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Vesica Pisces to Trinity Form

The Gridworkers primary directive on the Christos Mission has been to correct reversal bi-wave geometries in the grid that have been generating a closed source system on the planet. These reversal bi-wave geometries are nested holograms of Vesica Pisces generating Metatronic Reversal current.

The 12:12 Pattern is the organic horizontal CW Male Christ electrical Rod architecture that allows a mathematical merge with the vertical CCW Female Christ magnetic Staff to actually occur for sacred union. The female vertical Staff is the 13th Bio-circuitry known as the Mother Arc Frequency. They explain the Archangel Michael Matrix was spinning at a base 11:11 architecture and reversal 10:10 which interfered with the chemical translation and merge between the electron and proton at multiple dimensional levels and this interferes with male and female principle energy merging on our planet. This energetic imbalance between the electron and proton spin rates was being harnessed by controllers through hijacked creation code and inorganic architecture, one such structure known as the Vesica Pisces a bi-polar geometry. This hijacked Vesica Pisces code kept the binary code locked down in our planet so that the trinity code and Zero Point would not be accessible. It forced reversal and split patterns that continually fragmented our consciousness at multiple dimensions. It also was creating Monadic reversal patterns which split us up from reuniting with our Monadic or Twin Consciousness Matrix. The gender splitting is related to the NRG in United Kingdom and the Sexual Misery programs inserted to genetically alter the human race.

Since our God source code is a Trinity Wave accessed through the merging of polarity, such as the merging of masculine and feminine energies, our species has been suppressed connecting to God source through the sacred union of the male and female. Sacred Union is our divine birthright and this organic architecture is now being returned to our species as Hieros Gamos. This gender pattern is changing now on our planet and we are able to access a new unity code through the Rod and Staff embodiment. This embodiment of perfect balance between the inner male and inner female is also referred to as Hieros Gamos, and is the foundation of the HGS system.[1]


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 104