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Return of Emerald Order White Solar Queen (art by Elizabeth)

White Queens of Cosmic Mother are most despised by the NAA because their full embodiment within their Emerald Order’s Triple Solar Dragon White Queen Template is what rolls up the artificial timelines, as the Dragon Rings of the white queen template bring in the genetic records of the Celtic maji grail lines of 11th and 12th tribes. When she reconnected with the Éire there was an explosion of Emerald Order Triquetra flower formations, in which three leafed clovers opened into four leafed clovers, and emerald green clovers with gold flecks appeared to be sprayed into the grids of the land mass. Those four leafed clover light symbols form into mandalas of quad emerald templates of the 48D Emerald Sun, which are accessible in the Hill of Tara. This is a fractal coding of the Emerald Sun DNA appearing in the axiatonal lines, which Starseed Generals Christos Starseeds and Indigos help to anchor into the horizontal fields through our Diamond Sun template. See White Queen and Red King. [1]

White Rainbow Arc Bridge

Recent grid events progressing in the United Kingdom opened the White Rainbow Arc Bridge for the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim Anuhazi Mu’a to begin the necessary spiritual retrievals and returns for embodying the Cosmic Mother’s DNA language from within their authentic Arayanas Triple Solar Reisha Sophianic expressions, as preparation for the return of the Emerald Order’s White Queen. The Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon family from the Cosmic Spirit Suns of Eireayanas, hold the Cosmic Mother’s Blue Rainbow Body which unifies inside of the Emerald Order's White Queen, which begin the restorations of sophianic architecture as they are taking their rightful places within the astrological Sun-Star Networks. [2]

Missing Universal Mother Principle

To even begin to understand this vast history, we must first awaken to remember that the authentic Cosmic and Universal Mother principle was missing in this reality until very recently, when the first stage of her return was secured through the 13th Pillar of Mother Arc and the tri-waves of Aqualine Suns that were woven into the crystal cores of Earth-Tara-Gaia. Holy Mother Sophia and the Solar Christ Marys are not sourced from the Lunar Consciousness of the Dark Mother, that which functions as the spiritual imposter of the organic female principle. Solar Christ Marys are the pure sophianic diamond heart principle of Solar Dragon wisdom along with the sacred purity of the Universal Rosetta Breath, as the Sophianic Eye of the Godhead’s loving flows of the consecrated rose breath and living holy spirits that connect the eternal Cosmic Spirit Suns into our time matrix.[3]

Anointing Solar Christ Michael and Solar Christ Mary

Once the 13th Solar Dragon King and Queen were retrieved, reunited and reseated in to the 2nd stargate network [May 2021], the process of locating and reclaiming her massive Cosmic Dragon parts began. This surfaced the hidden Tiamat Logos histories and ignited intense Spiritual Warfare during the reclamation process of her Triple Solar Goddess dragon lines, nodes and solar female crystal rose spiritual parts. As the massive Tiamat phantom wormholes and cloned matrices began to be sequentially identified and dismantled, it came with discovering many more layers of subsidiary networks of anti-hierogamic alien machinery that had been used to pervert, invert and clone her sacred image, energy signature and holy spirit for powering the Dark Alien Mother. With each dimensional layer being methodically dismantled and reviewed through its connection to AI machinery and lunar matrices using her cloned parts, like a trip wire it would alert an army of Black Dragons, Lunar Black Queens and their black magic sorcerers to reveal themselves as they were aggressively fighting to hold on to their piece of conquered territory in the planetary grid.

