Virgo’s Magnum Opus

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Virgo's Triple Solar Goddess Alchemy (art by Tomás)

For those Starseeds working on the embodiment pieces for the Triple Solar Goddess sacred sophianic awakening on the Earth, as the authentic Cosmic Mother is anointing her Maji Grail Queen daughters, the month of October tends to deliver the maximum intensity with surreal physical ascension symptoms and abruptly jarring bifurcation events. Returning the true sophianic expression of the Triple Solar Female Christ in her Solar Dragon Queen emanation requires nerves of steel while her consciousness is going into the darkest hell realms and back, as the reclamations required for the embodiment process are inexpressible to those who do not know this experience and thus will not understand. The misogynistic spiritual confrontations we face from nonhumans in the interdimensional spaces during fieldwork and the relentless derision spewed from mind controlled and asleep humans on the ground, is highly emotional and painfully disturbing in its dark Satanic content. The purposeful defilement, perversion and vitriolic hatred generated by the imposters towards the utter destruction of the authentic sacred divine feminine, has no adequate words.

Thus, in those difficult moments, this information may be soothing to the weary female spiritual warrior, that has been forced to do battle with the satanic anti-female mockery because of the inner shining truth of Cosmic Mother being represented through the radiating sacred crystal heart of sophianic divine embodiment. The frequency of sophianic spiritual wisdom poses an existential threat to the continued existence of those who enjoy spinning the dark webs of deception and lies, as the embodiment of the divine Christos-Sophia effectively abolishes female lunar inversions that power up the satanic architecture of Baphomet. Remember that this is the time we came to fulfill the divine and sacred purpose of retrieving divine Sophia’s many sacred spiritual body parts by returning them to the Cosmic Mother. These are the tumultuous days of the final conflict when many of us have gathered to be awakened in order to take part in God’s most sacred spiritual mysteries through the Rise of the Holy Grail, which begins with the anointing of the Maji Grail Solar Dragon Queens on the Earth. Our Sacred Sophia’s are the Brides of the Triple Solar Masculine Christ that reunite with their divine counterparts and preserve the Emerald Sun DNA of the holy grail bloodlines of the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon races for eternity.

Based upon the 13 signs of the Galactic Zodiac cycle representing the solar stages of spiritual ascension alchemy, the month of October aligns with the constellation of Virgo and not Libra. Virgo constellation represents Mother Mary and the sacred feminine’s alchemical laws of purity, which requires some form of personal purification. Please keep in awareness that humanity’s calendar, timekeeping mechanisms, historical records, and sacred sciences such as astrology have been hijacked based upon the invaders lunar force control. For those on the embodied sophianic heart path as a personal divine mission, the purification process to detoxify inorganic or artificial shadow forms out of the lightbody, will be extremely magnified during this time of Virgo, September 16th through October 30th.

On the consciousness evolution path, we enter the purification doorway of Virgo the virgin to isolate and separate the unnecessary dross and miasmatic debris of shadow selves and purge the anti-female forces. Those aberrant forces which were accumulated from the unhealed emotional pain of previous lifetimes surface to be witnessed in order to have the sacred space to remove these contaminants that may have corrupted our heart, soul and sexual organs. As we emotionally mature, we enter the portal of purification willingly in so to achieve spiritual wholeness, balance and health, as we know that our efforts in spiritual purification will lead us to a state of personal freedom, to ultimately achieve Cosmic Christos consciousness freedom and Self-Sovereignty.

The Spirit of Purity is one of the main Spirits of Christ that attract the moral powers of the Universe that are serving the natural laws of God in the form of expressed virtues, and these are emanations directly associated to the sacred divine feminine of the Triple Solar Marys, or the Solar Feminine Christ Sophia.

Virgoan Archetypal Energies

Communing in the Virgoan archetypal energies of the sacred solar feminine will point us to look at how we channel and express our own sexual creative powers in ways that harm or support our spiritual development. Thus, we’ll be focused on who we are and have been intimate with and investigating our attitudes towards sexuality, seeing the places that harmed our soul, and moving towards healing the sexual misery patterns. During this sexual center solar purification process, it can be related to the lunar Transfiguration experiences that bring on the phantom death of the ego-personality. When confronting the underworld energies of sexual harvesting entities that are embedded in corrupted dark matter, it can have satanic signatures and feel like the purge of dead creatures from out of female reproductive organs. During the clearing process, it’s likely that you may encounter or sense dark putrid streams, sea like tentacled creatures, and bizarre chimeric entities that are being purged out of the inner female parts. Life on prison planet means that many of us had tentacles placed in our sexual organs which had been connected to the massive shadow archontic beasts the NAA set up, connected to the hive mind Black Queen-Dark Mother network.

Thus, we dive deep into the strange watery primordial forces within, as this final eclipse season adds to the magnification of inner emotional trauma and unhealed sexual wounds connected to the False Feminine lunar forces, Sexual Misery and corrupted dark matter forms that had been embedded within our deepest, most primeval consciousness layers. We need to see it or feel it in order to heal it. These dark matter distortions have held extremely painful content that was hidden from our conscious awareness throughout multidimensional time as shadow selves, miasmatic blockages and an assortment of unseen inorganic elements or anti-human foreign substances, such as cloned identity attachments and nanotech implants in other timelines. We are awakening in our heart and sexual centers to see that we are not that dark distorted content thrust upon us without our consent, as we go deeper to remove its consciousness slavery influence upon our subconscious and psyche.

