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Ascension Class 4: Genetic Pathcutting

Hello and welcome this evening to our ascension class four on Genetic Pathcutting.

I am Lisa Renee, your ascension guide, and we will be talking about Genetic Pathcutting and Ascension Biology this evening. And really this particular class was born from my intention of in my practice in dealing with clients and seeing so many of the same patterns over and over again. So much of it became entirely clear that this was Lightbody symptoms or ascension symptoms. And so it became necessary to really talk about how our physical bodies and our biologies are going through major shifts and changes in this evolutionary cycle of ascension. And to be able to discuss the different components of what does happen so we can open the dialogue and share the information because this is going to become more prevalent in society through all levels of being. We’re going to start to see people going through lots of physical symptomology, and through various shifts and changes in their bodies. And to be prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually with an informed awareness of our own soul evolution process, we can begin to develop a framework and understand how the Ascension Cycle impacts us, both at personal levels and then seeing the larger patterns that even global and macrocosm level.

So, this knowledge is power. And again I have found that with this awareness it really eradicates the fear in the state of unknowing. When the mind doesn't understand why certain things are happening and certain changes are happening in the body, the first place that many of us go is the fear space. And so I really developed this information with wanting to share with you to keep you informed, but also as the ascension forerunners, you will also be called upon to pass this level of knowledge and information to those beings that are going through lots of physical symptomologies through the ascension, and to help people reframe this particular process of evolution into something that is a rebirthing process, in a renewal process. And how the body goes through transmutation and alchemy, and removing lower patterns so that it can actually prepare itself to hold a higher vibrating patterns.

EMF Exposure and Energetic Imbalances

And so, we must change the way that we look at imbalances in the body. As our medical system definitely classifies these imbalances as a clinical diagnostic and gives it a name.

This is exactly what an implant is. An implant is a belief system or structure that is imposed or excepted upon one’s level of understanding. And when they become identified with that “clinical diagnostic” or that particular implant that is a supposed medical authority has given them, then it truly does create more obstacles in the being attempting to transcend and move in through their own healing process.

So again with this level of information, I think it’s extremely important that all of us at every level - whether Starseed, multidimensional or those that are in the third dimensional realm – all of us are going to be impacted by these evolutionary changes as the stellar activations and the related frequencies of these exchanges become more and more intense, which is exactly what goes on during this Ascension Cycle process. As we are counting down into the 2012 and beyond cycle, we are being exposed to a whole different set of frequencies and what’s known as stellar activation currents. And what this means is that there are certain celestial bodies, planetary bodies that come into alignment with planet Earth, within our holographic structure, and a transmission occurs between those celestial bodies. This is how energy and frequency transferences happen in the mechanics of planetary ascension.

So again, these energies as they are impacting into the physical body, often are masked or are resulted as electromagnetic field overexposure or radiation exposures in the ways that they impact the body. So again, a basic discussion of electromagnetic fields and radiation is really necessary to understand that as these frequency exchanges are happening, that we understand frequency, energy, the levels of Divinity that comprise our Stations of Identity at a soul level are stepped down and stepped up through various frequency levels. And this is how our bodies actually began to house and embody the Soul, the Oversoul, and then the Avatar matrix of being. So it is a Divine destiny of humankind to move through this ascension and to begin to merge, anchor and embody the frequencies of the soul. And so it’s very important to understand that impact to the bodies is very much like an electromagnetic field exchange. And hence why supporting our Brain and our nervous system will become extremely important and even critical as we are exposed to even higher and more intense vibrating structures that the human body and biology has not been exposed to the before in at this level of, let’s say, development.

The third dimensional human – at least from the Guardian Host perspective, it has been described this way – that we have reached a completely new level, a new era for human evolution, a new era for planetary evolution. Basically what they’re saying is that we have become exposed to an intersection of energies and frequencies through our multiverse, through our multidimensional layers within our own universal structure and that which comprises our own spiritual anatomy – we’ve reached a stage of a critical mass that has shifted us into a completely new era. So what that means for many of us that have listened to my other classes in speaking about human evolution through the Root Race cycles, what they’re basically saying is that we have reached a level at this particular time of Ascension, apparently this is our third experiment in time in working with the Ascension cycle which is every 26,000 years, that this is the third and complete experiment with ascension and that we had reached a level that we've never reached before, which again has amazing demonstrations of Light and experience and adventure certainly in moving past the benchmark or a template of understanding our reality system. And truly moving into the mysteries of God and the mysteries of the unknown of the unraveling of the human species’ evolution.

So again, this is a very exciting time for human evolution and is currently of course why so many of us are here incarnated and embodied to participate as agents of transformation in this ascension cycle. For those of us that are working with this level of information now, we are the ascension forerunners and the ascension vanguard. And we are coming into the knowledge understanding, an energetic reality of Oneness and Unity consciousness, so that we may begin to learn about who we are, the true origin of the human species and the true direction of which we are moving through and to. As we understand that cosmology of our own evolution through the universal structures and how it applies to our own holographic layers and auric field and Lightbody, then we are empowered to understand our movement in the cycles. And again really helps us to see the larger puzzle piece of our soul stream and our life purpose in regards to planetary and human evolution during this ascension cycle.

So again particularly during the Ascension Cycle, we’re going to again have some very intense energies coming. It has been described that we are beginning something that is been referred to as the New Earth Element Encryption. So again over the last year or so, many of us have been going through very deep changes at a subatomic and a molecular level. Part of the issue of ascension and Genetic Pathcutting is that we are transcending our biologies to that which is included of not only within our core identity in terms of the personality that’s known as Lisa, but also through our entire ancestral line and family of origin. So in understanding this, this is really key to understanding what a Genetic Pathcutter actually is, is a being that is generally a multidimensional or Starseeded being that has agreed to have an incarnational contract that will help to heal and supersede through various levels of clearing and releasing old cellular patterns that are held in human DNA, and as well then consequently the Planetary Grid Network. So remember everything that has been ever transpired to human evolution is recorded – not only within our own human body – but that of the planetary hologram. So this is what it so important to understand what contribution, what an incredible thing being a Genetic Pathcutter is, is really understanding that not only are you clearing cellular patterns in human DNA, but you are also clearing the ancestral line and also the race collective memory of the human species that’s recorded in the planetary grids. So again, it’s extremely important to understand and really honor this within yourself that you're going through some of the challenges at times of ascension flu, Kundalini flu or Ascension Symptoms. That this is a larger task at hand that our Group is going through and again having the dialogue and sharing our experiences is ever so important as we go through these particular shifts.

