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The time of the VP geometric harness is ending and we are learning how to create trinitized forms which allow the feedback loop of source field energies....

When the life force energy is drawn back into the source field through the trinitized geometries, the feedback loop of reciprocal source light is generated and expanded. Our goal during these new cycles of time is to create the tri-tone (neutral field) that draws the composite energy back into the zero point as a feedback loop, back into the source of all creation. These patterns on the grid are called Chalice Configurations which are in effect the life giving nourishment of the Divine Mother Arc principle. This trinity field creates an eternal and perpetual supply of life force that regenerates the bodies. This eternal supply of life force is the Cosmic Christos light and the trinity principle, which when is used in matter the pattern is called a trinitized form. (see Krystal Star)

Since our God source code is a trinity wave accessed through the merging of polarity, such as the merging of masculine and feminine energies, our species has been suppressed from connecting through the sacred union relationship. Sacred Union or Hieros Gamos is our divine birthright and this organic architecture is now being returned to our species. This gender energy pattern is changing now on our planet. The sacred union personification is about perfected inner energetic balance between gender principles.[1]

... This is the physical embodiment of the Cosmic Trinity and it is happening for the beings that are able to hold these levels of frequencies ...

... This Tri Tone/Trinitized Form is the embodiment of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, this is our 12D blueprint and the original intention created for the human species. (This is our original Oneness before we split into a polarized/duality reality system. This then created a Bi-Tone Wave Form that manifested as separate Masculine/Feminine Principle existing within a Living Light Dimensional System and its separate time matrices. This is also called the “particle” and “anti particle” universes of which when we merge with our “anti particle” double we as a species become whole again. We then embody the Tri Tone Wave Form again.)[2]

... allow for the physical upgrades to embody more of the blueprint of the “Trinitized Form”. (Also know as the Cosmic Christ Consciousness from the TransHarmonic Universe, see last month’s [June 2007] article.) This is an actual physicalized event, an upgrade to the elemental particles of our first Three energy centers which will completely overhaul our energetic blueprint ... [3]

Horizontal Triad Bodies

The horizontal shields function as the male principle of the mental body for all of the consciousness bodies. When the five shields built upon the dimensional triads are integrated into the consciousness and Lightbody layers, the higher spiritual Rod function of the lightbody is activated. This is the activation of higher intelligence mental bodies that connect into the dimensions they are built upon. When these triad (three, triune) bodies merge they create a trinitized form.


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 66