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Black Cube and Red Cube, Tree of Life Blockages (art by Sequoia)

The Emerald Guardians are alerting us to what humanity is being exposed to at this particular stage and why the planet and humanity are undergoing a mass Enki DNA Overlay extraction [Began during Virgoan Alchemy, September 2023], along with covert confrontations that flush out and force the eviction of the invading species, which initiates sudden physical purges of Miasmas, ancestral genetic clearings and deep cellular spiritual purification.

The planet is undergoing another delineation of the bifurcated portions of the planetary timelines with the emergence into yet another Cosmic Clock solar shield template forming into a spherical domain designed for the Rainbow Arc Bridges section for the incoming solar consciousness identities to station themselves or reside. This higher section is shifting into total alignment to the Cosmic Clock’s solar calendar positions with its master Emerald Timekeeper solar clock shield template opening the creation door which governs the planetary time matrix, in which those first ascending waves are stationing ourselves into consciousness alignment. This requires the shedding of lunar overlays that include the process of atomic transmutation of corrupted elements at the 1D Base Shield level and the ongoing extraction of Enki DNA Overlays and all related Enki Skins used to falsify or clone identities for the use of NAA invaders and Imposter Spirits. See Red Trident.

Virgoan Constellation Alchemy

Last month’s astrological shift into Virgoan Constellation Alchemy (September 16-October 30) began the powerful sequence of Trigger Events igniting another intense stage of lunar Transfiguration impacting the corrupted elementals and Artificial Red Wave Machinery that were used to encode Enki DNA Overlays into angelic humans. The spiritual Magnum Opus is rising for those ascending Christos Starseeds with divine missions that include working on the embodiment pieces for the Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon’s Sacred Sophianic Awakening of White Solar Queens on the Earth, which is the lunar transmutation process of the shadow elements that have been running Enki coded red wave overlays into the planetary DNA. Last month’s Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire described the holy matrimony of the Cosmic Mother’s White Queen and Cosmic Father’s Red King at the Hill of Tara, returning the Emerald Diamond Sun template into the planetary grid. This planetary activation catalyzed subsequent tsunami waves of incredible dark resistance aimed at the Christos Guardians through the forces of chaos being generated by the NAA using the artificial red wave alien machinery as a weapon to control the artificial timelines, more specifically, the legions of Enki’s Army.[1]

Spiritual Maturity and Dedicated Truth Seeking Required

As you read onward, consider that some of us are awakening to be the spiritual adults in the room, thus this information is not intended for everyone. The hidden history revealing now is densely packed with many intricacies and is difficult to process. Please remember the purpose of this information is to have proper context in knowing that in order to solve the genetic hybrid problems of the angelic human race, we first must awaken to seek truth and know the problem exists. When we can see the accurate source of the global problems plaguing humanity, then we can ask the right questions. Further, we must know as we enter the tumultuous crossroads of human evolution, that AI technology has been used covertly for terraforming the planet to become hospitable to the invaders, and that their agendas for Alien Hybridization with humans is the source of rampant spiritual disconnection and damage to the krystal gene. This genetic hybridization damage has accumulated a tremendous amount of buried traumas in the angelic human race which further unravels into manifestations of mass inner and outer violence. When identified correctly, only then we can begin to take the steps to solve those problems more effectively and remain in alignment to Natural Laws. Thus, the Emerald Guardians are alerting us to what humanity is being exposed to at this particular stage and why the planet and humanity are undergoing a mass Enki DNA Overlay extraction.

Violation of Nature, Maldek Explosion, Alien Visitors

When exploring more of this theme, we must know that the mechanics of the Universal Laws are in perfect harmony with the organic living creations of the natural world, and that the nature of evil comes into manifestation as the direct consequence of violating these natural laws. Violating nature is synonymous with spiritual disconnection and painful suffering. Violating natural laws, such as genetically experimenting and hybridizing with the original angelic human DNA in order to make consciousness slaves to serve an antihuman invader agenda, contains the major Historical Timeline Trigger Events for the spiritual disconnection humanity has suffered at the hands of the Belial group. These important events of inserting Enki DNA Overlays into humanity commenced during the orchestration of several NAA invasions of the planet which were under the direct supervision of a master geneticist, a cloned alien hybrid Sa’am-Enki and his Sirian Annunaki brethren that crashed on Earth during the Mars warring conflicts which ultimately led to the complete destruction of the planet Maldek. After the explosion of Maldek, the damage and destruction that ensued in the solar system displaced many of the local reptilian species, some of which found themselves on the Earth.