Again it’s very important to understand that virus has an important part play in human evolution. And many of us are going to start to see – again a lot of planetary microbial imbalance or balancing that is related to viral patterns held in the human biology. You may take a note that over the last 10 or 20 years there have been new particular, we would say imbalances, that have surfaced that Western medicine has given certain labels around, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr virus, and these sorts of things. And in essence what this really is, is the human biology superseding old DNA patterns by literally burning it out at the ancestral levels. So in a sense this is why it’s so important to understand this process so that we don’t resist these particular changes. We don’t constrict ourselves and fear, but we actually start to embrace and understand that this is a necessary part of evolution. And that we’re going to see these larger patterns playing out in ourselves and that within others, or families, or loved ones, in the larger masses. And having this truth, having this way of understanding this, again empowers you to be able to work with these energies, rather than resist them from the unknowingness. When you start to see the cohesion and the perfection in this process, then it makes sense to you. It really again assists you in navigating through this smoothly.

Genetic Pathcutter Agreements

So again, in understanding, you know, I would say this information came in my awareness, relatively shortly – I would say over the last year and a half or so – that we’re going through, those of us as Starseeds that have Genetic Pathcutter agreements, and many of us as well that are clearing ancestral and family of origin in human race collective dysfunctions and memories, such as Miasmas that are recorded from eons of time as dysfunction that created illness in the body, that we are also going through biological encodements and new encryptions in the cellular and molecular level.

A part of what is the Aurora Races and Aurora fields work with us in terms of hosting the human species in its ascension process, is working with us at the elemental physical body level and upgrading us through our subatomic and molecular systems, and I would say the atomic Monadic core that exists in the first dimensional sphere of our Core Manifestation Body. This is the subatomic level of our elemental physical body and its Blueprint, and again it commences as an interface in the first layer of our holographic form, and again this is what I refer to the Core Manifestation Body. So this template is the first dimensional layer that consciousness utilizes to manifest itself into the physical world. So also this first layer of our body, so again remember the first layer also is connected to our root chakra all the first dimensional levels of our being are really comprising the levels of where Consciousness has come into the physical manifest. So again, that’s what the first dimension is. It’s our physicality, when we understand what the root chakra is, it’s all about being physical, our survival needs. It was literally the first pieces of human species evolution in understanding what it was to be a pure consciousness and come into physical form, and learning to master and experience the physical form. So that is what the first layer or the first dimensional level of our Root Chakra and that which interfaces with this Earth plane at the first dimensional level means.

So these energies are synthesized and transmitted through our bodies via our root chakra. So those of us that are ready to receive these few elemental encryptions are starting the process and being released from old energy structures, and this also means timelines and cellular record that exist within all of our bodies.

So again, I speak a lot about old energy and new energies. So a way to describe old energy is third-dimensional identity constructs of which we have come to master and experience in a third dimensional form. And now through the ascension, we are moving into new energy structures, new energy reality holograms. And so this means that we must alchemically shift old energy structures and their identities to that which are vibrating at the higher energy structures.

Aurora Elemental Re-encryption

So this is what this New Earth Elemental Encryption means. Our elemental physical body must be upgraded through all of its molecules and Subatomic and atomic structures in order for us to vibrate at the New Earth energetic reality system. So we are in a process of gradually healing and releasing old energy structures, old energy identities. And this again we could term as third-dimensional energy identities. And this is again as well why one of the phenomena is that when we are inducted into our spiritual Ascension process, we will find that one of the first side effects of this is that our old energy structures – such as the ways we were working, the ways we were making money, the beings that were relating to us in the old identity structure –all of this starts to dismantle, and this is because your body is going through a reorganizational process. And as you go through this reorganization, also at the deepest layers of our molecular and atomic system is also going through a complete reorganization.

So at this particular time, many of us that are on the ascension forerunning path or the Ascension Plan B Timeline are going through New Earth Elemental Encryption. So it’s important to understand that this comprises our blueprint levels, and the elements are actually the chemical constituents of our DNA and comprise the instruction set that exists within our physical body, which is also known as our physical elemental form.

So understand that when we came into the agreement of incarnating into the third-dimensional reality system, we became a part of the third dimensional Earth. And that means that the chemical constituents of our DNA, which are the building blocks of our physical form, actually were a part of the third dimensional elements in terms of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, these elements are actual, what our physical body is comprised of. And why when we talk about ascension, we talk about a carbon-based biology, which is again that which is of the third dimensional Earth, it’s a carbon based, moving to that which is a silicate-based biology or a crystal-based biology. And this is actually the alchemical process of what we are doing in our ascension transformation and in our Genetic Pathcutting process.

So again the Elemental Command and the Aurora Forces are our Family of Light and those that are hosting the human race to assist us in reencrypting our physical elemental vehicle, with the New Earth Elemental Encryption, that are within the New Earth and future planet Earth structures.

Again much of this has yet to be described for us in our planetary ascension process, and I think talked about this in other classes when I discussed the in-ascension of Ascension Plan B. But just suffice to say that at this time is important to understand that our molecular and atomic bodies at the physical elemental form level are being encrypted with New Earth elements, and this will affect and shift the chemical constituents of our DNA as we go forward again on this ascension path. Many of us are here to embody and physicalize this coding and that is again the process of intensity that many of us undergoing at this time.

