White Queen and Red King

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Holy Matrimony of Emerald Order White Queen and Red King (art by Elizabeth)

Guardians gathered to witness the holy matrimony of the hierogamic union between the Cosmic Mother’s White Queen and Cosmic Father’s Red King as the sacred marriage coupling was made in the throne room of the Hill of Tara complex, returning in the Emerald Diamond Sun template into the planetary grid. Imagine one White Queen and Red King couple, standing at the altar in front of the Lia Fail, the white queen is wearing a beautiful white lace filigree ornate gown, holding a bouquet of white roses, the red king is wearing a black tux with neck tie embossed with four leaf clovers, with a single red rose in his breast pocket. The Holy Mother Sophia and the Benevolent Christos Solar King pray together as one Emerald Crystal Heart united with God, as one mind united with God, one sacred hierogamic body united with God throughout eternity. Our White Queen and Red King are embodied as the beloved Christos-Sophia embodying the spiritual reclamation of the Emerald Order, as the clarion call is made to the Cosmic Emerald Suns.

Our prayers to this sacred marriage of the Earth! May the process of sacred marriage find its true purpose with nature as one with the house of God in Cosmic Sovereign Law. May the eternal light of the Triple Solar Christ and Triple Solar Christos-Sophia return their hierogamic crown and Emerald Crystal Heart wisdom to bless the sacred union of beauty upon beauty to be poured upon the peoples of the Earth. Beloved Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, your sacred Rod and Staff comforts me as they are the still waters of your Perfect Peace which runs throughout my body. And so, it is! [Event on 9-9-23 at Hill of Tara][1]

Emerald Order White Queens Return

Return of Emerald Order White Solar Queen (art by Elizabeth)

White Queens of Cosmic Mother are most despised by the NAA because their full embodiment within their Emerald Order’s Triple Solar Dragon White Queen Template is what rolls up the artificial timelines, as the Dragon Rings of the white queen template bring in the genetic records of the Celtic maji grail lines of 11th and 12th tribes. When she reconnected with the Éire there was an explosion of Emerald Order Triquetra flower formations, in which three leafed clovers opened into four leafed clovers, and emerald green clovers with gold flecks appeared to be sprayed into the grids of the land mass. Those four leafed clover light symbols form into mandalas of quad emerald templates of the 48D Emerald Sun, which are accessible in the Hill of Tara. This is a fractal coding of the Emerald Sun DNA appearing in the axiatonal lines, which Christos Starseeds help to anchor into the horizontal fields through our Diamond Sun template. See Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire. [2]

White Diamond Solar Queen and Pink Diamond Solar King Reunited

In the highest realms of God Worlds, this configuration is down stepping from the Cosmic Elohei Mother in her White Diamond Sun being fully merged with the Cosmic Father Elohei in his Pink Diamond Sun, which birthed another Christos offspring through organic black rainbow crystalline sun stars. These black diamond rainbow crystals and Dark Matter Suns started to appear a few years ago with the Starry Night Dark Firmament architecture, and recently they appeared to generate a dark sun halo or fluffy black coronas which surround the inner sun stars of the Cosmic Elohei lineages.[3]

Cosmic White Sun and Cosmic Pink Sun Marriage

The liberation of Markab was the major celebratory event for restoring Lyran organic matrices that led to the Cosmic Christos-Sophia hierogamic union of Metatron and Meritaten, which culminated in Machu Picchu during the electrical peak cycle earlier this year. This Triple Masculine Cosmic Christos Metatron template is connected to the return of Cosmic White Sun and Cosmic Pink Sun sacred marriage in Lyran constellation that further migrated into Pegasus, via the hosting of the Cosmic Elohei Father Mer-Lions. See White Diamond Elohei and Pink Diamond Elohei. [4]

NAA’s Capstones for Anti-Christ Couplings

After the Atlantian Flood, the Thothian Leviathan group generated an extensive inorganic wormhole network that was accessed from ley lines running through Bermuda Triangle, Giza and Iran, that connected into the Artificial Tree of Life phantom areas where they had cloned out the exploded parts of Nibiru and Tiamat. The entire planetary geography of the original Tiamat Logos, along with the Edenic codes held by the White Diamond Goddesses or White Solar Queens, were cloned into the Red Trident anti-hierogamic machinery which functioned as the artificial Galactic Capstones in 4D Mars, 7D Saturn and 10D Pluto Matrix.

The Artificial Galactic Capstones in the Red Trident anti-hierogamic architecture were designed to block out original Capstone Codes in those Ascended Masters who became trapped on the planet, and as a consequence were blank slated and suffered amnesia. Because their capstone codes were not activating properly, they were replaced by artificial machined Galactic Capstones which were implanted and interfered with organic cellular memories which blocked their hierogamic union.

