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Galactic Zodiac or Solar Zodiac

The Zodiac structural principles are both energetic and geometric blueprints based upon Lunar Zodiacal Imprints that were generated by the invading races to suppress human consciousness with the Lunar Matrix, which is currently being dismantled and re-aligned with the alchemical laws inherent in the Natural Laws of God, being hosted by the Aurora Ray System in Andromeda during the planetary Ascension Cycle. When astrological alignments occur through major conjunctions between planetary and stellar bodies, massive energetic forces of alchemy occur between celestial bodies and the Sun-Star Networks which alter the frequency current and manifest into new creations. This new cosmic alignment changes the stellar architecture which impacts how the Sun transmits the energetic influences of the Zodiac constellations throughout the Chakra Wave Spectrums in the Solar System, in which the planetary consciousness is gradually undergoing a lunar to solar transfiguration during the Ascension.

These stages of transmitting alchemical forces to aid consciousness evolution are qualities of which have never been previously exposed to this planet. This is allowing the Alchemical Laws of consciousness evolution to be transmitted through the constellations of which are inherently a part of the organic processes of planetary biological ascension. See Laws of the Galactic Zodiac Cycle and Galactic Zodiac.[1]

Ascension Timeline Rebellion

The Ascension Timeline Rebellion is a significant marker in the hidden historical timelines of planetary invasion, as it is when assorted NAA factions began to exchange treaties on and off planet, which included the systematic hunting down of the Guardian Blue Flame Melchizedek templars protecting the planetary network. This is the source of the total destruction of humanity’s historical timelines and the carrying out of alien intruders’ genetic modification programs with the Enki DNA Skins used to damage the cellular memories recorded in angelic human DNA. From this particular timeline the Thothian Nibiruians designed the Nibiruian Electrostatic Transduction Field and installed Nibiruian Bases across the planet and prepared the lunar matrix false magnetism and the Saturnian black cube connected to Lunar Zodiacal Imprints. This alien machinery NET was utilized to scramble the biological clockshield positions of when and where the Gender Twins were incarnating into the time matrix, which was designed to exert an incarnational control so that the Gender Twins could not find each other, and instead would be incarnated into different timelines or in the parallels, as they found themselves in locations they did not intend to incarnate. Sadly, there have been many Anti-Hierogamic Technologies put into motion on the planet by the NAA in order to target the Essene Christos tribes and inhabitants to force them into unnatural blending with artificial energies or falsified identities in order to digress the DNA template and block higher consciousness development. We are inordinately blessed to live through the momentous time of universal ascension where these alien machines to enslave humanity are being demolished, as we live through the process of planetary liberation.[2]

Cloning Warfare with Lunar Zodiac Imprints

Without the Christos Founders present the intruders got busy with cloning warfare, building Red Shield Temple of Khemalohatea, with Ruby Crystals as the template for running AI Red Wave, false Ruby DNA signals and cloned Camelot architecture through which to hijack the authentic Gender Twin Flames into a miasmatic flood of Lunar Zodiacal Imprints with karmic superimposition. Thereby derailing their inherent consciousness function of the solar masculine rod and spiritual feminine staff to co-create and build organic timelines together, instead replacing them with cloned Ruby Sun DNA and AI Red Wave configurations functioning as imposter christos offspring, the inversions of black flowering, as another method to trick and derail organic christos male and female hierogamic relationships with ascension mission potentials. They emulated and replicated the Diamond Sun creator code in order to hijack the divine solar feminine and divine solar masculine gender twin pairings through Red Cube imposter clones, generating negative shadow forms inside many falsified identities and artificial timeline holograms with facades that appear genuine on the outer, until an authentic Ascended Master Yana gains access inside of the Holographic Insert of cloned structures and the entire system collapses into dust because the system was being holographically projected from the Red Trident and Artificial Red Wave Khemalohatea Network.

Shift from Lunar to Solar Zodiac Imprints

There are many falsified claims being made in the online new age spaces in which these twin flame unions have been forged between those being manipulated with Lunar Consciousness overlays transmitted from Lunar Zodiacal Imprints (i.e., Enki DNA), which are not actual Solar Consciousness Gender Twin Flames. These situations that are mated in genetic oppositions between angelic humanity and those with high reptoid DNA hybridization are considered to be major opportunities for spiritual growth, consciousness rehabilitation and learning lessons with unconditional love, Compassion and Empathy for all involved, as Disclosure continues to reveal the truth of hidden human history to the masses.

