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Return of Emerald Order (By Sequoia)

The return of the Emerald Order through the Rise of Arthur in Albion brings on the next stage activation during the Electrical Peak cycle for reviving the Emerald Crystal Heart in the Earth, which includes the Solar Anointing of the authentic Christ Michael to restore his rightful kingship and Solar Dragon Line. This holds profound meaning as the return of the Solar Rishi usher in the benevolent and rightful Christos Solar Kings to planet Earth, in which the Rishi awaken them from stasis so they may begin to embody in matter to activate their Solar Dragon Line.

Christos Solar Dragon Kings are also referred to as the Albion Kings or Maji Grail Kings that rule the constellations and star maps that make up the planetary grid system (Albion Lightbody), which have been intentionally designed to protect the 12 Essene Tribes and Stargates on the Earth. The Christos Solar Dragon Kings were placed in stasis sleep in the planetary body during the commencement of the Dark Aeon that began during the Luciferian Rebellion. Through the Solar Rishi return the Earth has reached the stage during the Ascension Cycle when the Christos Solar Dragons are being awakened through the transmission of Rainbow Dragon Breath carried into their Emerald Crystal Heart. They are being called into planetary service by our Holy God Parent, the Cosmic Founders of the Emerald Order. We have waited eons for the planet to raise her frequency to the level that activated the hidden Emerald Crystal Heart in the Albion Lightbody, which was only made possible in the mass reflection of the Spiritual Love that is being expressed and shared in the collective hearts of humanity.

Every human being on the planet was incarnated with the concealed Emerald hidden inside of them, which Holy Father placed inside of our body so that we would have the eternal heart flame that acted as the light beacon when travelling in the amplified darkness of a fallen phantom system. It would be up to us to find our inner Emerald to light our path as we journeyed in the Dark Aeon, and this could take us many lifetimes. The Cosmic Founders promise to us was made with the Emerald Covenant, that all souls in this Fallen Universe would eventually be found and returned back to their original spiritual home. This was the original divine plan of spiritual Ascension, the evolutionary journey through the astrological ages and Timelines which would facilitate our way back home, to remember our divine purpose and be reunited with God.[1]

Emerald Crystal Heart

The Emerald Crystal Heart is an extensive interdimensional circuitry that is designed for running the Cosmic Holy Father’s Emerald Ray from the Cosmic God World Trinity into the Universal, Galactic and Planetary levels of existence. The Emerald Ray sources from the Cosmic Monad which exists as the first cause of sound that further generates a resonating tone principle for the theme of our entire Universal Time Matrix, it is the first primal sound tone in the Blue Flame which exists from within the body of God consciousness.

Resurrecting Solar Michael

During the Taurean cycle, the Emerald Order has resurrected Solar Michael as the Anointed Christ of the Emerald Sun to be the protector of the Holy Mother, Sophianic Grail and the matter realm, which contains the omni love poured forth into the chalice of creation from the Cosmic Emerald Heart principle connecting again with Earth.

Emerald Order God World Creation

The Emerald Order God World Creation is the most ancient spiritual home of the Kristos Races. They are a family of Rainbow and Emerald Dragons which contain one of the Tri-Matrices of the Azurites, which are three 48 stranded matrices that hold a total of 144 dimensions.

Magnetic Flip, No Cataclysmic Pole Shift

Thus, the return of the Emerald Order restores the Emerald Ray which carries the energetic catalyst that is similar to a lightning strike that delivers a blast of massive plasma current directly into the inner chambers of the Emerald Crystal Heart center in the planetary body. This event causes an electromagnetic reset in the Planetary Grid Network or Albion Lightbody, which will flip the magnetic positions.

EO Elohim and Avebury Henge

The Emerald Order crystal links form a liquid crystal Plasma webbing that is connected into all the main Grual points and Mother Arc gateways, in which the Avebury Henge holographic structure is made extremely important in its function. The Emerald Ray of King Arthur is running throughout Avebury’s Cosmic Clock function to prepare for hierogamic templating as Solar Michael’s Dragon line in Taurus is fully brought online, with his recent awakening in matter. This area holds the hierogamic tones of the Christos-Sophia music of the spheres into all grid lines, which is emanating out of Avebury complex into the spiral of the 15 main Dragon Lines.

EO Edenic Codes

The Emerald Order Edenic codes align into these areas of the earth grid reconnecting with the Sun-Star holographic maps in each of the 12 main axiatonal lines and this reconnects that section of the grid’s ley lines with the organic krystal architecture that can finally run the organic base 12 plasma current as intelligently designed in the Universal Tree of Life.

Cosmic Founder Step Down into 18D

To communicate with the Rha God World of Amethyst Order which source from the 36th dimension, and the original Emerald Order God World sourcing from the 48th dimension, the Cosmic Founders have stepped themselves down into the pure Rainbow Diamond Ray transmission from 18D. The Emerald Order God World domains in 48D stepped down into 18D to transmit the Rainbow Dragon Breath through the Diamond Ray current to perform the Solar Anointed Christ-Buddha initiation on Earth to awaken the Solar Dragon Michael, the 13th Dragon King holder originally from the Emerald Sun God Worlds.

