Final Conflict

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Those on the Awakening path must comprehend during the Final Conflict that as the spiritual power of the Eternal Light is exemplified and embodied, the Dark forces will respond in its likeness or equivalent with its counterforce.

Further, the dark will respond in a Powerful Illusion that promotes deceptions and lies, and this fear and shadow you must Deny as the Truth.

For this, one will be required to master navigating the Realm of 3D deceptions and discern the Realm of Ego Illusions. The counterforce uses the following methodology:

· Manipulation of earth frequencies through hidden cover technologies such as scalar waves, Mind Control and Chemtrails.

· Enforcing psychological energetic barriers that separate the planetary races, as well as galactic races from each other. See Psychological Warfare.

· Disconnecting DNA through a variety of ways, such as enforcing hidden technology that breaks down the Human DNA code, through genetically modified foods, pharmaceuticals, Vaccinations, poisoned air, water and food supply.

· Encouraging race war conflicts and division through projections of prejudice, greed, sex, religion, as well as by creating resentments in survival or base emotional frequencies in humans. See Media Manipulation and Media Literacy.

· Controlling use of fear aimed at inciting the instinctual levels of primal urges and those required for survival, such as addictions, sexual manipulations (2nd chakra), food, water, money, shelter, scarcity, perceived threats, pandemics, etc. (1st chakra). See Three Layers of Ego.

· Creating False leaders or prophets for the masses to become swayed by, either to trust or be a scapegoat for a problem. See Imposter Spirit.

· Influencing the mass energy fields into a condition of chaotic frenzy or pushing the desired outcome of mass popular opinion, through news and media exploits.See Media Manipulation and Media Literacy.

· Rewarding those who obey the Controller agenda and punishing those who do not. See Inverted Systems.

· Saying you are free when you are really enslaved. See Gaslighting.

· In short using Divide and Conquer, Separation and Polarity consciousness. See Divide and Conquer Tactics. [1]


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