If you were in the first wave of – let’s say the Ascension Pathcutters – certainly this was a very rapid acceleration in transmuting and moving through this New Earth Element Encryption. 2007 was a rapid acceleration. So again, I want to assist those people in understanding. If you were on that path, that is why. It was to prepare us for 2008. As we move into 2008, we are moving into a cycle of time that is what the 2012 period was to be actually. To understand this is that we are accelerated in our ascension cycle and we are accelerated in which energies are exposed to us at this time. And that 2008 will be an exchange of Andromedan energies, which again are coming into the galactic core of our Milky Way system, and a transmission of these energies will be there to start activating what’s known as the ninth dimensional chakra, which I refer to as the Mouth of God or the Atomic Doorway, and this in fact is our Ascension chakra. So many of us that are the Pathcutters and the ascension forerunners are doing this particular level of biological encodement and biological embodiment of these encodments at this time, and we've really been on an accelerated pace and hence why some of us have had a very challenging time with our bodies in 2007 and at times even at times into this next cycle.

So again, as we move forward to fully recap what a Genetic Pathcutter is, is understanding that that is a soul contract in the family of origin you incarnated into. It is a specific contract to work with various levels of clearing and releasing old cellular patterns that have been held in the human DNA that were either distortions or dysfunctions and created impairment in the DNA from its own ability to be activated and to plug in to the new frequencies.

Remember that DNA is the key to consciousness. The DNA and the genetic capacities of our DNA being activated is what is responsible for our consciousness and the levels of our body to perceive, comprehend, and have stations of identity and awareness through multidimensional levels. So without our DNA being active, it is literally like we are cut off from that particular ability to sense what that multidimensional reality is, and hence why so many of us are having such a surreal time during the ascension period as many of us are being accelerated into multidimensional awareness. Whereas many of those that are still in the third dimensional awareness, have absolutely no comprehension understanding or ability or capacity to understand what that level of being is at the multidimensional level.

So all of us know that consciousness and enlightenment obviously is a process that is very individual and that is of course the gift from God in understanding that we are the revelation and that which comes to be revealed within us, is the truth vibration of our own soul’s revelation. And hence why each one of us will have a very personal and intimate process during the Awakening of our ascension and coming into these next levels of evolution.

So, one of things, too, I wanted to discuss is dealing more again, to get more in-depth, with the electromagnetic field radiation. Just again to recap why it is that our brain and nervous system is so important to pay attention to and protect it. And of course, in the ascension workbook I have provided a lot of detailed information, and ways that you can begin to support your system and just really stabilizing your physical body, really stabilizing the strength and the core, with various tools or supplements or understandings.

So, you know, we are moving into a current stellar energy activation cycle, which includes the Andromedan and Orion frequencies. These are eighth and ninth dimensional frequencies, as well as what is known to us as our Milky Way, our Galactic Core. The Galactic Core is the opening into all of the cores of surrounding Universal structures – that again are very hard to comprehend at this particular level of our consciousness. But suffice to say that this is exactly what the Ascension cycle means . . . is that through each of these 26,000-year cycles between the revolutions around the Sun and the Earth – when they become in alignment with the Milky Way or Galactic Core Center – this process of time takes 26,000 years. And this is, of course, what the Mayans were leaving their legacy to inform us of. These are specific understandings of the mechanics of time space fields, and how they work. And that’s actually really what ascension is. Ascension is a science, as well as sorta a spiritual construct and belief. It is a very precise mechanics of how creational matrixes of time and space actually move and rotate around celestial bodies.

So again, as we come into the end of our 26,000-year cycle and we become in alignment to our Milky Way and Galactic Core, incredible amounts of frequency are going to start to open up into the atmosphere and into the planetary fields themselves. And of course, this is the natural part of the evolution. Because this is how consciousness actually becomes connected and anchored in two different multidimensional octaves in time space.

So, ascension actually is moving into future space time. As we increase our vibration, we move into higher octaves of vibrating systems – you know, i.e. – dimensions and also known as future time space. So, in a sense, what we’re doing is moving into future time space; so again, whenever we are exposed to higher vibrating fields.

So again, an EMF stands for an electromagnetic field. And an electromagnetic field is composed of two related, what’s known as a vector field. So there’s an electric field and a magnetic field. So to understand the electro and magnetic and that we are currently at this level of human consciousness – electromagnetic beings – it’s important to understand that the electric field is the masculine principle of God consciousness and particles, and the magnetic field is the female consciousness of God particles. So again we can see when we look at human evolution, at this level of existence, as polarized beings of an electromagnetic sense that we have . . .this is a part of our construct . . . is polarized and hence why we have a separate experience at this level of consciousness. Because we are vibrating within two sides of ourselves. We have the right side of us, which is our electric field and masculine side, and we had the left side of us, which is our female side and magnetic side.

So when we come into the Ascension process what we’re doing is merging the center of us through our computer command center, which is our chakras, and as we go through the seven primary fields of chakras we are interweaving the electromagnetic. We are interweaving the masculine, feminine. And as we move up an octave into and through our chakra system, we are actually learning how to master the physics of that energy by becoming in Divine Union or intermarriage with ourselves. So, this is again what the New Age talks about: the intermarriage, the Divine marriage, the sacred union. All of this is describing – you know – a way to describe the physics of this which is the electromagnetic field, which also are God principle masculine, God principle feminine energies, and how they are polarized in our personal energetic fields.

So again in understanding that that is the construct of our Hologram is that we are polarized in our hologram, really helps you understand that what is in our subtle energy system, what is existing in our holographic template, is what is projected out of the consciousness that precedes itself at the personality level – at the personality, what I call the program level.

So most beings are existing out of three levels of their computer control system – and that’s the first chakra, second chakra and third chakra. Those three chakras operating at once and working with those energy fields is called the third dimension, and is what is referred to when I call a being or a state of 3D consciousness, a third dimensional being. Because what that means is that consciousness is utilizing those three sensors of command. It may not understand that it’s using those three centers. But the levels of intelligence and the physics and attributes of the energies that being is operating out of is comprising the laws that govern those first three energy centers.