In each of these artificially generated Galactic Capstones being managed by Thothian Leviathan entities, there are unholy alliances of White Queens and Red Kings that were being forcibly merged into gender reversed anti-Christ couplings. These unholy alliances of White Queen and Red King are consummated in satanic rituals by the luciferian bloodlines that utilize the demonic hierarchies with this symbolism, in order to call forth the archetypal forces of Anti-Christ couplings and their demonic orders connected to Red Trident. Further, the satanic rituals commonly used with the White Queen and Red King symbolism is during the most important black magic sexual rituals of the luciferian bloodlines, planned on special astrological events or master number dates. [5]

Phantom Nibiru

Phantom Nibiru as the Wormwood Battlestar, and the phantom wormholes and fragmented shards of Tiamat’s matrix were linked into the Stonehenge gateway and running in the 11th Stargate Network which acted as the inorganic Capstone Code for antichrist couplings, anti-hierogamic union and alien love bite relationships based on archetypal forces of the inversions of the White Queen and Red King, as stationed in 4D-7D-10D Red Trident architecture of the Thothian Leviathans.[6]

Rehabilitation of the Red King in Khemalohatea

Cosmic Father's Red King

For many years, the Emerald Guardian Paliadorian teams have been working behind the scenes to build out the corrections required for expanding the Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway to run dual krystal spirals for the Rosetta currents, which ignite the Crystal Lotus Heart and Crystal Rose Heart flowers throughout the Albion Lightbody. Each of the Universal Diamond Pillars contain the records for the Universal Melchizedek Collectives and their true genetic origins, those spiritual families from the God worlds that have incarnated through the Emerald Order, Ruby Order, Gold Order, and Amethyst Order lineages at every developmental stage of the Christos Diamond Sun DNA template and its fall and progression throughout the Universal Time Matrix. During the rehabilitation of the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea for the 7D-8D-9D Pink Lotus Temple being hosted by the Family of RA in the Metagalactic Core, the Pink Lotus Heart synchronized with the 8D Golden Sun in the Galactic Center, in which the Ruby Order came through and anchored Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar instruction sets into the Temple of Khemalohatea.

These are Cosmic Father 48D Ruby Order instruction sets for the corrected Red King position within the planetary Ruby Templar Master Shield for the planet, which are systematically collapsing and disintegrating assorted red shield networks, artificial red wave rod and staff, and red cube clones used by Fallen Ruby Order branches for hijacking the Ruby Sun DNA template that was running the false Khem-Khemalohatea. The cloned version of Red Shield Temple of Khemalohatea was transmitting Artificial Ruby Sun DNA signals, lunar sound tones and archontic voices throughout the Stonehenge gateways and Grual points (2D-5D-8D-11D) which have been instrumental in enforcing Gender Reversals and transmitting assorted male and female Sexual Misery miasma into the Collective Consciousness of humanity. See Rehabilitation of the Red Kings. [7]

Emerald Templar Master Shield

Emerald Guardians appear to be putting in finalizing touches to the organic Temple of Khemalohatea and its Khem Flame body codes for correct Gender Principle in the Ketheric Mind-Monadic matrix, along with Cosmic Holy Trinity of Lote-Loti-Lota breath channels, activating into the planetary Emerald Crystal Heart in the Albion. These are Cosmic Dragon Starhuman structures seated in the base 48D Emerald Order instruction sets with Red King and White Queen Gender Twin Flames activating themselves into position within the planetary Emerald Templar Master Shield, which are systematically collapsing and disintegrating assorted red shield networks and Red Cube clones behind the false Khemalohatea alien machinery. May God’s will be done! [8]

Shift from Lunar to Solar Zodiac Imprints

During the month of October [2023], the planet endured the next stage of bifurcation, whereby there was another major event with the Separation of Worlds between the Lunar Matrix distortions of the 3D zodiacal calendar positions and another new formation with corrected Sun-Star Networks aligning the 5D zodiacal calendar positions. The corrected Solar Calendar Positions for the ascending timeline zodiacal alignments have now begun, there is no turning back.

The corrected Solar Calendar Positions generated a morphogenetic blueprint barrier between first density creations in the third dimension running on the Lunar Matrix Zodiac and its Artificial Timelines, and the second density creations in the fifth dimension running on the Solar Matrix Zodiac and the organic timelines.

With this year entering the Cosmic Energy Cycle, the higher Solar Rishic consciousness platform access into the Hall of Cosmic Records was merged with the Holy Mountain Rainbow Arc Bridges for the returning Ascended Masters now taking their place and embodying their cosmological positions as the benevolent Solar Christ Red King and White Queen. The solar calendar position on the new trifurcated platform created for the returning Ascended Masters was aligned directly into the Cosmic Clock’s corrected Solar Sun-Star Networks that are being embodied by the Solar Rishi-Solar Reisha accepting the role as Emerald Guardian Dragon Timekeepers on the next stages of the reclamation of the Paliadorian-Christos Mission. This is the same position on the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar when the original Paliadorians came through the 12 Reuche Pillars which bridge the Mother’s God-seed sound vibration into the lower creations, these pillars are designed to correct energy currents to run photonic and sonic healing frequencies that amplify and power up the Christos blueprint throughout the planet.

From this new vantage point returning Solar Rishic Ascended Masters can fully perceive the complexity of the NAA’s Alien Machinery and its monstrosity of time stacked Beast Machine networks manufactured in AI Red Wave for Red Shields. This has led to another stage of volatile confrontations unfolding in the United Kingdom’s 11th Stargate Network for the reseating of the ultimate capstone of the 48D Emerald Order hierogamic quadrata templar for anchoring Red King Arthur and White Queen Guinevere.[9]


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