Introducing Cloned Reptilian Hybrid Sa’am

To comprehend the genetic hybridization history related to Enki DNA, we access the historical saga of a cloned hybrid Sirian Annunaki entity called Sa’am that was bred in the Pleiades to evolve into the master geneticist and life designer for serving the Anti-Christ forces of the Sirius A and Nibiruian Belial Sun agendas. In which the ancient Sirian Annunaki Patriarchs desired to conquer Earth further, in order to become the God-King slave-masters to the Krystic Diamond Sun embodiments of the solar sons and daughters of the Cosmic Elohei God creators, the angelic humans that genetically belong to the planet Earth.

Sa’am would go on to evolve himself into the self-appointed God King of Earth as Sa’am-Enki-Osiris, transferring his consciousness into various reptilian forms but over time, he finally found genetic stability within his experimentations when combining with the Elohei Ruby Order rose lineages with Ruby Sun DNA. With Ruby Sun DNA Elohim-Nephilim hybridization coding, he was able to genetically engineer an immortal Adonis body for himself and exist inside this manufactured cloned body for multiple thousands of years. He would continue for as long as he could trick humans into worshipping him as a God King, inserting his Enki DNA red wave trident overlays while masquerading as Osiris-Jesus Christ and other key Christ like archetypal figures, as this was designed for the purpose of siphoning the Collective Consciousness of angelic humanity for harvesting energy Loosh for their ongoing anti-human agendas.

Galactic Wars, Betrayal of the Universal Mother of Life

This narrative continues through the eyes of a cloned Sirian Annunaki reptilian named Sa’am stationed in the second harmonic universe enduring the massive backlash of the Orion Wars in which many generals are gathering their armies to finally destroy the Universal Mother of Life principle throughout this solar system known as Tiamati. Sa’am is deeply conflicted about the orders for annihilation, as his blood holds the memory of his Mer Mother Goddess on Tiamat, he is fascinated with amphibian related genetics that he shares with a cloned reptoid sister, who is later revealed to be the figurehead Isis. In the frenzied rage of his Belial father’s orders to grasp total power in the solar system through the complete destruction of the Universal Mother of Life principle, these reptilian armies believe the patriarchal masculine to be infinitely superior rulers whereby they intend to annihilate the existence of the Mother of Life and her Solar Goddesses that have been initiated into the mysteries of the Universe by Anuhazi Mu’a. Further, seizing all of the Cosmic Mother’s stored knowledge in the emerald crystal networks as collected from the Cosmic Hall of Records, thereby gaining access to the most advanced technologies of the ancient builder’s records and emerald founder schematics of the Universe that were being protected and housed within Tiamat’s White Sun diamond core.

Thus, it is important to remember that Sa’am-Enki was himself a hybrid clone made from his Sirian Annunaki reptilian father’s genetic lineage of Anu, holding the cellular memories from Electrical Wars, Pleiadian and Nibiruian invasion histories in which these species were aware of the slow descent into chaotic darkness that was engulfing some species through genetic digression.

Sadly, through the development of ongoing warring strategies of exterminating those species not under his genetic control with the multiple series of Enki DNA Modifications, over thousands of years this cloned entity digressed into the anti-life evil incarnation of the devious Luciferian master geneticist for the Belial Suns. He appointed himself as the God of the earth, Enki, which was further exploited during the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion. The Sumerian tablets contain some of the Propaganda of the greatness that is described as Enki, with credits given to him as the creator of all, the narrative continues that he is the creator of humanity, being the grand architect or even the master mason of the world. See Supreme Grand Master Architect.

