Metatronic Bodies

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Unified Eternal Consciousness (Christos) vs. Fragmented Finite Consciousness (anti-Christ)

Metatronic reversal bodies (reversal electron in Reversal Monads)

The Metatronic code is based on two spheres of Bi-Wave Influences of the Vesica Pisces instead of the eternal life three spheres, or Trinity Wave.

Fallen Consciousness, such as the Fallen Angelics and Imposter Spirits, are due to Metatronic Code configuration in the planet and is the result of excessive misuse of free will choice that opposes the divine plan and intention of God Source. In the cycles of evolution, the opposing expression reaches the point at which it jeopardizes the Eternal Life expression and continued existence of the Cosmic Order.

Metatronic Reversal means to digress from the original Christos Divine Blueprint of the 12 Tree Grid and manifest Anti-Christ life forms in Metatronic Bodies. When the original creation program of the Krystal Code from God Source is altered or modified in any way, the ability to self-regenerate and ascend is interrupted, leading to Fallen Consciousness and potential destruction.

Altering the Krystal Code creates limited supply of energy in the Lightbody and the modified coding can not circulate or receive any more energy directly from the eternal God Source. The Metatronic Body or Anti Christ being has to suck energy from other entities, systems and progressively self consumes, therefore, eventually comes to the end of the cycle and has a finite life span.

This is the Metatronic Reverse Mutation and unfortunately for any being who seeks Ascension into the eternal life Krystal Spirals, this coding blocks or obstructs that potential. When this happens the manifest being is unable to fulfill their soul expression and highest purpose to maintain the Cosmic Order, and this is the state of Fallen Consciousness.

The word Metatronic, is actually derived from Metatron, which is not just a singular Arch-angel as taught in most New Age and Kabbalah circles, but is the name of a collective consciousness family, sourcing from out of an entity. This entity is the first level of Ascended Master consciousness collective.

Update: During the Ascension Cycle, with the Return of Arthurian Christos Consciousness awakening the Albion, the planetary body is undergoing stages of Metatronic Repair to replace entropic systems and Alien Machinery with Christos Open Source architecture that interconnects directly and exchanges with with Zero Point or Godhead.


Session Transcript: Crown of Thorns

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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 184