Faulty Proteins

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Some changes made to the DNA can mean the instructions are incorrect or harmful to the cells, so that a control switch is flipped and Faulty Proteins are being generated. A variation in a DNA site that creates faulty protein is also referred to as a Genetic Mutation. When a DNA change results in faulty proteins in the cells that need that protein to function correctly, this usually results in disease states, low immunity or symptoms that are recognized as a genetic condition. There is a direct link between plugged in and activated DNA working correctly, and the consciousness abilities and intelligence capacity that a person has available to them. When DNA is coding for faulty protein generation to the cells, it directly erodes the health and suppresses the higher consciousness of that person. Thus, artificial forms of genetic engineering and mind control are carried out by the Controllers, aimed at the genetic manipulation of proteins responsible for sending instruction sets to the cells. This type of genetic modification directly manipulates the organism's DNA using technology to change the makeup of the cells. Any organism that is generated through Genetic Engineering is a genetically modified organism or GMO. It is accurate to say that all humans on the earth at this time have been genetically modified through Artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, used on the planet for horizontal gene transfer. Horizontal gene transfer is the transfer of genes between organisms that does not include the biological process of procreation. One common way this happens on earth today, is the genetic alteration made from the exposure to, or injection of, foreign genetic material. This is achieved when the DNA/RNA of another species or animal is introduced into the bloodstream through many kinds of Vaccinations. This is also achieved through programmable virus elements that act as a gene transfer agents to encode a new DNA pattern in its host. Sometimes we can see this visibly by watching Chemtrails in the sky. It is never advisable to inject another species DNA directly into your bloodstream.

This information is not to create fear, it is to accurately comprehend the complex means through which human DNA is being manipulated and genetically modified on this earth. This has destructive effects for some humans in the future timelines, and we are attempting to re-educate those willing to listen. The original God Spirit of every person has the power to alter and remove all damage made to the DNA through the abuse of these technologies. Once we focus our full attention on serving our inner spirit, we will receive the guidance and support we need during this challenging time on earth. These artificial technologies are designed to suppress Consciousness. They are mostly used to disconnect humanity from communicating with their inner spiritual source and recognizing their true self.[1]


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