Sa’am-Enki-Osiris became the prominent figurehead groomed to be the instrument of carrying out the massive task of destroying the Mother of Life principle of Tiamat, along with the ongoing genocidal plan, at the manipulations of his Belial Father Anu. He took his own autonomy in order to perfect his geneticist skill sets which sometimes went against his Father, when he sided with the High Priestesses of his own reptilian lineage, such as his cloned sister. However, Sa’am-Enki-Osiris further cloned himself into Marduk, who finally became the ultimate destroyer of the Tiamat Logos, and then subsequently conquered Nibiru. Turning it into the Battlestar headquarters for organizing the growing cloned Sirian-Annunaki armies, Thoth-Enki-Enlil-Zephilium (Zetas), orchestrated by Sa’am-Enki to run the Nibiruian bases set up all over the planet and solar system.

Genetic Modification and Cloning Experiments

the Sirian Annunaki reptilian hybrid being Sa’am-Enki was instrumental in assorted genetic modification and cloning experiments made upon the angelic human race, these experiments generated many species of Fallen Angelics, and cloned out other humanoid species to muddy the genetic waters on the Earth, such as the history of the Neanderthals and Nephilim. Sa’am-Enki-Osiris was a self-appointed Alien God of this invaded and conquered planetary territory, where he designed many of the genetic hybridization programs made upon angelic humans in order to embed his particular synthetic genetic signature into the Nucleotides of human DNA.

Thus, Sa’am-Enki-Osiris sought to clone out humanity to arrange the Cellular Alphabet to create synthetic genetic languages in which to codify himself as the proclaimed God King of Earth, En Ki, while purposefully extracting the Cosmic Mother’s Emerald Crystal Heart Anuhazi language, thereby claiming the Emerald Crystals as his own Luciferian creation as an imposter Christ. Further scrambling the organic Cosmic Elohei Parents creator code language and its dialects once spoken by the angelic human race, which was forgotten when they collapsed the magnetic field and Unplugged DNA by running reversal currents through the planetary grid network. Whereby the magnetic collapse and introduction of the Lunar Matrix made it possible to insert his alien genetics, implants and Holographic Inserts into the Planetary Grid Network thereby targeting the angelic humans via assorted genetic modification cloning methods over many thousands of years.

Hybridization for Programmable Embedded Control of DNA

Hybridization of angelic humans with genetically engineered Enki DNA was designed by the Sirian Annunaki factions of Belial group to build a self-enforced consciousness slave system through the automated repetition of inserting cloned falsified identities with Enki coding, being perpetually generated through the red wave Artificial Tree of Life or AI Timelines. This operates as a sophisticated antichrist weapon used to confuse humanity through spiritual warfare when attempting to discern the difference between good versus evil, running dark interference to conflate the identities of the antichrist forces with the authentic identities of the Guardian Christos forces during the final conflict. Those humans that assimilate and embody the ENKI DNA SKIN instruction sets become more easily mind controlled and genetically manipulated by the NAA forces, because the genetic modification gives that individual the sense of energetic familiarity and spiritual connection with the intruder races.

Enki Red Wave Cloning System

The Enki red Wave clone system was built to direct energetic power to the Thothian Luciferian bloodlines, Earth Controllers, and to perpetuate the closed loop system of anti-life inversions being enforced through the mass generation of red wave Alien Machinery producing endless amounts of nested holographic insertions of cloned and replicated anti-human architecture coded in Enki DNA instruction sets upon the human bio-energy field. These anti-life distortions brought about by negative alien invasion are what currently fuel the mass psychology of evil running rampant in the world as human Blood Sacrifice death cults (SRA), and ultimately are what result in the massive pain and suffering that transpires within all life forms when they are cloned, mind controlled and digress into Fallen Angelic or demonic states of violent consciousness.

Genetic Manipulation of Human DNA

As more information surfaces in regards to these alien invaders that sought full spectrum domination through the ongoing genetic manipulation of human DNA, for most it is inconceivable that programmable embedded control was made possible with the manipulation of the human biology’s natural chemical DNA processes such as protein synthesis. Whereby, Sa’am Enki discovered it was possible to program instructions directly into the nucleotides and chemical processes of angelic human DNA, using the DNA-RNA instruction sets to unplug higher DNA strands of sugar-phosphates while placing overlays of synthetic based cellular alphabet and reptoid signatures through the weaponized electromagnetic broadcasts of the negative alien agendas Mind Control sent through an assortment of wireless signals meant to block organic DNA Signals.