Emerald Covenant

Emerald Covenant

Simultaneously, the Emerald Covenant supports the Paliadorian Covenant, which is the eternal promise given to angelic humanity that were originally seeded upon Tara, that their spiritual family will not remain trapped in time and eventually will ascend in order to be returned back to their original spiritual home in the God Worlds. Unfortunately, the extremely advanced AI cube reversal clone technologies and the Wesa entities that are using them, enslave and manipulate the Annunaki and Fallen Angelic lineages as strategic warfare tools designed to explicitly target humans for genetic and spiritual destruction. These groups have acted as Solar Dragon Michael Usurpers, for the purpose of manipulating Awakening humans and routing them into false Channelings and artificial frequency initiations designed to distort the 6D Indigo pattern and reject the authentic Mother Arc blue ray transmission.

Return of Emerald Order

The Cosmic Clock from the 1st God World Creation is synchronizing with this Universal Time Matrix in order to begin the next stage of planetary ascension that awakens the Eukachristic spiritual body flame codes within the angelic human DNA. Thus, the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation is also considered the full spectrum Planetary Eukatharistic Activation, because it opens and activates a series of density locks and time codes being directed as the result of the Return of the Emerald Order.[2]

Thoth Grand Deception

Thoth was committing a grave deception to those that trusted him as the Emerald Order representative to transmit blue flame frequency for the purpose of Christos spiritual initiation and diamond sun twelve strand DNA regenesis. Thoth originally sourced from the Annunaki lineages, and felt they were genetically superior to the original Taran angelic humans. When he ascended to the position of the middle layers of the eleventh dimension though the embodiment of eleven and half active DNA strands, he made the choice to lead the Annunaki race lines into genetic superiority over angelic humanity by strategically aligning with the Wesa invaders.

Emerald Heart of Earth

As the Emerald Heart of Earth is revived and linked up with the Cosmic Emerald Heart, it restores the Emerald Sun DNA 48 strand template in which all Indigo Maji Grail lines and Emerald Order representatives can gain access to from within their personal Diamond Sun template. As Cosmic Holy Father incarnated into the Emerald Order King Arthur Christos template, he brought with him the Emerald Rod codes for the Universal 12:12 Christos Male Electrical pattern manifested into the 11D Rod and Staff architecture as a planetary upgrade anchored into the Albion Lightbody. This is the divine purpose of why we came during the Ascension Cycle, so that we would be wide awake during the time - the return of the Holy Emerald Order was finally being announced! Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift, may our weary hearts find comfort and peace to rejoice in this sacred knowledge! [3]

Emerald Crystal Body Activation in Solar System

The result of the ongoing Emerald Order reclamation seems to be the causal factor behind witnessing the recent Emerald Crystal Body Activation of the Solar System, this event interconnected the eleven planets and Sun with the Emerald Crystal Heart matrices by connecting them directly with the Emerald Order stationed in the Cosmic Founder Domains. This aligned the planetary bodies in the Solar System to become synchronized within the complex chromatic formations of Rainbow Dragon King coding, which allowed for an assortment of colored Solar Dragons to enter our Universal Time Matrix for the first time.

The recent Plasma Activations streaming throughout our Solar System include the recalibration of the merkaba spirals into a base 12 krystal matrix which reconnected all eleven planets with the Sun to form into a massive Emerald Crystal Body Matrix. This appears to have returned the Emerald Order instruction sets for setting magnetic sound tones, along with chromatic plasma spiral patterns designed for chromosomal repairs by running these morphogenetic patterns throughout the twelve bodies in the Solar System.

The magnitude of this Solar System event which catalyzes a major Solar and planetary magnetic reset upon humanity’s collective consciousness and physical body cannot be overstated. Our planet will not suffer major destructive pole shift surface cataclysms, but the major revelation will be in the form of the pressures created from the collective human race consciousness shift. [4]

Emerald or Cintamani Stone

However, every human being on the planet was incarnated with the concealed Emerald hidden inside of them, that was given to them by their Holy God parents. Every individual is connected to one of the 12 Tribes genetically coded to the 12 stargates, in which a planetary Solar Dragon was functioning as the collective egregore for the lands in order to protect the Emerald Crystal and emerald cathedral on behalf of its people. It would be up to us to find our inner Emerald to light our spiritual path as we journeyed in the Dark Aeon, and this could take us many lifetimes to find our Inner Christos.

The Emerald Stone is also known in eastern spiritual teachings as the Cintamani Stone, it has been thought of as a magical jewel in which the spiritual power is given to the possessor of the stone, where every wish is granted to the holder. In actuality this version is a distortion of the Thothian Luciferian hijack sourcing from the Emerald Tablet. As the Emerald Awakening of the inner emerald crystal denotes the spiritual purity of the sophianic flowering of the Sacred Crystal Heart that has awakened their inner Christos and embodied into a loving and compassionate Unity Consciousness.[5]

Blue Rainbow Bridge

The Blue Rainbow Bridge is a Paliadorian Diamond Sun Starborn embodiment sequence with Crystal Key activations for Ankh Body, in which the genetic keys are designed to act as the gatekeeper access into several intermediary portal systems created between our planetary and galactic consciousness layers and the eternal Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders. The Emerald Crystal Heart portal systems encompass massive living star geometries that are building interdimensional portal systems from the God Worlds throughout Sun-Star Disc systems that link with multiple layers of Universal Ankh Bodies and Krystal Cathedral networks, which are the spiritual dwellings of the Emerald Founders in their Triple Solar Rishi-Reisha God body emanations. [6]


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