So as we are advanced into our spiritual evolution process we will be moved into the next octave system of our Chakra system, such as our heart center, which is our fourth dimensional sensor. Our throat chakra, which is our fifth. Our third eye is our sixth. And of course our Crown, which is our seventh, and the ultimate synthesizer, bringing all of the chakras into one unified column.

When we go through our ascension, as one unified column – that means the merging of all seven primary systems of our computer command and our intelligence levels that exist through each of the chakra systems – this is what it means to become inner marriage or inner, the divine marriage within is made manifest. Because at this point now, the holographic template moves out of its electromagnetic polarized charge, and now begins to manifest a neutral charge. Because that merge creates yet another field, the third field, which is something that I refer to as the Trinitized Form or the Zero Point Field.

So again to understand this from the physics level and again to understand that we are purely energetic electrical beings of Light, that when we start to actually transmit, transduce and exchange with these particular energies, we start to exchange with these energies and it builds our Lightbody to the point where we finally actually build enough accretion of energetic force, where we change our electromagnetic nature and actually become a third field of energy, which again is either called a triad field or the trinitized form or the zero point field.

So again, this is another way to understand why we are subject to polarity, why our experience of consciousness is one of separation. Because literally, in our holographic identity we are charged in a polarity of electromagnetism, until we understand how to merge those levels of our electromagnetism into a wholeness and completion by directing the focus of our consciousness this way. This again is the keys to the kingdom in understanding who we are as beings in terms of where we’re going in our Ascension evolution process, where we’re returning to and that we have been in a third dimensional structure of polarity of perceived separation that has been a direct construct of the very energetic template of which we have been created.

So this is again – it helps us to understand. Until we work with these levels of our Lightbody and start to merge these levels into unions we are having, let’s say conceptual or intellectual belief systems around Unity consciousness or around what it means to have an inner sacred marriage. Until we actually merge these fields, we are polarized. Period. And it’s important to understand that there was purpose in this and that is a part of our human evolution: is transcending polarity and becoming complete. And moving into the third field of energy, which is otherwise known as the Cosmic Christ intelligence, the Zero Point field or the trinitized form. This is again the Divine destiny of humankind in becoming a complete being.

Also to understand as we’re going through these particular energies, there's going to be out at times the electromagnetic field overexposure. So wanted to talk for a moment about some of those symptoms, which are again covered in your workbook. A lot of this spaciness, dizziness, vertigo, many inner ear sensations or sensations around your head or the back of your head, buzzing, humming, crackling. Sometimes mental fog and having difficulty focusing can be very challenging. So remember again, this is very key: the brain hemispheres and our neurological net are being adjusted and they are recalibrating. So this is again a very key part, an important part, of our neurological symptoms of our Genetic Pathcutting and ascension symptomologies.

So again, handling and supporting your neurological system again will go a long way for you. And the workbook does give you some support suggestions in terms of supplementation, flower essences, some homeopathic and as well, not to underestimate how good a bath soak is. There’s a radiation detox recipe with sea salts and baking soda and Epson salts in the bath. This is actually very powerful. Many of us have found too that when you’re in seawater and you allow yourself to be in the ocean, many times it will alleviate extremely intense Genetic Pathcutting or ascension types of symptomologies.

So again, at this time I would like to talk about another tool. And this is something that’s referred to as the map healing team or the medical assistance program team. Now the medical assistance program team is something that was brought in through Machaelle Small Wright, who created an organization called Perelandra and what she . . . what Machaelle’s beautiful work is about is working with the Nature Forces, working with the Devic Realm and the Nature Forces in working with a coning structure. There is a lot of distortion in the earth field, so we suggest using the 12D Shield before any further healing process and communicating with only those spiritual forces that are GSF.

Now again, a coning structure is the same thing as a word that I use all the time, which I'll call a vortex. So a energy vortex and a cone are the same thing. And basically what you’re learning is advanced mechanics now of working with fields of energy and learning how to focus your mind to work and direct these fields of energy into spiral so that you can have different tools in healing your body using this particular tool, such as map team healing or healing vortices. So in my booklet, I did make some changes and edits to kind of reflect currently what’s happening in the Ascension B Timeline for Starseeds.

So again, where Machaelle Small Wright generally uses the Great White Brotherhood as a group of partial ascended beings to hold a level of your map conings with you, my suggestion is that you work with the 12D Shield, and Boundary Test with the GSF command, and connect with the Krystal Star Aurora Force and the Aurora races.

As I mentioned before, the Aurora Force have become – at least into my level of awareness and knowledge, really recently over the last two years, the Aurora Force again, their current project with us is to help humanity ensure a smooth transition into the next energetic reality by embedding in our atomic core into our physical elemental structure, new encryption coatings. So the Aurora races ensure that our evolution in healing is in line with the Law of One, with the Cosmic Sovereign Law and is appropriate and in agreement with the new era of energetic dynamics of ascension. So again that is my suggestion that again, of course, feel your own discernment in this way.

So, you’ll be calling upon the Aurora to work with the corrected or higher version of the elemental structures. And also, which I would like to explain a little bit about each level of these beings. When you are opening your own medical assistance program, coning or healing, that you can do it very simply by just requesting it at sleep time. But as well, I do encourage you to experiment with working with some of these tools and techniques because the importance is that you learn to focus and discipline your mind. This is what is key in moving through a lot of the structures within your own being, is an empowered level of using your mind and focus to again transcend and heal certain patterns in your body. It’s all about your mind at this level and developing the focus of consciousness and the intention in holding the space of that Divinity within you.