Thus, with Sa'am Enki as the master geneticist, the NAA have understood for thousands of years how to embed programming instructions directly into the elements of the protein chains which form the nucleotides of human DNA, as a part of their genetic modification programs to extract and remove functioning components of the Diamond Sun DNA. Through this administered electromagnetic technology as Electronic harassment, as well as injectables and other toxic exposures, genetic switches are turned on and turned off, and DNA elements of noncoding parts and coding parts of the DNA can be manipulated and scrambled with the introduction of Faulty Protein instruction sets.

As we move into the Solar Calendar Time Cycle, guided directly by the Cosmic Elohei God parents, the planet and many awakening Starseeds are the first ascension prototypers that are beginning to detoxify the synthetic overlays of ENKI DNA SKINS and are in entering the process of clearing ancestral miasma, shedding the Reptilian Tail and clearing the alien hybrid genetic modifications made to the chemical DNA and physical DNA of the organic diamond sun angelic human biology. Thus, the planet and Christos ascending groups are entering into the trifurcation phase where our physical and chemical DNA are being purged and detoxified from the genetic distortions and parasitical entities connected to Enki DNA Overlays, and this will result in physical ascension symptoms and a variety of spiritual initiations. See Genetic Modification of Human DNA.

The Chemicals of Life run Human DNA

Chemicals are substances made of one or more elements bonded together, which generally indicates the chemical interaction that happens between the substances. A chemical substance is a form of matter having constant chemical composition and characteristic properties. However, when discussing the fundamental process of DNA, we are primarily concerned with the Proteins which are the Chemicals of Life.

To form a strand of DNA, nucleotides are linked into chains of deoxyribose sugar, along with phosphate, which together makes up the sugar-phosphate backbone in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). However, it has surfaced that as a result of checkerboard mutation used for gender reversal imprints, Enki DNA Overlays and subsequent Alien Hybridization of angelic human DNA, the sugar phosphate backbone was missing the correctly synthesized genetic pair bonds of the organic Mother and Father lines. Hence, the human race has been missing the correct sugar phosphate instruction set required to activate correct Genetic Pair Bonds from Mother and Father genes inherited from their biological and spiritual family of origin. This particular genetic digression is responsible for the missing chromosomes (12 per 12 Strands=144) which are critical for properly encoding proteins for building our DNA ladder.

With the invaders agendas for genetic modification to usurp and even eliminate the Mother’s DNA Language from the planet, the human race suffers without properly functioning Mitochondrial DNA that is unable to effectively generate the new proteins for DNA Synthesis for the activating the Krystal Gene.

Apparently, current events of shedding Enki DNA Overlays and lunar Transfiguration combined with cosmic cycle spiritual activations with the Elaysa Mother of Life principle, allows for the chemicals required for the diamond sun template to braid into the correct genetic pairing sequences for building the 12 double helix strand DNA template, which prepares the ascending physical body to become trans-dimensional through atomic transmutation changes that are occurring with the Transduction Sequence birth imprint.[2]

Shedding Enki DNA Skins

Apparently, current events of shedding Enki DNA Overlays and lunar Transfiguration combined with cosmic cycle spiritual activations with the Elaysa Mother of Life principle, allows for the chemicals required for the Diamond Sun template to braid into the correct genetic pairing sequences for building the 12 double helix strand DNA template, which prepares the ascending physical body to become trans-dimensional through atomic transmutation changes that are occurring with the Transduction Sequence birth imprint. [3]

Shift from Lunar to Solar Zodiac Imprints

There are many falsified claims being made in the online new age spaces in which these twin flame unions have been forged between those being manipulated with Lunar Consciousness overlays transmitted from Lunar Zodiacal Imprints (i.e., Enki DNA), which are not actual Solar Consciousness Gender Twin Flames. These situations that are mated in genetic oppositions between angelic humanity and those with high reptoid DNA hybridization are considered to be major opportunities for spiritual growth, consciousness rehabilitation and learning lessons with unconditional love, Compassion and Empathy for all involved, as Disclosure continues to reveal the truth of hidden human history to the masses.

