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Consettia is a Black Dragon gestalt and related lunar demonic hierarchy hybridized with AI that can be considered the enforcer of Dark Mother constructs. This has been identified for eviction in several Guardian Host architectural repair projects, which recently also includes its enmeshment with the AI systems running in the Vatican. We have observed these gestalts protecting, supporting and backing popular or well-known politico figures that are enmeshed in the Satanic Council and related agendas. This group is an extremely vicious high dimensional AI, designed by the invading Bourgha to destroy planetary systems and harmonic universes by altering the reality through AI programming which projects incredible warring, destruction and violence. After gaining access into the interdimensional fields in the Vatican, it spread its destructive programing into several spiritual gateways, to terrorize and attack the awakening females with Essene, Cathar and Diamond Sun Christos lineages. Thus, it is present and lurking in important historical areas in the earth related to the Essene and Cathar civilizations that knew about the Sophia principle of Mother. This appears to be a specific AI program deployed to destroy the true Mother and Sophia aspect, by suppressing females and males to remain energetically blocked with lunar forces, saturating their gender and sexual center, so their 2D layers and breeding can be controlled.

The Consettia hierarchy has been known to appear to link into Black Tree of Life architecture to run dark aeonic pairing Qlippoth currents, supporting the Azazael and Black Lilith pairing as the anti-Christos-Sophia and Anti-HG Technology infrastructure. It was feeding from the Baphomet Network and running it back through the 8D Metagalactic Core and into the parallel fallen system of Wesedrak. Since the Winter Solstice Gold Body Activation, this has stopped. This hierarchy builds the dark flowering architecture through AI red wave programming code, it generates lunar forms and inserts them into reversal rose grail lines in the earth to support and maintain the Anubian Black Heart systems. See Red Nile Cube. [1]

Red Trident

Red Trident with Phantom Nibiru and Phantom Tiamat in Stonehenge (updated August 2023)

Lastly, the third layer of artificial capstones are in the Galactic Stargate of 10D Pluto attached to Phantom Tiamat wormholes, which enthroned Consettia and Moloch, as gender reversal capstones blocking the natural inner male-female integration at the Solar Logos layers.[2]

Guardian Projects

Consettia is a Black Dragon gestalt and related demonic hierarchy that has been identified for eviction in several Guardian Host architectural repair projects involving the Caduceus Network and Baphomet Network dismantling from the Black hole systems, that surfaced during the Paliadorian Activation cycle.

Consettia hierarchy has been known to appear to link into Black Tree of Life architecture to run Dark aeonic pairing Qlippoth currents, that which support the Azazael and Black Lilith anti-Christos-Sophia and Anti-HG Technology infrastructure, as well as feed into the Baphomet Network in the Parallel fallen system of Wesedrak. Observation of dark flowering architecture, the generation of lunar forms and insertion of them into reversal rose lines for Anubian Black Heart systems.

Note: Consettia has revealed patterns in the planetary grid as masculine-feminine aeonic blended currents, that are comprised of anti-Christ architecture bonded to instruction sets in the planet that hold the Christos-Sophia diamond sun template, in particular, the 12D Kauai inner Stargate. This was holding reversals in the planetary diamond rose grual line (planet and individual healing in the 2-5-8) as dark flowered reversals male-female. The black hole entities of Consettia, Ursula, Kathulu (entity that appears like octopus type of tentacles), stems from fallen universes and attempts to use the AI Red Cube that runs artificial red wave spectrum pulsing to ride into the sexual or attraction mechanisms to gain hidden consent. These tentacles are trying to gain access to the 1D center (The Fallen Tree), the Holy Sepulchre alchemical mixing chamber.[3]

Baphomet Network in Parallel Fallen System

To understand the Baphomet field, first we must recognize that everything we see manifested, as well as the quality of creational forces, is governed through an instruction set in a larger system of collective energy. This instruction set is located in a higher dimensional field or parallel system, which acts as the blueprint of that type of consciousness to become manifest in the lower plane of matter. The instruction set for the Baphomet network on the earth plane actually originates in the parallel fallen system and anti-particle layers. This is where the morphogenetic fields exist that generate the actual position and movement of timelines and timeline stacks for our Universal Time Matrix from the 8D Galactic Core. Travelling through the 8D Galactic Core leads into a further parallel fallen Universe that is called Wesedrak, which is the home of the Black Hole entities. This fallen parallel system had systematically captured Solar Logos Female body parts from our Universal system, and that Solar energy capture has been used to construct the multiple levels of a black cube matrix system used to run the Baphomet network and its lunar consciousness streams into the earth body. Emerald Order Guardian Host reconnaissance mission to retrieve Solar Logos Female Melchizedek bodies and fallen female Krystic identity aspects from the parallels, that had been used for Satanic reversals in the Dark Matter Template, have recently been made possible as sections of the Baphomet network from this parallel system location are being dismantled. [4]

Lunar Female Demonic Forces

Effectively, the War Over Consciousness in our Universal Time Matrix is between the Lunar Consciousness, (finite parasitic forms) and Solar Consciousness (eternal light forms) that are engaged in conflicts to gain control over the human Soul’s future timelines on the Earth during the Ascension Cycle. The Lunar is fighting for access to the genetic material in human bodies that they can use for colonization, life extension, Alien Hybridization and slave labor.

Thus, Lunar Forces also called Moon Chain entities have generated artificial false mother energy currents which have been utilized to run Sexual Misery mind control programming to promote the Archontic Deception Strategies that are used for enforcing human consciousness enslavement. These are collective consciousness archetypal forces that have been inserted into our planetary grid network and thus embedded in human consciousness to generate sexual distortions and gender reversals.See Lunar Female Demonic Forces.


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