So again, in moving through this process you’ll be calling upon the Aurora Forces to help assign and connect with the Devas. Now the Devas again are of an angelic type of lineage and they are related to our Angelic Hierarchy. The Devas are an order of intelligence that oversee almost all aspects of creation in the levels of blueprint, and the patterning that create order and organization and the vital essence bodies of every living form. So nothing can exist in this world of form without the direct – I would say – participation or supervision of a Devic particular entity behind it. So, to understand Devas is also to understand that it’s a level of intelligence. And we can work with Devas at all kinds of different levels. There are Devas in the Devic Realm that oversee all healing forms and methods. So literally, you can call upon specialized Overlighting Devas that work with certain levels of energy healing or modalities. And call upon Devas in the form of emotional healing, physical healing, even into psychotherapy and massage. So again this can be extremely powerful in working with these intelligences, and of course very helpful in applying into our own healing process. So again, that’s who the Devas are.

The Nature Spirits traditionally work in partnership, in collusion with the Devas, and are actually as well, a part of what’s known as the Kingdom, the Devic Kingdom. So, Nature Spirits again are intelligences and entities that work closest in the physical plane.

So as the Devas are the intelligence that create the blueprint or the plan of the structure, the Nature Spirits take the plan and implement it. They’re the ones that put it into action. So the Devas provide the order of the intelligence and the vital force to energize it, and the Nature Force provides the action and energy of the creation or whatever is happening in the creative power that is represented in that form template.

So again, you’ll be calling upon your Nature Spirits, as well and again the energy for the Earth in the Nature Spirits, so in terms of Overlighting Deva or Nature Spirits, I leave that up to your discernment and what feels good when you call upon the Nature Kingdom and the Mother Earth Higher Self.

The next level is calling upon your 12D Avatar Self. Machaelle and her coning process talks about your Higher Self. I get a little more specific. We’re going to be dealing with the 12D representation, which holds the Silicate Matrix of the 12-strand DNA blueprint.

So when you call upon your coning session, call upon your 12D Avatar, because this again represents your own personal Divine evolutionary contact. And it is the evolutionary pattern of the Cosmic Christ, representing the silicate matrix DNA template of 12 strand of active DNA, that are again in full – let’s say, expression – that allow simultaneously 12 dimensions of awareness in the human form of consciousness, which is actually what the Divine destiny as the future human is. So again, as you work with these energetic forces, you call upon – this is very much about understanding too – how to be your own etheric surgeon. This is why I am so excited as well to share this with you. Because this is definitely what this is about: learning how to work with balanced vortexes of consciousn energy and knowing that you have the power to do this within yourself. To bring clarity, to bring strength, to bring balance into the dynamics of your body, and that you have these tools in order to call upon and work with these levels of intelligences at any time.

So again, I will stop at that level, but know that in your workbook there is a direct, sort of protocol, in opening a coning healing session with those levels of intelligences. And again I do encourage you to experiment in working with healing cones in that different way because they can be, of course, extremely powerful.

So, I would like to talk a little bit now about the importance of our . . . the organic analysis of our bodies, organ systems and what when I think about ascension biology and cleanses – why it’s so important.

Energetic Detox

One of the things I think we kind of forget or there isn’t that much information about is that our ascension is like an energetic and spiritual detoxification. So actually, how that translates in the physical is at times an extreme load of microorganisms and densities need to be cleared and supported through our own physical detoxification of organs.

So remember that the main emotional storage exists – when we are clearing emotions, which is really 99% of the Ascension process – remember that the main emotional storage is in these physical organs: our liver is all about repressed and stored anger, and has a tie into our ancestral line as well. The Kidneys is all about our bloodline, what we are transcending in the old patterns of our bloodline and also is very reactive to fear type of correspondences – fear energies, fear emotions will get lodged in the kidneys if you’re not aware of this. And gallbladder is literally as well, it’s about injustice. That as well the as gallbladder is the organ of karma or Miasma accumulation. So again, a lot goes on in the gallbladder, as well.

And the gallbladder meridians, which are lateral on either side of you. The Gallbladder Meridian is one of the largest meridians in our bodies, and is one . . . I believe it’s the only meridian that allows entry into the physical body from the subtle energy levels of our etheric template self. So, this tends to be a catchall for entities, for Psychic Attack energy, for all kinds of weird particulates and astral debris. So keeping your gallbladder clean and keeping your gallbladder meridian clear is actually entirely supportive, and why it is important to share that.

So again, just know that your Gallbladder Meridian exists from both sides of your temples, both right and left. The Gallbladder Meridian is literally the meridian that moves all the way down the side of your body lateral. From your temple, all the way down the side of your head and neck, and it moves all the way underneath your armpit, through the side of your body, past your hips, down the length of your legs and it exits out of your small pinky toe on both sides. So again, working with clearing your gallbladder through either physical detoxification and like a gallbladder flush, which is also included as a cleanse in your workbook for this very reason, and also understanding where your gallbladder meridian is and why it tends to be an area that is problematic for us. Because it is an opening between the subtle energy templates of our auric field and our physical body. So there are at times, they’re a lot of things that get stuck in there, that when we learn how to do our own spiritual housecleaning – like working with our map team, you could ask them – Dear Aurora map team, please clear out my Gallbladder Meridian. And again work with them and start to visualize. So, if don't see it through your own inner vision, the intention is just as powerful.


So again, the point here is understanding that as we clear emotion and we go through intense Genetic Pathcutting with the transcendence of these old, ancient patterns that are ancestry related and so forth, that at times it’s going to be extremely important for you to go through a cleansing process or do cleanses here and there.

So this is the beginning of introducing you to some, a few different cleanses, such as the master cleanse, which is about flushing the Kidneys and the liver and gallbladder flush, that is something I provided you with some different links in your workbook to again begin to experiment. But certainly I do recommend if you have not done cleanses before, that you start off slowly and again make a plan that at some point that you’ll begin the process of cleansing your intestines.

I guess I should say this as well. Anytime you are doing cleansing, you want to do it in an order. And this is because if you do a radical cleansing when you haven't prepared yourself for it, you will have a tendency to get sick, and we don't want this. The biggest deterrent to cleansing is having something called a Herxheimer effect. When you have a Herxheimer effect, what happens is it get worse before it gets better. And many people don't like to understand that, and let’s face it, it’s not altogether pleasant to feel sick like that. So generally, if you are on a cleanse program or you are getting geared up and motivated to do a cleanse, remember that this is a particular order that you want to go through, the sequence, because it will be easier on your body systems’ structures and you will have less propensity to have a flu or a sickness, or not feel good, when you’re doing your cleansing.

