Reptilian Tail

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The tailbone is the area where “the eight fetal cells” are located in our etheric Auric blueprint and they control the Kundalini energies and their momentum of the planetary forces as they run through the personal meridian and nadial system. This area for most humans is highly vulnerable as many of us have been implanted with a “reptilian tail” that obstructs or siphons the energies out of the root chakra areas as well as the earth chakra connector that is about 6 inches beneath our feet.[1]

Stops Merkaba Spin

The Reptilian Tail is observed as Alien Implants on the base of the coccyx which are used to stop the lower three bodies (1D-2D-3D) from forming into a merkaba spinning field which allows for drawing in higher source fields from the higher Soul planes and the Monadic planes for the spiritual Lightbody.

Ego Filters as Mind Control

Ego Filters are a physical element constructed from the physical structures of the human fleshly body. This filter located on the coccyx (called a reptilian tail) is not organic to humanity; it is designed to stop spiritual body activation, feed energy reversals (to mind lock the body) and operate as a reptilian Mind Control projection. These structures allow the human body to be controlled by the mind of which it follows, leads and directs as a perceived identity. That “Negative Ego mind identity” is a byproduct reptilian creation. By creating a false Holographic Insert version of the Unconscious Mind to be controlled by the reptilians through basic autonomic bodily functions, was the ultimate goal to infiltrate control of the physical body, the mind, and then the human soul and its power source. If the body is controlled they can control the direction and location of the soul, and move it from place to place to serve their needs. Additionally in the larger objective of negative hybridization (which is to deteriorate the original human DNA to form to the alien functions) is to ultimately shape human DNA so that the reptilian mind will “run the body”. Eventually if it’s called for and genetically compatible, some agendas are to totally inhabit the human body while displacing the soul originally birthed into that body. This soul manipulation is desired because these entities do not have a soul, they are inspirited, however not connected to the soul body or are capable to connect directly to the eternal source (through Christos).

By controlling the mind and personality connected to a human body, the parasitic entity can access a weakened body and fragile mind to begin its goal of controlling the energies and direction of the soul. When the extradimensional entity can control multiple millions of human minds in this way, (exerting control over the collective mind of humanity, therefore exerting the control over the planetary body) the quantic yield and power from harnessing soul and other vital essences become a massive power source. So powerful that to lose this source as a controlling asset in the “E.T. investment portfolio”, creates aggressive warring conflicts between these intruding factions.

For these reasons there has been a recent phase of spiritual warfare commenced to regain territory and dominion over the vast myriad of Consciousness levels where Souls and other power sources have been harnessed. Removing this Dead Energy, its alien influences and Ego Filters are a part of the necessity of reclaiming the Diamond Sun body of the Christos for the earth.[2]


Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 43