With recent events shifting timelines from the Lunar Based Clockshield with Fallen Angelic Timekeeper mechanisms used by the red shields, and evolving into the solar based clockshield and Sun-Star Networks with Emerald Order Timekeeper functions, we are living in an exceptionally unique time of Zodiac Alteration. Humanity incarnated into the 3D planet with extremely distorted Lunar Matrix imprints with a false time clock or false biological clockshield that is connected into the monadic reversal currents that were designed to keep angelic humans unable to reunite with their authentic Gender Twin Flame in their respective timelines. The Lunar Matrix Zodiacal Imprint has placed distortions with built in Gender Reversal coding programs throughout the Core Manifestation Template of the human Lightbody’s 12 Tree Grid or Kathara Spheres, which generated assorted gender-based miasmas and misalignments between the inner masculine and inner feminine principle, as the Gender Principle is expressed throughout the dimensionalized currents of the electromagnetic spectrum of frequency. The Thoth-Enki-Enlil Nibiruian Red Trident false clockshields are connected into the intruder’s checkerboard matrix grids and the extensive controller red shield complex installed in the 11th Stargate Network, that was designed to shut down the human Lightbody by siphoning off the internal male-female vital force energies, placing a Monadic body drag on the higher heart center and Inner Vertical Channel.

During the month of October [2023], the planet endured the next stage of bifurcation, whereby there was another major event with the Separation of Worlds between the Lunar Matrix distortions of the 3D zodiacal calendar positions and another new formation with corrected Sun-Star Networks aligning the 5D zodiacal calendar positions. The corrected Solar Calendar Positions for the ascending timeline zodiacal alignments have now begun, there is no turning back. These are the higher timeline positions of the Sun-Star Networks that have been anchored into the trifurcated section with the triple solar copper-rose-gold failsafe Solomon Temple and Solomon Chalice Grail platform with three Solomon Maji Grail Red Kings holding the Krystal Star of Azoth (Krist-Krystallah) connecting into the Cosmic Clock central clockshield that was generated for supporting the Aton God Body. This position is where returning Ascended Masters from outside of our time matrix can enter into our reality, and ride on the carrier waves of the White Lotus Triple Dragon Breath channels of Lote, Loti and Lota into the Temple of Khemalohatea located on the Rishic plane. The ascending Christos Starseed family on planet will either be anchored onto this central clockshield timeline within their personal base clockshield, or be able to commune in this area to reconnect with authentic Ascended Master spiritual family members in which to gain further support for their personal Ascension process, find their genetic twin and receive spiritual guidance for carrying out their divine mission after the Collective Event.

The corrected Solar Calendar Positions generated a morphogenetic blueprint barrier between first density creations in the third dimension running on the Lunar Matrix Zodiac and its Artificial Timelines, and the second density creations in the fifth dimension running on the Solar Matrix Zodiac and the organic timelines. Thus for many, this Bifurcation split from Lunar Calendar to Solar Calendar in the timelines has generated a new position within the timelines, shifting the Transduction Sequence and zodiac imprints from incarnation and igniting intense solar activations and miasmatic purging of foreign materials or alien hybrid overlays. This includes the Enki DNA Skins made from the long history of assorted alien intruder genetic hybridization programs, as discussed in last month’s newsletter. For those on this particular ascension pathway in the genetic lineage of the Cosmic Elohei family, others may suddenly react strongly to your presence, as those who are still hooked into the lunar zodiac birth imprints may not enjoy the major consciousness shifts when in the energetic presence of a person with newly activated Solar Zodiac Imprints.

This event has had significant impacts for many on the ascending path with the sudden and spontaneous combustion of karmic relationships, family situations and assorted life lesson themes surfacing into awareness for resolution and then reaching an abrupt and final conclusion. The recent bifurcation was supercharged with solar zodiacal imprints and may have brought on intense Ego Death and shadow body healing, purging Enki DNA genetic modification membrane skins with the onset of dark night of the soul levels of intensified Psycho-Spiritual Crisis. Obviously when we have a greater comprehension as to why our lives may have suddenly been upended and we are enduring a phase of great upheaval that generally comes with deep spiritual transformation, it is not pleasant but with emotional maturity, we know that it is necessary for our growth and spiritual transformation. When we have proper context for the spiritual reality of planetary ascension, we know to go within and ask the right questions of ourselves along with the necessity to connect with God every day, praying for divine will to reveal our spiritual purpose in which to have the most graceful transition as possible.

With this year entering the Cosmic Energy Cycle, the higher Solar Rishic consciousness platform access into the Hall of Cosmic Records was merged with the Holy Mountain Rainbow Arc Bridges for the returning Ascended Masters now taking their place and embodying their cosmological positions as the benevolent Solar Christ Red King and White Queen. The solar calendar position on the new trifurcated platform created for the returning Ascended Masters was aligned directly into the Cosmic Clock’s corrected Solar Sun-Star Networks that are being embodied by the Solar Rishi-Solar Reisha accepting the role as Emerald Guardian Dragon Timekeepers on the next stages of the reclamation of the Paliadorian-Christos Mission. This is the same position on the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar when the original Paliadorians came through the 12 Reuche Pillars which bridge the Mother’s God-seed sound vibration into the lower creations, these pillars are designed to correct energy currents to run photonic and sonic healing frequencies that amplify and power up the Christos blueprint throughout the planet.