So again, the first step of your cleansing is intestinal. You do an intestinal cleanse or a bowel cleanse first. The second level is your kidney. You do a kidney or bladder, and sometimes kidney or bladder are done together. So you do a kidney flush, is second. Your third level is your liver and your gallbladder. So again, that’s the order when you’re doing these particular cleanses, and you’re doing rotation. Do intestinal, one; kidney, two; liver, three; or liver/ gallbladder; and then gallbladder, four; and generally, the liver/gallbladder is what an anti-parasite cleanse is. That is what generally is effective in cleaning out the liver and gallbladder system within you.

So many of us that are doing Genetic Pathcutting have a lot of compromise in our liver because our liver’s gotta work very hard for us. So again, honoring your liver, understanding that your liver is doing a lot of spiritual housecleaning for you. Making sure that you don’t, that you lessen any areas of self judgment, of anger or guilt in understanding that these are again old energies, outworn fears – this kind of thing. Really connecting to the liver, because they’re deeply a part of our program. We have been indoctrinated into the third-dimensional human world to again be in tremendous amounts of judgments.

And again, this comes back into our polarized template. Remember when I was speaking about electromagnetics and how we are electromagnetically charged and that creates polarity in us. It also creates a tendency for our minds to be binary in thinking. Binary in thinking means either/or, without any alternative. So generally, as humans, we’re either yes or no, white or black. And this again is – there’s a reason for this, because we are polarized. So again, it influences our Consciousness and our station of identity to actually think i this linear this way. Yes or no, white or black. But again, there is so many other creative resolutions and alternatives that can also be brought to shed light on the matter. So again, is very important to remain open, adaptable and flexible, to allow yourself to have alternatives in finding ways to heal yourself and move through some of these different processes that we are undergoing at this time.

So again, I wanted to go over a little bit. Not all of this is included in the book, but I wanted to kind of – for your interest – it’s very important to understand that each level of the physical body, in terms of whatever is on the physical body, has an emotional and energetic correspondence. So many times when you’re having an issue, or somebody you know is having an issue, you can have incredible insight by understanding the energetic resonances and the vibration of what that is symbolizing and representing energetically. Because if there’s an issue with it, that means that the person has got conflict somewhere inside that needs to be resolved.


So a good way to understand this, in a very simple way, is that when you have lower back pain, many times it can be a kidney sympathetic response from fear, and because it’s in your lower back it can be a fear of not being supported in the world. So generally, when the lower back is having a spasm, when the kidneys are having a contraction or feeling sore, it’s because there is a build up of energetic fear that has been lodged in the Kidneys and then that had irritated maybe the lower back, because there was a resonance in your belief system and structure in not feeling supported by the Universe. So a lot of our support in terms of how we feel supported is really a big issue for many of us because as we leave the third-dimensional identity structures, all of our identities, structures that were attached to the ways we made money, how our careers and our work was revolving in our lives – all of this begins to change. And when this starts to change we don't feel supported because that was how we felt secure and stable in a third dimensional way of being.

So again, in understanding some of these simple ways of reading energy signatures – it again I think is very empowering, very helpful and hence why I want to share some more things with you as well.


So again in working with the skin and touch. The skin is generally about social sensitivity and social awareness. So a way to understand this and I know this has been something that I’ve seen and I’ve experienced myself as skin conditions, such as eczema or rashes or even acne on my face. And that is that our face, along with our skin, is actually what we show as our identity to the world. So when your identity feels threatened, sometimes you will have a skin response. Because the skin is again about revealing and showing one’s true feelings and how we interact socially, how we feel in socially interacting with others. So a lot of the times when you have a skin condition, there is something in you, there’s a sensitivity in your being that being challenged or being outraged by something that is happening in your life that is requiring you to override your normal response, behavior and feelings. So basically, what that means is that you’re swallowing the expression, you may not be expressing how you really feel in terms of your own identity or how you feel socially in situations and you’ll have a rash or some kind of skin breakout that shows again your Consciousness is actually revealing what is really going on. But most 3D humans, most of us are not trained to understand this.


So again another interesting thing about how the Guardians speak about electromagnetic fields and how so many of us are going to be having a lot of Brain and neurological issues is that the brain and nervous system represent information processing. So when we are on information overload and we just can’t take one more iota of data or frequency or code, and again remember so many people aren’t even consciously interacting or participating in their evolution, so they don’t even have the framework of understanding why they feel anxious, because again, they’re feeling overloaded and that overload creates Mental Anxiety. As well when we have conflicting ideas about reality, we have a schism in our brain and nervous system. So again this is going to be big, because obviously those of us that our resistant about moving out of a third dimensional system or we’ve got conflicting ideas about how reality should be in terms of how it really is and what it should look like, and those pictures of our reality are not being met – depending on our level of genetic and what level of crisis we’re at with that, we may experience a very deep sympathetic response from our brain and our nervous system. So again, it’s interesting to note that bipolar and schizophrenia, many of these particular conditions are about conflicting ideas of reality and information overload. And these again – this level of crisis, when one goes through this requires a deep analysis and understanding so that an orderly sense or comprehension of reality is brought into the framework of understanding.

This is again why I talk a lot about understanding cohesion in the process of ascension, and understanding that there is a process to this, there is a framework to this, that it is not random. This really key for us because at a certain level our being needs some kind of comprehension of reality so that we can integrate psychologically and emotionally to what is happening to us during this particular ascension cycle. So again I think it’s important to understand this is why the brain and nervous system is going to be a little more vulnerable in human beings, and we’re start to see more and more of this as we get closer. I really think this year is generally massive and again as we move closer into that path and on to the 2012 timeline. So . . .