Thus, this next phase of collective consciousness starry night dark matter initiation is to purify and remove these artificial shadow elements in order to fully commune with the true organic nature of the Cosmic Mother in all of her authentic dark matter forms, those substances buried deep in our sex that she is re-encrypting in the quantic field layers that make up the Rasha eternal spirit body.

As we encounter this primordial black substance through our emotions recorded within the darkest and deepest parts of our most ancient aspects, this begins to reveal more memories and knowledge about our true spiritual selves. As we acknowledge and face the unhealed pain, we gain the self-knowledge that had been previously obscured by the dark matter artificial intelligence distortions that were used to mind wipe and control our current consciousness identity. These are the artificial shadow elements that gave rise to the lunar demonic forces, that which powered the NAA entities of the Black Sun to spread satanism through the female inversions of the Dark Mother. If we defile or prostitute our sexual creative forces that are explicitly designed for higher consciousness expression, we easily digress into the reversal feminine black sun forces of satanism, then are easily bonded into the Dark Mother alien network. This explains why perverting sacred female sexuality and defiling the birthing process is especially built into satanism and its offspring movement of transhumanism. While practicing satanists revere October in Virgo Sun as their most important time for carrying out prolific sex-blood sacrifice satanic rituals that are designed to further pervert and distort the sacred heart consciousness of the divine solar feminine, the Christos-Sophia.

These collective satanic forces pretended to be the divine feminine principle or Holy Mother, but in actuality were the inverted dark feminine that was perversely created as Baphomet through the insertion of parasitic dark imposters that were existing throughout the artificial dark matter substance. As Cosmic Mother returns to the matter realm, her authentic and organic dark matter parts restore the truth resonance and energetic balance to creation through the corrected sophianic female principle, in which the false, the artificial, the imposters of the sacred feminine cannot co-exist along with her emerging powerful presence.

Thus, the natural laws of the Virgo Sun hold the divine transmissions from the Triple Solar Marys’ and contain the instructions for accessing and obtaining that pure essence via the sacred heart chamber of the inner holy spirit, by distilling its sacred feminine spirit substance into our physical body and then transmitting the intelligence streams as unconditional love from our Sacred Crystal Heart into the earthly matter. The core stardust essence of Virgo constellation is representative of the fertility of the Holy Mother’s womb and her sacred role in loving creation as our Holy Mother, and when the stars align, she becomes pregnant with the holy spirit and divine fire waters through an immaculate conception in order to give birth to the Solar Deity, or the Sun of God.

In ancient Christianity, the Virgoan principles would also regard the Triple Solar Goddess aspects that represented the natural cycles of time, entering into perfected wholeness through hierogamic union and achieving the natural energetic balance of unconditional love existing between the polarity of forces that harmonize with all of creation. Moreover, the organic alignment of the Virgo Sun-Stars are references to the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God, the Solar Mary brides of the Solar Christ, Mary Magdalene Sophia who embodies inner hierogamic mysteries of the cosmos, and the Woman in the Stars with the moon under her feet, who announces to the world the divine revelations of God.

Thus, what is unique to our authentic highest expression will become even clearer through the spiritual connections that are being made now with the return of the Cosmic Mother’s organic dark matter presence, as the ante-matter heavenly void substance holds all manifest possibilities within the mirrored reflection of the starry night. The inner floodgates open, the amnesic barriers holding the walls of our primordial imprints of separation are seen as painful shadows that are finally perceived by the light of our higher consciousness, and therefore revealed to our conscious mind. Through our grief, pain and sorrow, when we face that primordial evil or darkness within to ultimately purify our consciousness body in the light, we will have the opportunity to be held by Cosmic Mother in her heavenly firmament that was made just for us in this moment. The opportunity to experience her loving truth resonance embraced within our sacred heart that helps us discover our inner mysteries and the self-knowledge we require in order to become spiritually whole again.[1]

Virgoan Constellation Alchemy

Last month’s astrological shift into Virgoan Constellation Alchemy (September 16-October 30) began the powerful sequence of Trigger Events igniting another intense stage of lunar Transfiguration impacting the corrupted elementals and Artificial Red Wave Machinery that were used to encode Enki DNA Overlays into angelic humans. The spiritual Magnum Opus is rising for those ascending Christos Starseeds with divine missions that include working on the embodiment pieces for the Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon’s Sacred Sophianic Awakening of White Solar Queens on the Earth, which is the lunar transmutation process of the shadow elements that have been running Enki coded red wave overlays into the planetary DNA. Last month’s Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire described the holy matrimony of the Cosmic Mother’s White Queen and Cosmic Father’s Red King at the Hill of Tara, returning the Emerald Diamond Sun template into the planetary grid. This planetary activation catalyzed subsequent tsunami waves of incredible dark resistance aimed at the Christos Guardians through the forces of chaos being generated by the NAA using the artificial red wave alien machinery as a weapon to control the artificial timelines, more specifically, the legions of Enki’s Army.[2]

White Diamond Sacred Sophia Wedded Garment

To announce the return of the Sacred Sophianic Awakening during the onset of Virgoan alignments, the Mother of the World, White Queen Merida was seated in the Cosmic Clock sun-star networks solar calendar position with the Staff of Elaysa, united in activity with her hierogamic masculine counterpart Michael-Merlin. Together, they built their holy signature of Cosmic Twinned Solar-Spirit Suns designed with further rehabilitations for the Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix.[3]


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