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3rd Eye Open P.Aaron

The Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge is similar to comparing it at a micro to macro connection level to our personal vertical center channel and hara complex and how it connects to all the levels of consciousness-minded principles.

Universal and other worlds of mind are being ‘bridged’; now I am using Antahkarana for the context of how I am observing the Universal Mind level and its connections into other ‘mental’ principles that operate as a part of higher consciousness mental functions. These spaces of mind-consciousness appear to be a type of Cosmic Convergence of Universal Minds, and the link is something that is being called Antahkarana when I sense the connections of it. was a new observation for me to use that word in this context as to describe something that is different from our personal central channel, yet connected to it from multiple channels of Universal Mind.[1]

Adjunct Time Vectors

There is a set of horizontal counter-rotating chambers that move clockwise to bring in energy from the Unified Field of God-Source and disperse it through the vertical Hara Lines or the Universal Antahkarana that impact time vectors as well as bodies. The counter-clockwise chambers send energy back into Source as the feedback loop to continue the exchange into Consciousness progression in time. There is a constant expansion and contraction of energy currents from the center point of the Eye of God that is made throughout these time chambers.


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