Emerald Awakening

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Emerald Crystal Awakening (art by Elizabeth)

When the Emerald Crystal is activated with the Emerald Ray transmission, this begins to grow into extensive Sophianic plasma flowering chakras that are interwoven into the diamond heart crystalline grids which are designed to function as the Cosmic Founder God Source interdimensional communication network within the planet. The Emerald Crystal Heart in the planet has its own complex multidimensional layered super internet highway that reconnects and communicates directly with the Cosmic Emerald Heart principle in our Universe.

Every human being on the planet was incarnated with the concealed Emerald hidden inside of them, which Holy Father placed inside of our body so that we would have the eternal heart flame that acted as the light beacon when travelling in the amplified darkness of a fallen phantom system. It would be up to us to find our inner Emerald to light our path as we journeyed in the Dark Aeon, and this could take us many lifetimes. The Cosmic Founders promise to us was made with the Emerald Covenant, that all souls in this Fallen Universe would eventually be found and returned back to their original spiritual home. This was the original divine plan of spiritual Ascension, the evolutionary journey through the astrological ages and Timelines which would facilitate our way back home, to remember our divine purpose and be reunited with God.[1]

The reclaiming of the Temple Mount through Solar Christ Michael’s return to the 2D gateways included the unbinding and eviction of many dark, demonic shadow creatures being used by NAA entities to spread Luciferian and Satanic forces through human Blood Sacrifice, thus they are not happy with this recent development. For this event announces the return of Michael and the planetary Emerald Awakening activated in the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, in which the Solar Anointed Christed Buddha Initiation has taken place within the 11th dimensional layer of the Buddhic Body, fully igniting the 144,000 Emerald Hearts into the 45-degree diamond grids that return the Emerald Order to Earth. [2]

Emerald Heart of Earth

Emerald Order and Emerald Covenent (By Sequoia)

As the Emerald Heart of Earth is revived and linked up with the Cosmic Emerald Heart, it restores the Emerald Sun DNA 48 strand template in which all Indigo Maji Grail lines and Emerald Order representatives can gain access to from within their personal Diamond Sun template. As Cosmic Holy Father incarnated into the Emerald Order King Arthur Christos template, he brought with him the Emerald Rod codes for the Universal 12:12 Christos Male Electrical pattern manifested into the 11D Rod and Staff architecture as a planetary upgrade anchored into the Albion Lightbody. This is the divine purpose of why we came during the Ascension Cycle, so that we would be wide awake during the time - the return of the Holy Emerald Order was finally being announced! Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift, may our weary hearts find comfort and peace to rejoice in this sacred knowledge! [3]

Cosmic Founder Step Down into 18D

To communicate with the Rha God World of Amethyst Order which source from the 36th dimension, and the original Emerald Order God World sourcing from the 48th dimension, the Cosmic Founders have stepped themselves down into the pure Rainbow Diamond Ray transmission from 18D. The Emerald Order God World domains in 48D stepped down into 18D to transmit the Rainbow Dragon Breath through the Diamond Ray current to perform the Solar Anointed Christ-Buddha Initiation on Earth to awaken the Solar Dragon Michael, the 13th Dragon King holder originally from the Emerald Sun God Worlds.[4]

Resurrecting Solar Michael

During the Taurean cycle, the Emerald Order has resurrected Solar Michael as the Anointed Christ of the Emerald Sun to be the protector of the Holy Mother, Sophianic Grail and the matter realm, which contains the omni love poured forth into the chalice of creation from the Cosmic Emerald Heart principle connecting again with Earth.

Emerald Crystal Body Activation in Solar System

Thus, the recent plasma activations streaming throughout our Solar System include the recalibration of the merkaba spirals into a base 12 krystal matrix which reconnected all eleven planets with the Sun to form into a massive Emerald Crystal Heart matrix. This newly harmonized unified field formed into new krystal instruction sets for the dimensional particle-antiparticle blending into the harmonic universes being reconnected with the Cosmic Monad and Aurora Dragon Ray system, in the Tri-Matrix of Krystal Star. This appears to have returned the Emerald Order instruction sets for setting magnetic sound tones, along with chromatic plasma spiral patterns designed for chromosomal repairs by running these morphogenetic patterns throughout the twelve bodies in the Solar System. These are related to the Sophianic plasma shields that build flowering liquid plasma fields that emanate the higher heart tones of crystal flowers to birth an assortment of Solar Dragon coding. These are very high plasma frequency tones of the Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra Instruction Sets that are rapidly increasing the fundamental pulsation rhythms of the elements that compose matter on Earth.[5]

Emerald or Cintamani Stone

However, every human being on the planet was incarnated with the concealed Emerald hidden inside of them, that was given to them by their Holy God parents. Every individual is connected to one of the 12 Tribes genetically coded to the 12 stargates, in which a planetary Solar Dragon was functioning as the collective egregore for the lands in order to protect the Emerald Crystal and emerald cathedral on behalf of its people. It would be up to us to find our inner Emerald to light our spiritual path as we journeyed in the Dark Aeon, and this could take us many lifetimes to find our Inner Christos.

The Emerald Stone is also known in eastern spiritual teachings as the Cintamani Stone, it has been thought of as a magical jewel in which the spiritual power is given to the possessor of the stone, where every wish is granted to the holder. In actuality this version is a distortion of the Thothian Luciferian hijack sourcing from the Emerald Tablet. As the Emerald Awakening of the inner emerald crystal denotes the spiritual purity of the sophianic flowering of the Sacred Crystal Heart that has awakened their inner Christos and embodied into a loving and compassionate Unity Consciousness.[6]


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