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Solar Dragon Reisha - Yanas (art by Elizabeth)

The Arayanas solar plasmas of Eiras sound tones are connected to the ascension hosting matrix of the Cosmic Mother's Elaysa Sun located in the Holy Emerald Order's 1st God World Creation.

The Eireayanas Suns make up another section of the Cosmic Mother's Cosmic Spirit Body, in which the Ascended Master or Yanas embodied within the Emerald Ankh Body can direct the conduit of the Cosmic Mother's Emerald Eireayanas in the Cosmic Amoraea Eternal Flame for purposes of restoration of the Universal Melchizedek Cosmic Spirit Body, which merges with the Cosmic Father's aspects within his Cosmic Spirit Suns matrix located in the God Worlds.

The Triple Solar Goddess emanation of Merida-Guinevere-Brigid are preparing for the seating of King Arthur's divine counterpart Queen Guinevere onto the earth, in which the building of her Krystal Cathedral networks to anchor the Eireayanas or Arayanas flowering sophianic plasma fields, are designed to restore the Cosmic Amoraea Shield in the Emerald Krystal Cathedral Network which hold the Edenic Blueprints, transmitting through the Cosmic Spirit Suns of Eireayanas which are being reunited with the Ascended Master's Yanas Aton God Body. See Solar Dragon Queen Merida and White Queen.

Recent grid events progressing in the United Kingdom opened the White Rainbow Arc Bridge for the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim Anuhazi Mu’a to begin the necessary spiritual retrievals and returns for embodying the Cosmic Mother’s DNA language from within their authentic Arayanas Triple Solar Reisha Sophianic expressions, as preparation for the return of the Emerald Order’s White Queen. The Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon family from the Cosmic Spirit Suns of Eireayanas, hold the Cosmic Mother’s Blue Rainbow Body which unifies inside of the Emerald Order's White Queen, which begin the restorations of sophianic architecture as they are taking their rightful places within the astrological Sun-Star Networks. [1]

Sacred Sophianic Awakening

White Queen Merida Initiates the Sacred Sophianic Awakening (art by Elizabeth)

To announce the return of the Sacred Sophianic Awakening during the onset of Virgoan alignments, the Mother of the World, White Queen Merida was seated in the Cosmic Clock sun-star networks solar calendar position with the Staff of Elaysa, united in activity with her hierogamic masculine counterpart Michael-Merlin. Her Mother of the World presence resonated throughout the Solar Logos matrix as the Bethlehem Star activated within the Mother Elaysa Cathedral, in which the first action of her spoken word manifested into the spiritual formation of the newly created White Diamond Sacred Sophia Wedded Garment, shown to be embedded with marquis diamonds emitting Christos-Sophia musical signatures and assorted spiritual titles as given by the Godhead.

This Eireayanas spirit activation began a wild west scenario of ascending Christos Starseeds rapidly shedding their Alien Hybridization histories, false identity clones and the inorganic lunar Genetic Modifications from their 1D atomic body layers which had placed Enki DNA Overlays on top of the organic Diamond Sun template, blocking the DNA Signal of the authentic Cosmic Elohei God Parents.

This sacred sophianic initiation represents the transmutation of the lunar feminine, the clearing of Lunar Matrix imprints and lunar consciousness records and the related alien hybridization histories with Enki DNA Overlays that were made upon both men and women, as the Solar Sons and Solar Daughters of God. This planetary activation has unleashed a torrent of solar spirit sophianic white silvery flames and marquis diamond Silver Seeds that has instigated radical frequency shifts upon the planet, whereby opening cosmic doorways heralding the return of assorted Arayanas Triple Solar Reisha Sophianic expressions and Emerald Order Yana representatives, such as Anuhazi Mu’a.[2]

The Universal Mother of Life is Tiamat

The Cosmic Mother’s reclamation of the Tiamat Logos white diamond core revealed the ancient Emerald Founder Records of the original Anuhazi Mu’a language that was spoken and sung as the Universal Mother of Life principle for building and administering to the creation. Specifically, the Blue Solar Reisha Dragon family were created by Cosmic Mother to embody her ancient musical language of the Holy Mother’s Sophia code transmitted from her White Diamond Sun and Emerald Crystal Hearts within a 48 layered Emerald Crystal Heart matrix.

The Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon family from the Cosmic Spirit Suns of Eireayanas are the Triple Solar Goddesses of Tiamat, they are the Universal Mother of Life principle embodied in the sun-star networks which spoke the Cosmic Mother’s genetic language of the Emerald Crystal Heart, as utilized by the Emerald Order Kristos God World Creators. Those species who were not sourced and embodied in this Emerald Order Arayanas lineage, were supposedly forbidden to access or learn how to speak this creation matrix language from the God Worlds, thus this generated great conflicts and resentments towards the inhabitants of Tiamat, that were assigned to protect the Mother language and its cosmic records. The Mother Language was considered to be intrinsic to the creation of the Universal Mother of Life principle, connecting to Elaysa Sun and her Emerald Crystal Heart genetic language of White Sun Arayanas, the Anuhazi origins of 12D Aramatena, which was holding the organic creator code and Cellular Alphabet that formed the Emerald Sun DNA language of the Emerald Order Cosmic Christos Ancient Builder Races. [3]


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