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Before we get started today is the Winter Solstice, which is an astronomical phenomenon marking the shortest day and longest night of the year. In the northern hemisphere this is the December Solstice and in the southern hemisphere this is the June Solstice. The Winter Solstice occurs when the sun is directly overhead the Tropic of Capricorn or about 23.5° south latitude.

This is the longest night in the western Christian traditions as well. On this particular day the Holy Eucharist is traditionally a part of the service of worship. The Eucharist is also called Holy Communion or the Lord's Supper. It is a Christian Rite that is considered a sacrament in most churches. Through the Eucharistic celebration Christians remember Christ's Sacrifice of Himself on the cross. Most of us today realize that this is a Blood Sacrifice distortion. The Satanic overlay distorts the information so that the human being is thwarted from embodying their inner Christ Spirit which when the inner Christ is activated begins to spiritualize the blood, unite the inner male and female and ultimately resurrect the flesh. The Euchachristic Body or Eukachrist was anchored into the material matter of the Earth back a few years ago right before we went to Portugal.

The Eukachrist is a spiritual body part. It is the actual spiritual form and name of the material manifest body of the Christ consciousness that has been ritualized as the Holy Communion by many offshoots of the Judea-Christian religions. As a part of our role with this it has been to hold the space to birth the Sophianic Body back into this world made possible through returning her body back to her. Her material form made manifest in the Eukachrist as through the Christos Body she is able to reclaim her body parts and begin to heal herself on the Earth plane. This has been a part of the reclamation of Mother of God and Her Daughter Sophianic aspects onto the Earthly plane.

This has been brought to my attention during this week's Cosmic Wave Transmission in alignment to the Universal Notes happening now as the timelines and reversal architecture in how the church used the Eucharist as the rite to control and suppress the Christ body from coming onto the Earth. For this reason some of us may not like the Christmas religious celebrations at all as this distortion is heavily played out in the Christian churches. Here it acts as a distortion field to suppress the true body of the Eukachrist. Some of us may know that the Vatican in Rome, which is the Fifth Dimensional inner Stargate stole parts of the Gnostic Rites from the Solomon Keys and Scrolls that were held by the Knights of Temple Solomon. This is the pre-order of the Christ in Jerusalem and in Portu Gral or Portugal. The Gnostic Mass of Christ was taken by the Vatican and distorted in a few important ways by making Blood Sacrifice as a blessing to the people to intentionally increase the spreading of Satanic forces on the Earth through the NAA continued manipulation of religion. The Eucharist Catholic Rite with God's Body is taken and the sacred marriage rite is made with the Baphomet figure, which is the black magic field that is used to reverse and trap the Christ/Sophia in the Earth also blocking her from fully embodying on the Earth.

As we recognize this spiritual body part as directly connected to our original Silicate Matrix, the Diamond Sun Body may we take a few moments to recognize the higher truth of the Eucharist on the Winter Solstice so that we can bring this template into Morphogenesis in the next cycle the true and accurate symmetry and body part that belongs directly to Christos/Sophia, which is the key that opens the door to the seven higher Heavens and the God Worlds. Let's hold a space for the preparation of Eukachrist:

The grace of our Christ, the Love of God the Father and the direct communion of the Mother's Holy Body and Spirit, may the Holy presence of Christ be with you all. Beloved God we consecrate the elements of material substance here and now in our body, minds and spirit to be made in your image and glory in such way that we may allow our body, we may allow our blood to be resurrected through the Holy Spirit to dwell forever in the Kingdoms of Christ. Christ invites all who love Him, who earnestly repent their transgressions and seek to live in peace with one another. All are free to communicate at the appropriate time when their heart chamber is opened to receive God's blessings for all.

I am the Light that shines over all things. From me all came forth and to me all return. The Peace of God, which passes all understanding, may this peace be with you. There is an eternal consecration of God power that makes all things new. It lives and moves in those who know the Self as one with God and Christ. May that peace be with you, that power uplift you into the eternal and sustaining light. May it keep your heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God and of his children, the Cosmic Christ. May the Holy Blessings of God be with our heart, mind and spirit. All aspects of our body fully consecrated and dedicated to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of God, the reclamation of the order of Christ/Sophia on the Earth. May our brothers and sisters rejoice in the eternal light of God to restore the Divine Plan in perfect peace and love. Peace be with you. Peace be with your heart throughout eternity.

May we hold a silent space of loving kindness and empathy for all of us here now in connecting to the spiritual body of the Eukachrist extending it to the entire community and then the entire world.[1]


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