Nibiru-Tiamat Fallen Matrix

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Red Trident with Phantom Nibiru and Phantom Tiamat in Stonehenge (updated August 2023)

As several long-term Emerald Guardian Universal grid projects finally come into completion [2022], many of these rehabilitation missions were actually designed to rescue the Melchizedek Logos from his imprisonment in the Wall in Time splits, which had been formed into the extensive NETS running the phantom Nibiru-Tiamat Fallen Matrices. As the Checkerboard Matrix phantom nets of Nibiru-Tiamat collapsed in Stonehenge, the opening into the 12D portal of pre-invaded Nibiru was made accessible, and from out of this planetary gateway a massive blue crystalline liquid plasma oceanic wave formed into a Cosmic Christos Azure Blue Sun. See Red Trident.

Red Trident

The capture and cloning of the Tiamat Logos were utilized to form several phantom wormholes and Phantom Matrices connecting into the Earth’s 2D stargate and sprawling throughout 4D-7D-10D axiatonal and ley lines. These phantom matrices were being used as the artificial rod and staff architecture (Red Trident) for the Dark Alien Mother gestalts, and by the invading NAA forces primarily controlled by the Thothian Leviathan groups.[1]

Phantom Nibiru and Phantom Tiamat

Wormwood refers to the Niburian Anunnaki’s artificially created battlestar that exists on the counter orbit to the Nibiru planet in our solar system. The alien architecture leeches onto the former body parts of exploded Tiamat which exists as phantom body and is the Phantom Matrix wormhole of Tiamat. The Nibiru Battlestar was formed from the exploded parts of Maldek.

Universal 12th Gate Destruction, Fall of Nibiru and Tiamat

The Lyran War timeline holds the cellular memory of the collective shadow bodies and all of the fragmentation and disintegration that occurred during the destruction of the 12th Lyran Universal Stargate. As a result of the destruction of the 12D Universal Stargate, the planets Nibiru and Tiamat were partially exploded and then captured and forced into inorganic orbits around the Sun, which removed them from their Capstone Nodus position in the Universal Tree of Life or Kathara Grid.

Nibiru and Tiamat’s planetary crystal core were connected to the twinned suns of the Universal Elaysa-Melchizedek Logos, through the Cradle of Lyra in the triple stars of Aramatena, Aveyon and Vega, which were universal gates that led out of the time matrix. The Universal 12th Gate of Aramatena was once the 12D capstone for pre-fall Nibiru which held the Nirvanic mind frequency bands of the Solar Logos. When Aramatena was destroyed, it allowed for the easy capture of Nibiru which became outfitted by the invaders as a Battlestar.

Many of the Founders with organic Emerald Sun DNA body parts that functioned as Capstones for supporting the lower dimensions, which included the sapphire architecture of the 10th gate Holy Mother as the Tiamat Logos, were made vulnerable for attack and capture with the blueprint schematics being uploaded into AI technology and being in enemy hands. [2]

Phoenix Wormhole and Phantom Tiamat Wormhole

Additionally, the Phoenix Wormhole was made from the inverted parts of Tiamat’s sapphire body captured in the tenth dimensional layers of the Pluto Matrix, and further electronically merged with an array of Red Cube cloned parts in the Red Trident which has held together the Frequency Fence and Checkerboard Matrix anchored into the 11D Stonehenge stargate.

The Tiamat Logos inverted consciousness parts were cloned into the phantom and then twinned into Red Trident Architecture to form the artificial rod and staff alignments for transmitting Gender Reversal and anti-hierogamic technology throughout the planet. Additionally, the exploded parts of Nibiru were fashioned into a militarized battle station called Wormwood, and this unholy alliance forced between Tiamat and Nibiruian-Wormwood were tethered together in the eleven and half dimensional (11.5D) layers, as the main control panel for the NAA groups defending their control over the Stonehenge stargate.


Net Static Field

The NET (Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction Field)[1] was anchored into Earth using the NDC and Nibiru Crystal Temple Network during the Luciferian Rebellion, 25,500 BC. By impinging scalar sonic pulses at the Earth's inner grid system an 'interference' pattern or electrostatic force-field was created, enshrouding the Earth. This NET has the effect of buffering (stopping) incoming and outgoing signals, in particular to the higher dimensions (Guardian Founder Races ETs, etc.), creating a kind of quarantine. It blankets the civilization, isolating it from its natural connections to its inner consciousness and spiritual levels, and this field system interfaces naturally with man's existence and constitutes a Holographic Insert.

Fall of Nibiruian Net

To set free the Melchizedek Logos and Emerald Order Melchizedek family, the Nibiruian Net system had to be in free fall decline so the Guardians could strategically gain control over the NAA network frequency fences and begin to repurpose the Sirian Crystal Temples located underground. The original planetary body in this Solar System that functioned as the 12D portal access into the Universal Lyran gate system was actually Nibiru, before it was invaded and subsequently outfitted by the NAA races as a battle star. The Thoth, Enki, Enlil Collectives from Nibiru installed selenite rods programmed from the battle star and then placed them underground in order to hijack the organic crystal caverns and Crystal Temples of the planet. These underground bases became the extensive NET system forcing the metatronic reversal current into the ley lines, in which the planetary reversal merkaba system ran as the checkerboard matrix mutations, with its main operational hub in Stonehenge connecting to the Nibiru-Tiamat phantom matrix. The full turning on of this artificial NET network happened during the Atlantian Cataclysm, which infected the crystal caverns and aquifer system with metatronic reversal frequency, which led to the NAA inserting the Black Queens and installing her hive mind lunar hierarchy deep underground.

The artificial global NET system has a toxic byproduct, an unnatural ozone layer that generates assorted interference on how photonic light reaches into the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. As the Cosmic Mother’s Supermagnetism manifests and the NETS fall, the ozone layer will also shift and possibly dissolve, at which point the controlled media will likely alert the public of the dangerous state of the holes appearing in the ozone layer. Science tells us the ozone layer acts as a sunscreen from the Sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays. In actuality, it is an artificially created interference layer for false magnetism, combined with the toxic chemtrails to divert solar plasmic codes that potentially activate dormant human DNA. As the planet is in her solar symbiosis ascension cycle, the controllers are especially aggressive with all things relating to the Sun, generating fearful propaganda to control the masses. Thus, the wide spread media publishing papers on the destruction of the ozone layer is largely a psychological operation by those controlling the mainstream sciences to promote fear of the sun and sunlight to the masses. Light is radiant energy-frequency that controls gene expression. Thus, it becomes clearer that the quantum of light is the Universe’s way of transferring packets of intelligent energy into the consciousness of the planetary species. [July 2022] [3]


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