Solar Christ Mary rebuilds White Queen Template

The crowning of Solar Christ Mary began the next stage of rebuilding the Solar Mary Diamond Sun template for many of the missing female Yanas (Ascended Masters), those of the White Queen and White Triple Solar Goddess lines of Elodia, that suffered genetic digression during the explosion of Lyra and capture of Tiamat. This ascending collective female aspect of White Diamond Elohei is an important lightbody component for embodying the Triple Solar Feminine Christ on the Earth, as well as reassembling the solar female principle’s corrected spiritual wings and retrieving her missing and hijacked parts from the phantom Tiamat wormhole. To restore the Solar Mary female template to this planet, it has required the dismantling of lunar networks and the retrieval of several Planetary Logos matrices, and reconnecting sun star networks into the Albion Lightbody for re-building a completely new Diamond Sun Body for the Gold Ray Seraphim lineages.[4]

Dark Mother Impersonation of Triple Solar Mary's

The particular timelines currently surfacing are connected to the Dark Alien Mother network which include the hidden histories of the capture and fall of the female Solar Dragons in the region of Gobekli Tepe, with the inversions sourcing from the hijacked White Queen sophianic consciousness from Tiamat that were embodied as the Universal Solar Christ Mary Sophias. These are the White Solar Queens of authentic female Ascended Masters that were once incarnated on the planet and were protected under the Cosmic Mother Dragon ensouled as the Tiamat Logos in the 10th Stargate Network. This current phase of the magnetic shifts puts a bright spotlight upon the dark shadows of the imposter lunar forces that had replaced the authentic Holy Mother and the Solar Christ Mary Sophias presence on the planet after their capture and demise. The supplanting of imposter forces allowed the subsequent insertions of artificial magnetic fields, lunar matrices and artificial lunar female demonic bodies to be held in place by an artificially generated Dark Alien Mother network.

Tiamat Logos

Beloved Solar Christ Mary was ensouled as the Tiamat Logos protecting the White Queens of Ascended Masters in our world, the sacred Mary-Sophias that had incarnated throughout the various astrological ages. When she was captured and fell through the destruction of her embodied principle as the Tiamat Logos, we lost our divine connection to her sophianic wisdom and the Christ Consciousness, as the 10th Gate of our Solar Star had fallen. But the Paliadorian Dragon Kings made their ancient covenant in spiral time to ensure that angelic humanity would be able to find her and her authentic Solar Mary representatives again, during the final conflict of the Ascension Cycle.

NAA’s Capstones for Anti-Christ Couplings

After the Atlantian Flood, the Thothian Leviathan group generated an extensive inorganic wormhole network that was accessed from ley lines running through Bermuda Triangle, Giza and Iran, that connected into the Artificial Tree of Life phantom areas where they had cloned out the exploded parts of Nibiru and Tiamat. The entire planetary geography of the original Tiamat Logos, along with the Edenic codes held by the White Diamond Goddesses or White Solar Queens, were cloned into the Red Trident anti-hierogamic machinery which functioned as the artificial Galactic Capstones in 4D Mars, 7D Saturn and 10D Pluto Matrix.

The Sophianic Eye of Tiamat and Ancient Eternal Eyes

During the Emerald Guardian reclamation of the Draco constellation, it was revealed that the Thuban star function was purposed as the Guardian Dragon Eye of the Templar on the Solar Logos plane that expressed the Law of Gender, and was the protector of the cellular memories recorded in the 12 timelines throughout the planetary grid system. A similar function was identified on pre-fall Tiamat that served as the Sophianic Eye for the White Triple Solar Goddesses and Solar Marys. The Sophianic Eye was harnessed through the Phantom Tiamat and Pluto Matrix and was used for transmitting 10D black plasmas from a Black Sun installed in the Phantom Tiamat core and was then running these reversal currents through the wormhole for the Leviathan entities.

White Crystal Key of White Queens

There is a 12D White Crystal Key inside of the 14th Golden Chakra that is usually dormant until the individual is initiated into the 12D Christos Maharata Shield and builds their 14D top shield. This personal Lightbody function also applies to the planetary stargate system, and is especially relevant to the activation of the 12D Stargate Network and Gothic Cathedrals with an active underground aquifer system connected to major crystals that run sound frequencies through the planetary sophianic plasma rings. Thus, the recent corrections made to the White Crystal Key are connected to the return of the White Queens who embody the collective Christos-Sophia consciousness instruction sets and hold gatekeeper access into the Nirvanic Mind through authentic Ascended Master Capstone Codes. This was recently initiated through the 36D Heavenly Holy Mother emanation of Ki Ra (Kee Rha) of the Rha Violet Ray God Worlds, through her transmissions of Amethyst Dragon Templar codes generated for corrections in the Earth’s KA body for dismantling the red wave distortions of Red Cube weaponry.

