Monadic Integration

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Monadic Evolution

When the Oversoul Monad Identity begins to start merging with your Ego/Personality and physical identity. (The Oversoul Monad is stationed in the 7th-8th-9th Dimensional levels.)[1]

Monadic Integration = Divine Purpose

Many of us cannot manifest our divine purpose and destiny projects until this alignment and embodiment of our Oversoul or Monad transpires. Our divine and spiritual purpose is part and parcel of our divine consciousness and we cannot manifest purpose without our spirit intelligence embodied. Many of us have been searching for our "purpose" when we actually should be working to free and embody our Soul Matrix and Monad spiritual bodies. We cannot live our true purpose until we are embodied in our Monadic spirit intelligence.

Those poised for stewardship in the next cycle as a part of the "changing of the guard" cannot be corrupted, damaged or deluded that we are in possession or ownership of anything material. The Oversoul/Monad intelligence is able to direct resources without personal agenda. There is no Negative Ego bargaining or superimposing of personal will allowed – ever. There can be no continued "lies of omission", self-delusion or lack of clarity in any circumstance of our relationships that had created confusion in our lives. We must see all that has been hidden in the shadow and put it all on the altar before God.The natural order of our Ascension process will align us to be corrected of our selfishness and self delusion that we think we are separate. Therefore we become attuned to a life of service to God Spirit. [2]

Higher Heart Chakra Activation

Monadic Activation

The Monad spirit body is entwined with the activation of the 8th Chakra located at the thymus gland. When the Permanent Seed Atom begins to activate the sequence of Monadic integration begins to link with the 9th Chakra in a moving gyroscopic field with its center axis in the pineal gland.

Morphogentic Chakra

The physical body has Seven Primary Particle Chakras that merge with the anti-particle double of the main Chakra centers through Soul and Monadic spiritual body integration which is the process of spiritual ascension. These anti particle double Chakras are also called Morphogenetic Chakras. The first morphogentic chakra layer starts at the Monad level, at the 8th Chakra. This is also called "Galactic Chakra" because its the first layer that connects into the Galactic Plane.


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