Also to talk about the ears. Many of us are going through all kinds of ringing in the ears and strange feelings in our inner ear. Liquids coming out of our ears. Strange sensations and buzzing in our ear. We’re going through a lot of changes in our ears, but I thought you might be interested to note that our ears are of course, about getting the message. So it’s about are we receiving that message? Are we listening to that message? And, you know, this is exactly about getting the message, being opening to message, including Spirit communication – is when we’re having ringing in the ears, many times, it’s about the fact that were not listening to the higher level of our Spirit and our Spirit is trying to get our attention. We also may be sensing the Mind Control or other ELF transmissions in the environment, which once we recognize it, it stops buzzing in the same way becasue we know what it is now.


So our eyes represent again seeing the reality, recognizing the reality. Many times when we have issues with our eyes, there are things that we don’t want to see because it’s painful or because it’s outside of our comprehension of reality.

So again, this challenges the conventional ideas of the third dimensional system. So many times a lot of us you, too are getting a brain and eye upgrades. So changes in our eyesight is again about being able to easily adapt to these changes in our reality and what we will choose to see and what we don’t choose to see. Again being flexible and being adaptable is so key for us at this time.

Mouth, Teeth and Gums

So also the energy around your mouth, your teeth and your gums, tends to be about sustenance. So a lot of the times if there is an issue around people and gums, infection and this kind of thing. When we’re undergoing financial stress and big changes in the way that we earn our sustenance and we earn our wealth, our income, we may experience responses in the form of infections or trauma to the teeth, the gums and in the inner mouth region. So again understanding this, if comes up for you because so many of us are going through massive changes in our career, in our job and how money comes to us. So in understanding this, really bringing love and unconditional compassion to that space of your body and honoring your body. That how you earn your sustenance, how you earn the food that need is going to be provided for in ways that your mind can’t quite comprehend, because again it’s opening into the abundance of God consciousness and changing how we perceive where our sustenance is coming from, which again has been an enslavement system that has been very much tied in to the third dimension. You know what it takes for us to sustain ourselves and to be socially acceptable and productive members of society in the third dimensional system.


So very interesting, do note that your lungs are about your personal boundaries and breathing room. Many times if we don't feel we have enough space, if we feel our boundaries are impinged upon, our lungs will have an asthmatic or a particular response to coughing or respiratory infections. This is why so many of us when we go on a plane and we fly on an airplane, get respiratory problems. Because it’s crowding and it’s being over pressurized and too closely intermeshed with others and you can't get enough distance to be in your own energy. So a lot of times that triggers a response from the lungs in the bronchial airways that lead to again – you know – asthma or coughing or respiratory infections and other types of illness. So again, when you understand that the lungs represent your personal breathing room, your boundaries. Again, allowing yourself the space to be yourself without feeling pressure and stress from those around you, as well can very much relieve your lungs and let them breathe, when you allow yourself the space. As well a lot of the times when we’re in a sympathy crisis or we’ve got unresolved grief, the lungs as well is the holding place for that. So, deep emotional grief that has been unresolved generally holds itself in the lungs. So, it’s important to understand that. If you have that, you can work with it in that way.

Heart and Arteries

So our hearts and our arteries are about staying in the flow. So again as well it’s so important now as we are leaving third dimension, which was a . . . let’s say an attribute in living in the third dimension was one of doing. One, you know, since we were learning how to use our solar plexus in the third dimension, it was all about moving through 3-D and practicing our manifestations skills. How we would impose our conscious mind and will to that which would manifest certain results for us.

Now as we leave third dimension that is no longer working for us and we are learning how to be in the flow. And this has been very uncomfortable for many of us because we’re not used to this at all. We’ve been trained and we’ve been told since we were very small, that if you weren’t doing and you weren’t successful and you weren’t achieving, then you weren’t a productive member, you didn't have value. So again, there’s a lot of programming we must breakthrough and understanding that this has nothing to do with our esteem or value as beings, because we are all magnificent pieces of God. However, as we move from 3-D into higher vibrating realities and other systems, it’s all about beingness, staying in the flow, staying in the now.

So when we have an upheaval or things such as a heart attack or problems within our heart and arteries, this is again about staying in the flow of life and reevaluating the commitments and obligations that we have made to people and places or things. So many times, we have made commitments that we no longer want to honor, but we don't know how to get out of it. And when this happens the heart and its arteries can lead to certain abnormalities and as well even irregular heartbeat, arrhythmia and things like that. So when there are things happening within the heart it’s important to really allow yourself to reevaluate your commitments and obligations that show up in your life and really seek to find things that are supportable in your life that bring a happy flow of beingness, that allow you to flow in your life by releasing these shoulds and have tos and obligations by updating your commitments and reducing the stress that that imposes on your heart and your arteries.


So again, a couple more to give you. I know I spoke about the liver, as well being your spiritual housecleaning organ. And again it tends to be a general powerhouse of collecting ancestral imbalances of anger and repression. There’s also a lot of guilt and shame, and other crisis that gets lodged in the liver. And again making peace with your liver, making peace with your Spirit is extremely important in supporting your liver, as well as doing cleanses and supporting your liver while you can.

Small Intestine

Again, the small intestine is about the ability to work efficiently as a natural follow-up to goals. So a lot of times when we’ve got goal crisis, if we’re imposing our will and we’re trying to accomplish something, you'll find that if it’s not going in the way that you want it to, our stomach and small intestine will get kind of . . . will get a sympathetic response. Whether it’s distress and cramping, or burning or pain or gas build up in our body or digestive problems. A lot of this has to do about the ability to digest life, to accept what has shown up in your life and not resist it. So, a lot of times when we have a really hard time digesting what’s happening in our world, we will have a stomach issue or an intestinal issue, a small intestinal issue.

Large Intestine

It is interesting to note that the large intestine, is all about – the colon, the large intestine – is all about letting go of the past. So, you know, it’s kind of funny in using that as our organ that excretes waste. Of course, this is about letting go of anything that no longer serves us. So when we are holding onto things, a lot of times we will be constipated and we will have inflammation and bleeding from our colon. So this is why it’s important, and again, understanding the large intestine, it’s about letting go. And really allowing yourself, as especially as a Genetic Pathcutter, you are here to clear the path. You are here to be the advancement of the human race and hold your full presence and glory and that which is the Divinity you are into your presence, into your physical.

