1D, 2D-4D Blockages in 3D timeline

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If a being on the earth cannot activate into the fourth dimensional frequencies during the Ascension Cycle, which include transmission of the fourth DNA layer, it blocks the ability to replenish the body with the higher frequencies or increased life force energies. If the spiritual biology cannot receive the higher frequencies being circulated, which is being transmitted during planetary ascension, this locks down the 3D station of identity into the timeline in which that person was born. If that person remains in the same time vector in which they were born, even though the planet has shifted into higher timelines, that person will not be able to self-regenerate and will require another physical body in which to continue their evolution towards self-mastery and Ascension.

When a biology is locked down in 3D timelines, the body is incapable of generating the activating sequences that allow for gender merge and changes in particle spin, which are what expand the consciousness bodies. As a result of the limitations of energy loss that is suffered in a biology that is locked down in the 3D timeline, some will choose to drop their current body to continue evolving without technological mind control, while others are choosing the transhumanist methods in the AI timelines in order to achieve temporary immortality.

Currently, the 1D and 2D fragmentation that produces the Pain Body and subconscious trauma from the Victim-Victimizer, Sexual Misery and Armageddon Software programs are generating an electrical static net field that can be sensed as energetic whiplash or crackling static fields for the sensitive empath. This can keep people stuck in the 3D timelines as the NAA are attacking these areas aggressively with technological Mind Control.[1]

2D-4D Split

This genetic block became a curse for humanity over the last cycle as it was passed down the genetic lines through interbreeding with the Annunaki, which further digressed human DNA. Annunaki and Nephilim hybrids became carriers of the genetic block and because of their disregard of the Law of One (Natural Laws of God) and intended genetic manipulation for human enslavement, this agenda further advanced the DNA distortions. Over time the distortions manifested splitting between the elemental “physical” body layers, the subconscious mind and lower and higher aspects of the astral identity. These schisms generated shadow selves, and dark fragments in the astral layers of the Soul Matrix that further proliferated, personal and planetary miasma.


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