From this new vantage point returning Solar Rishic Ascended Masters can fully perceive the complexity of the NAA’s Alien Machinery and its monstrosity of time stacked Beast Machine networks manufactured in AI Red Wave for Red Shields. This has led to another stage of volatile confrontations unfolding in the United Kingdom’s 11th Stargate Network for the reseating of the ultimate capstone of the 48D Emerald Order hierogamic quadrata templar for anchoring Red King Arthur and White Queen Guinevere.

Spiritual Warfare has ensued in order to dismantle and evict the NAA-Enki gestalts seated throughout the Red Trident network, focused upon the eviction of 7D Saturnian-Lunar matrix hierarchies of Osiris-Isis and reclaim those particular gates from the red shield networks used by the NAA’s human controllers, that are intrinsic to the return of the Emerald Order. For those Starseeds connected to the Cosmic Elohei lineages, this Saturn confrontation may have brought on extreme spiritual initiation along with Lunar Miasma Detoxification phases shedding the Lunar Zodiacal Imprints, as the sapphire flame body and corrections which directly impact the 10D Solar Star and the Shara Complex functions began recoding the corrected musical tones provided by the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea. The Triple Flames of Khemalot are required for ascending humans to sense the musical tones and hear the speaking-singing voice of the incoming Cosmic Mother Elohei (White Sun) and Cosmic Father Elohei (Pink Sun) in their corrected Gender Principle and Gender Twin Flame Matrix. This is currently being facilitated into all layers of Soul, Monad and Avatar matrix layers in the Planetary Grid Network, through the blended triple solar masculine and triple solar feminine transmissions of gender twinning Khem Codes into the pineal, Thalamus and higher heart complex which reverberates solar tones throughout the spinal column, skull and skeletal bone matrix.[3]

Transfiguration of Lunar Zodiac from Birth Imprints

The male holds the female crystal blueprint of his Gender Twin, while the female holds the male crystal blueprint of her Gender Twinwhich has solar light functions that are aligned with the dormant aspects of the Triple Warmer Organ (San Jiao in Chinese medicine) that is located in the lower, middle and higher positions of the human body. The San Jiao is a largely unplugged organ system of the human Lightbody that is important in the functions of balancing inner masculine and inner feminine principles within the entire organ, gland and bodily system. It becomes exceptionally active during lunar to solar Transfiguration, it is heavily active now in burning off Lunar Zodiacal Imprints while bringing the consciousness into global synergy within the entire organism, and ultimately expressing the blended trinity principle of the Godhead through the Holy Mother, Holy Father and Holy Child simultaneously.[4]

Lunar Zodiac Clearing of Sexual centers

In order to begin the process of inner male and inner female energy balance to achieve this organic manifestation and healing superpower to direct and embody tri-wave solar frequencies, the 2D sexual energy centers must be cleared out of addiction programs, sexual misery and gender reversal trauma blockages from lunar zodiacal imprints. Effectively when we heal our second chakra, we release crystal keys in our sexual organs and this begins the lunar transfiguration process of the solar sacrum, which clears out lunar matrix residue and ignites solar light which brings energetic balance to the inner male and inner female principle.

Dismantling Artificial Khemalohatea in Stonehenge

During the Harmonic Concordance twentieth anniversary week leading up to the 11:11, Guardians dismantled massive amounts of the AI Red Wave architecture forming into Red Shield Khemalohatea artificial grids and machined gel rings running inverted violet-magenta-pink frequency sets into the Ketheric Mind-monadic matrix, that had been implanted into Avebury Henge and Stonehenge gateways in the United Kingdom.

Emerald Dragon Timekeeper genetic equals in hierogamic quadrata template formation were stationed inside the Reuche Pillar system, where false Dragon Plasma Domes with lunar matrix zodiac and mismatched star pattern hookups were utterly demolished and disintegrated, installing the correct sun star patterns with the altered Solar Zodiac Imprints that are plugged into solar Dragon Plasma Domes connected to Guardian Host. This action turned on the solar light canopy in the dark closet and revealed a slew of cloaked ships for the Zeta Reptile Insectoid Collectives where they were in formation anchoring assorted mechanical processes for the phantom Camelot portals linking into Red Dragon Cathedral Networks and assorted Red Shield networks connected into Red Shield Khemalohatea that were used to support world domination for the luciferian bloodline with the same surname. Given these particular areas can draw large spiritual gatherings on solstice or equinox, these areas have evidence for use as the Red Shield alien abduction center for Loosh harvesting at the time large crowds are gathered at Avebury Henge or Stonehenge. More specifically, the use of Electronic harassment filled with metallic implants for astral bliss on tap with a side of brain fog distraction, and assorted Victim-Victimizer tagging for ongoing zeta related harassment to derail the spiritually minded into spiritual blindness with cloned information warfare. [5]


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