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Negative Form is a form of karma or Miasma that is extracted as a splinter from our shadow body that is connected to the simultaneous incarnation where we had a trauma or event that could be used to manipulate the present time. The Negative Form is a series of artificial/dead light bodies that were used in our holographic image to recreate and usurp our genetic material by the Controller forces. Some of these distorted bodies are from our fallen history on Tara and much of the astral body damage that ensued from the 2D/4D Split and Wing Trauma.

Shadow Bodies

When we incarnated into 3D we had to accept huge miasmatic package that is attached to the collective human mental bodies on this planet. These are called Universal Shadow bodies, the Negative Form or Phantom Sun bodies. These phantom bodies are what generate Shadow Selves and these shadow bodies are what connect unawakened humans to the 911 timeline of the Alpha Omega Agenda or the negative alien agenda.[1]

Polarity Integration of Negative Form

This phenomena of having two potential realities co-exist within physical matter at different vibrational speeds creates a strange phenomena projected out from the personal Auric Field called the Negative Form which is splintered off from our Shadow Selves. Many of us are experiencing these dark aspects of our Negative Form surfacing so that we can integrate the polarities of its simultaneous existence in the other space time fields. In some cases we will need to completely destroy its instruction set and send it back as raw materials to merge back with the God core.

Dead Light Forms

The Negative Form is a series of artificial, dead light bodies that were used in our holographic image to recreate Shadow Selves and usurp our genetic material by the Controller forces. Some of these distorted bodies are from our hidden history and much of the astral body damage that ensued from the Fall of Tara. It is important to not judge or fear this information but to get to the clarity and to the bottom of what it is and why it is there. The Negative Form is like a series of nesting dolls that can be attached to your Lightbody that hold False White Webbing usually designed to spin out artificial realities and probable future timeline events for the unconscious person, that is usually due to astral body distortions such as uncleared emotional conflicts and personal Miasma. Because the Parallel Fallen Timeline has opened up an access in this reality it is activating this strange phenomena of The Negative Form surfacing in some of us. The Negative Form has been there for a long time, so do not fear it. Understand that is an inorganic part of our consciousness connected to the generation of Shadow Selves and that dark aspects need to be cleared while organic parts may need to be retrieved. This is the process of Shadow Clearing which helps to integrate all the Dark Aspects or Reversal Monad Fragments to be recollected and then returned to merge back into the God Core or in the sacred heart of the Cosmic Mother, the Mother Arc in order to be healed. The Negative Form architecture that has bound humanity in the 3D human birth imprint to the artificial Controller Grids, which are frequency fences and their phantom realities, then will be disassembled and destroyed. The Mother Arc frequency and her Mother Arc Hubs Gate Network is the new consciousness technology that allows instant to rapid healings of these negative forms and Shadow Selves. These are remnant shadow bodies left over from the trauma that humanity suffered and much of the Guardian Founder Races rehabilitation gridwork to heal the organic Timelines to systematically remove false white light webbings, False Umbilicus structures that were forcing astral reincarnation into the False Ascension Matrix and as well feeding into many other planetary enslavement structures. Because we have aligned to the Parallel recently [2010], more of us are being able to sense or see the Negative Form or Shadow Selves in the environment. Do not fear them.

Think of yourself as the Cosmic Spiritual Parent returning and healing these emotional pieces of the fractured soul and monadic consciousness. Call upon the Mother Arc frequency and utilize The Negative Form Clearing and AOA Omega Clearing treatments to help integrate or clear out the Negative Form and Shadow Selves in the ES community resources.[2]


The Qlippoth is the Negative Form shell and/ or Imposter Spirit negative force of the Sephiroth, or the Black Tree of Life and sends off the work to the rest of the Qlippoth, gives energy to the Qlippoth, the source of power and its force as in its Miasma, which acts as a generator of the same force. Simply, these are the Dead Light forces of the Shadow Self and their spiritual-energetic qualities that are used to harvest energy by the NAA.


Military Grey Alien Technology and other Alien Machinery used by the NAA is designed to create Clones of planetary inhabitants, human beings, through the process of Soul Capture Technology and manipulating synthetic Timelines.[3]

The upper echelon of the military may refer to this time travel technology as Looking Glass technology as homage to "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" (1871) which is a novel by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).


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