the actual holographic manifestation that is being experienced in time.[2]


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 57