Kristos Race

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The Kristos or Christos is referred to as the first level of creation that is the closest to God Source in the Universal Time Matrix. The Cosmic Krist or Christ is a God Consciousness field which holds the original divine blueprint of which the Eternal Living Life Currents are created and perpetually generated. The Christ/Krist is also a mathematical program and specific living light manifestation template. The original tones of creation are KA RA YA SA TA HA LA. The Krystal Star or eternal Krystallah Merkaba body. It is also a reference to the ES term used, the "Trinitized Form". This is the Tri-Wave Form of Unity Consciousness rather than a Bi-Wave form of polarity consciousness. A part of our Ascension plan is to embody this Trinity, the Unity consciousness known as the Cosmic Christ or Krist Code. Our self sovereign divine right as God-Human beings is to be freed from this Time Matrix (the reincarnation wheel) as the full embodiment of the Kristos Race.

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