So, letting go of the past is about fully forgiving and letting go, not holding on to anything of our experiences in life. Allowing yourself to release and clear anything that’s no longer serving you.

And as well, it’s kinda funny, we could talk about anal-retentive tendencies. A lot of us that tend to be more cerebral or anal-retentive or controlling, we’ll have an issue with our large intestine. So learning how to again release and change anal-retentive tendencies, which is the need to control from fear, because you don’t trust Spirit or the Universe in bringing you what you need. A lot of the times this is about letting go and letting God. And we will have large intestine issues if we have a hard time letting go of the past.

Reproductive Organs

So again our reproductive organs has certainly been going through a lot as well lately. As we are reorganizing the masculine and feminine, reorganizing the electromagnetic constructs of our cells, many of us are going through some really interesting and sometimes bizarre changes in our reproductive organs.

So remember our reproductive organs are about creativity. And a lot of times when there is stress or dysfunction in our belief systems, it will show itself in our sexual organs. And it usually means that there is a gender crisis, which means what we feel it is, the programs around what we think it is to be a man and what we think it is to be a woman, all of that is in crisis. And many times reconciling gender and allowing yourself to be more adaptable and free in the way that you look at the roles of men and women, as as well as how you allow the creative intelligence force to be expressed through your being.

So a lot of times what we’re seeing, actually quite common in third dimensional society, is 3-D beings are in a complete creativity crisis because what we have been programed to do is to fully not honor our creativity and intuitive side and nature, our feminine side. And with all that creativity the natural part of us, as a soul being, is a creative intelligence. And when we suppress this, it creates a distortion, it creates all kinds of imbalances and dysfunctions.

And this is, of course, what we see with the sexual industry and the Sexual Misery programs. Because those of us that are unhappy with our third dimensional lives are looking for ways to find passion, inspiration and excitement, and of course this is one of the ways sexuality has been abused is to meet that particular need that is not getting met. So in a sense, passion and Divine inspiration has been repressed with the debased level of sexuality because the person feels desperate to express his/her creativity somehow.

So, when we look at this we can see that there has been a distortion in the creativity and the Soul of the human being, and because of that there’s an addictive need to find some kind of passion, some kind of inspiration, some kind of excitement coming from somewhere. And so many people, of course, look to sexual means to actually instigate what the void is, which is their disconnect and not from the Divine inspiration of their soul and their true purpose in life.


So again, the last one I wanted to share with you because I thought it was pretty good is working with knees. So any time you have an issue with your kneecaps or your knees, a lot of times it’s about accepting the greater good and having fear about moving forward. So a lot of the times when your knees are having issues, it’s about expressing your feelings fully while you’re going forward in your life.

So, a lot of times it’s fear about moving forward or fear about fully surrendering and accepting Divine will. When we have issues with wanting to control the future outcome or being afraid to walk into the future, a lot of the times we will have a problem with our knees or problem with our ankles. Because our ankles are again about the direction of which we walk and move into the future.

So again I'm just sharing with you some organic analysis of what the energy signatures around the body are, and I find that to again to be really helpful when you have certain things that your body is doing that you’re not always fully consciously aware of in terms of why. When you see the energetic representation of it, it really helps you to start to talk to the subconscious level of yourself so that you can begin to resolve the emotional conflict that your being may be experiencing at some level of your identity, which is generally your subconscious and instinctual self.

Closing Comments

So again, I hope that you found that helpful and as well I encourage you to read the class workbook. Again lots of cleansing material I have included, as well, a Genetic Pathcutter antiviral protocol. I just wanted to share this with you and let you know that as well as virus is a necessary part of human evolution, what I have noticed is that at times that you can really assist yourself in moving through certain patterns when you work with virus.

Because again, as an example, when I went through my Genetic Pathcutting particular ordeal when I had the shingles episode, when I used the antiviral protocol, I was able to heal myself in 5 to 7 days, rather than having to let the whole virus play out itself for weeks on end. So generally, shingles can take a very long time to heal itself. But because I understood the purpose of what the shingles was representing in terms of the viral nature of my Genetic Pathcutting agreements and my ability to transcend this through my body, as I worked with changing the framework of my understanding and I also added physical supplementation and support into my body, then I was able to heal myself incredibly fast. Therefore making it a much more pleasant experience then if I was to be in that state for weeks on end.

So again why I share this information with you is that at times when we go through our ascension we can go to some very uncomfortable and at times challenging and disturbing physical symptoms. So this way of understanding that everything has an energy signature, everything has an emotional correspondence and once you find the purpose of that and you honor it within yourself, you will find yourself transcending the particular qualities that you may have found burdensome much quicker. And, of course, it makes for a much smoother and easier transition in our ascension cycle.

So again, I thank you so much for joining us this evening with our ascension Genetic Pathcutting class. I hope that this has proved valuable for you.

Again the second recording of our class is a health upgrade installation program. The way to use this invocation program is to listen to me stating the command, but to also command it into your own voice. So if you choose to work with the health installation program command that comes with this class, when you’re listening to me say it, again in your own mind, you will want to repeat that in either your own voice – it’s better to say it out loud actually, as you follow my voice, because what you are doing is you are resetting the command of perfect health in your body. And again this is another way to work with resetting the fields of intention and bringing balanced health into your system when you are going through some intense ascension symptoms and Genetic Pathcutting.

So again, thank you so much for joining us. I really appreciate your patience in waiting for this class. This is the second attempt of our recording.

And so with deep love and blessings, we are all in this together. I am so honored to share this information with you.

And our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways. We thank you so much for sharing with us this evening, and we wish you a good evening. Thank you and good night. [1][2]

Transcript by Dawn, Ascension Class Audio (1:19:38)


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