14th Chakra

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This Golden Chakra is about 3ft above the head and connects to the Universal Sun and is the Founders Pale Gold Ray. This Chakra acts as the top lid of the 12D Shield and when activated creates an additional gold buffer field called the Golden Fleece Buffer.

Founder Gold Ray

Threefold Founder Flame

To connect with the Founder Gold Ray, and reclaim our Christos Sun and Daughter of God principle Christos-Sophia for the planet and humanity, we connect to the Gold Ray of Rishic Suns. The Gold Ray was previously under the control of the Golden Eagle Grid distortions and the Fallen Angelics damage on our planet.

Since the Luciferian Rebellion the Golden Eagle Grid and the Gold Ray suffered tremendous distortion.To help repair this damage to the Seraphim-Avaian consciousness that make up the Gold Ray and the GEG, the Guardians have been attempting to heal the planet's masculine principle and its Rod function through the Shield of Solomon.

Morphogenetic Chakras

In higher spiritual development (begins at Monadic Integration), the particle and antiparticle (Morphogenetic Chakras 8-15) merge together into one Unified Column. This is another example of gender unification between the male and female principle chakras in order to create unity or a unified consciousness column.

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