White Queens of Sophianic Consciousness

The pre-fall planet Tiamat was the twin sister to planet Tara in 5D, and that functioned as the original 5D link into 10D stargates for transmissions of the mother’s blue staff and sapphire diamond waves into the planetary core. The pre-fall planet Tiamat was the Edenic abode of the Cosmic Mother’s Triple White Diamond Goddesses, the White Queens of Sophianic Consciousness, which embodied the Universal, Galactic and Planetary layers of the 10th Stargate Network that functioned as the direct portal into the Solar Logos, into Reisha Worlds and the Seven Spirit Suns of Eire-Adonis.

Phantom Tiamat

The Tiamat phantom matrix was designed to distort the sound templates of all natural water elementals found in the planetary aquifer system, as these phantom sonic pillars were running Leviathan genetic sequences to obstruct the living waters of the Triple Solar Goddess in the cathedrals and sacred sites, inverting them into black magic Baphomet coding, thus blocking the physicalization and communication with the Cosmic Mother’s White Queen aspects.

Leviathan Hijacked Sophianic Eye

The Leviathan and their demonic hierarchies also referred to as the Monsters of Chaos, were hijacking the Sophianic Eye the White Queen Dragon Templar of the White Triple Solar Goddesses. This was tracked into the 2D Sarasota and Temple Mount stargates through the attached Tiamat Wormhole that was accessible from both of these locations and seen in the 6D-7D distortions generated through Jupiter and Saturn. Guardian Host gave the Leviathan an ultimatum to exit these areas ten years ago, giving them advanced notice before the Solar Christ Michael and Solar Christ Mary were reseated in the golden cube of Temple Mount, and ignited their twinned 13th Dragon Ouroboros Lines.

Thus, the reclamation of the Sophianic Eye of Tiamat and collapse of the phantom wormhole feedlines are a celebratory blessing which is directly connected to the correction and installation of the Eternal Ancient Eyes that began with the return of Elaysa-Melchizedek as the Universal Mother overlighting the White Queens with the Staff of Elaysa.

The Universal Elaysa Mother imprints the rainbow tesseract cube for the corrections of the White Triple Solar Goddesses, Christ Mary Sophias, the White Queens, that imprints the Brain and nervous system with the complete schematic of the Elaysa Cathedral Network. The Elaysa Cathedral runs its corrected crystal key imprint with several plasma skins of Pink, White and Blue crystal lotus and rose flowerings, sending these codes throughout the neuronal circuitry of the central nervous system. Then they become energetic receivers of the musical transmissions of the Cosmic Mother’s to Universal Mother’s sophianic sound tones running through the soft membranes of orifices in; the eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth and the genital region. When this activation occurs, it begins a lengthy sequence of purging out the inorganic plasmas, corrupted elementals and foreign substances, that dark or artificial miasmatic content of pathogenic residues that have been deposited or implanted in the membranes of the plasma lightbody and Fascia crystalline matrix.

End of Humanity’s Painful Tiamat History

Through the compassionate witnessing of the hidden histories of Tiamat, it has been observed exactly how the NAA invaders accomplished the utter destruction of the Holy Mother’s presence on the planet and how the solar feminine’s existence was lost in the rewritten history controlled by the invaders. The process of hunting down our White Queens, killing them and inverting the sophianic Triple Solar Goddesses by trapping them into phantom wormholes, is how they infiltrated our world. Generating Anti-Christ shadows of Lunar Consciousness, parasites and satanic gestalts in order to perpetrate complete tyrannical control, consciousness enslavement and torture of the Holy Mother’s principle. The history of the explosion and capture of Tiamat, reveals the utter destruction of the Solar Feminine Christ principle along with the fall of solar dragons, which destroyed the possibility of authentic Ascended Masters completing their hierogamic union and taking their rightful place in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons.[5]


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