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Gold Order Shield (art by Sequoia)

The second light manifestation of the Gold Order are Gold Ray orders of Seraphim, Cerez Avian bird people and Aeithan lines are the Solar Rishi which incarnated in the fourth harmonic universe on Lyra-Vega through the 10th Universal Stargate.

Because of the human Tribal Shield affiliation and genetic relationship to the 10th Stargate and the infiltration of the Golden Eagle Grid, many of the Gold Order have been appointed to directly rehabilitate and transit the Draconian race lines, and to override their timelines that are related NAA. The fallen 10D lines from Vega became the Dragon Moth lines, as well as the hybridization made between the Gold Order Seraphim and fallen Draconian lines.

Sound Tones

The Gold Order is visual and tends to be connected to the white halo glowing gold and silver showers. Mixtures of some faint colors wrapped in primarily bright light golden halos. The Seraphei lineages are very responsive to all visual stimulus in which multiplies in RA Tone or HA RA Tones.[1]


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