San Jiao

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San Jiao means "triple burner". It is the sixth organ of Fu, which is the hollow space inside the trunk of the body. In TCM, there are five solid organs and each solid organ has its counterpart in a hollow organ. For instance, the heart is considered a solid organ, and the small intestine its hollow counterpart, or Fu organ. San Jiao is believed to be a body cavity of some kind which has the ability to influence other organs, and overall health, mainly through the free movement of Qi, the fundamental energy or life force on the microcosm and on the macrocosm it is associated with the interactions between The Heavens, humans and earth.

The Triple Burner is also called the Triple Warmer or Three Heater. It is like a large body cavity containing all the Internal Organs. Its main function is to unify all the Organs into a integrated and harmonious system. As its name indicates, it is composed of the Upper, Middle and Lower Burner.

The Triple Warmer meridian in kinesiology is the meridian associated with our endocrine system. It is important to balance as it is our primitive survival system. It is also referred to as the Triple Heater, Triple Burner or San Jiao meridian. Due to its involvement with the adrenals, it impacts our ability to manage stress, and due to its involvement with the thyroid it impacts our metabolism. It is called the Triple Warmer as, like a thermostat it works to regulate the heat in the three body in three ways: respiration, assimilation, and elimination. It governs all Qi of the body.

The upper burner relates to organs the Heart, lungs in the thorax and the breathing function therefore relates to Heaven. The middle burner relates to the organs top of the stomach, the Spleen, Liver and the digesting function, therefore belongs to Human. The lower burner relates to the organs below the abdomen, Kidneys, Bladder and the urogenital functions, therefore belongs to Earth. If the triple burner function well, then the organs are in harmony. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the triple burner is essential in transporting fluids throughout the body, removing itching and heat, treating swellings, and overcoming problems with various organs. [1][2]

Gender Twin Mechanics

The male holds the female crystal blueprint of his Gender Twin, while the female holds the male crystal blueprint of her Gender Twin which has solar light functions that are aligned with the dormant aspects of the Triple Warmer Organ (San Jiao in Chinese medicine) that is located in the lower, middle and higher positions of the human body. The San Jiao is a largely unplugged organ system of the human Lightbody that is important in the functions of Balancing Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine Principles within the entire organ, gland and bodily system. It becomes exceptionally active during lunar to solar Transfiguration, it is heavily active now in burning off Lunar Zodiacal Imprints while bringing the consciousness into global synergy within the entire organism, and ultimately expressing the blended trinity principle of the Godhead through the Holy Mother, Holy Father and Holy Child simultaneously.[3]


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