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Nanotechnology ("nanotech") is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.[1]

Nanotechnology has many applications being tested covertly and used to control the human population in psychotronic warfare or Mind Control methods and also to track down people and to know what they are thinking. This is a type of military alien technology used for artificial intelligence networks for Brain Mapping.

Nanotechnology weapons such as Morgellons are self replicating hollow fibers that are designed to read out the light finger print code of the DNA of the person infected with the Alien Implants technology and transform it to a signal that is detectable to be tracked, tested and harvested. It appears to be self assembly nano bot technology related to transhumanist agenda of the Archons for artificial light harvesting.


Nanorobotics is the emerging technology field creating machines or robots whose components are at or close to the scale of a nanometre (10−9 meters). More specifically, nanorobotics refers to the nanotechnology engineering discipline of designing and building nanorobots, with devices ranging in size from 0.1–10 micrometres and constructed of nanoscale or molecular components. The names nanobots, nanoids, Nanites, nanomachines, or nanomites have also been used to describe these Artificial intelligence devices currently under research and development. [2] Many types of nanotechnologies are in full operation in the Secret Space Programs and are already used by many technologically advanced Extraterrestrial races.


Nanotechnology plays an important role in developing nano-sized biosensors, which is an analytical device used to detect biological information. Biosensors are used to detect bio-molecular interactions in living things, like humans and then send that biological information into the sensor that transduces an electrical signal that creates a feedback loop back into a computer network. It is a probe that integrates a biological component with an electrical component in order to yield a measurable signal that can be processed by a computer interface or internet technology.

Biosensors integrate biological and physicochemical properties for emitting extremely low electromagnetic signals that are being produced to communicate with artificial intelligence networks and wireless technologies that collect and send back the gathered biological information for larger analysis. Various kinds of nanomaterials are applied to biosensors which enhance their sensitivity and specificity of detection in defining ranges of electric signal emissions, bio-chemicals, light properties and DNA and RNA genetic sequences that displays results to the operator through an interface. [3]

Synthetic Telepathy

Synthetic Telepathy is used to describe the process of brain-computer interfaces by which human thoughts are intercepted, processed and a return signal is generated that is able to be communicated and perceived by the human brain and that information can potentially be read through other interfaces. An example of multiple interfaces that could interact with synthetic telepathy and Nanotechnology would be the network of physical devices that are included in the Internet of things. This is the larger mass consciousness network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect, collect and exchange data.


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