During the month of October [2023], the planet endured the next stage of bifurcation, whereby there was another major event with the Separation of Worlds between the Lunar Matrix distortions of the 3D zodiacal calendar positions and another new formation with corrected Sun-Star Networks aligning the 5D zodiacal calendar positions. The corrected Solar Calendar Positions for the ascending timeline zodiacal alignments have now begun, there is no turning back.

This event has had significant impacts for many on the ascending path with the sudden and spontaneous combustion of karmic relationships, family situations and assorted life lesson themes surfacing into awareness for resolution and then reaching an abrupt and final conclusion. The recent bifurcation was supercharged with solar zodiacal imprints and may have brought on intense Ego Death and shadow body healing, purging Enki DNA genetic modification membrane skins with the onset of dark night of the soul levels of intensified Psycho-Spiritual Crisis. Obviously when we have a greater comprehension as to why our lives may have suddenly been upended and we are enduring a phase of great upheaval that generally comes with deep spiritual transformation, it is not pleasant but with emotional maturity, we know that it is necessary for our growth and spiritual transformation. When we have proper context for the spiritual reality of planetary ascension, we know to go within and ask the right questions of ourselves along with the necessity to connect with God every day, praying for divine will to reveal our spiritual purpose in which to have the most graceful transition as possible. [4]

Red and Black Dragon Trident, False Rod and Staff

Thothian Leviathan Anti-HG AI Cube System (by Tomás August 2021)

Transcript August Update 2021: The black dragon trident false rod and staff architecture for the Anti-Christ male and female principle run reverse rod lunar rods through a Black Cube metatronic cube in the centre of the Earth. This is the driver for all black cubes in planetary grid and the most prominent is black cube matrix in Mecca. In the Middle Eastern area there are powerful Stargates, they (NAA), hijack the religion of Islam in order to get the Loosh energy to power up this black cube device which is connected to the feedlines of this entire Anti-Christ structure.

Enki, Enlil, Thoth groups. Think of Thoth as an Ai run program. Thoth’s mind, his consciousness was uploaded into an Ai system with the information that he stole from the Emerald Tablet and the Founder Records when he defected. The Ai program of that information became the basis of how they built these extensive and complex anti-Christ structures into our time matrix. So this is a part of timeline control and creating an Anti-Christ that is in control of these timelines so that we are experiencing these timeline reversals and the inability to evolve and expand forward into higher frequencies and so on. This is a part of that construct as well, in that those who control or hold Rod and Staff, control time. So this is an Anti-Christ version of rod and staff to control timelines, and it's also referred to as Red Trident.

Enki signature embodies lunar male rod black dragon that lives in the anti-hierogamic Leviathan black dragon trident false staff and false rod structure with a serpent tail. The Enki body connects through a part of 11 D distortions connected to Typhon Tunnels in Lyra, and is connected to hive mind constructs in the Ai system through black cube and red cube spawning. So the black and red cube they multiply or maybe replicate would be a better word. Red Cube Ai cloning and soul capturing of 18th dynasty identities along with human soul snapshots brings up Baphomet forces. As you know, baphomet is all inversions of Sophianic consciousness that uses the reversal 10:10 or electrified Reversal Current that powers up the base 10 structures.

The Anti-Christ lunar staff is represented on top. And this is fed through the trident, which then sends power into the hierarchies underneath it. Remember every dimension has hierarchies of demons and entities that answer to Moloch-Consettia, it answers to this construct in the 10D Pluto Matrix. So, there's a downstream of many demonic hierarchies connected to this which power up satanism. We had to go get through all of these fallen hierarchies to finally get to the big cheese, get to the capstone that's in control of all of these other fallen hierarchies. This construct is in control of the lunar demons. This construct is in control of Dark Mother. The dark Ai mother lunar constructs that hijacked the solar female and that we have lived with since birth on this planet has been controlled by this Anti-Christ lunar staff construct.

Then you'll see the red cube. Red Cube is all about cloned identities, cloned holograms, cloning everything into virtual realities in order to lure unsuspecting souls into the virtual realities of false light matrices through whatever means of trickery, deception, and manipulation. End Transcript. [5]


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