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The first Egyptians on earth were descendants of the Serres-Seraphim avian races that were one of the seven root races from second Harmonic Universe, and that later became distorted through the Annunaki hybridization programs that were interbreeding with the Nephilim. As a result of these genetic distortions impacting the original genetic template of the entire Serres-Seraphim morphogenetic imprint, the RA Confederacy under the Aton group took a Guardianship role to help protect these race line genetic records by also creating an advanced genetic strain of Serres-Egyptians that were the Pharaonic royal lines within Egyptian Culture. During the cycle of Melchizedek hosting, the Cloister race of Melchizedeks integrated with the Egyptian genetic lineages giving them the most advanced and diversified genetics in order to redirect the Egyptian Culture back to the practices of the Law of One, teachings that had been lost due to several Annunaki hybridization attempts made with the Egyptian Culture. The Egyptian races had guardianship and control over the Arc of the Covenant and Inner Earth gateway and the Annunaki formed their resistance in order to gain control over access to them and the Sol portal located there.

During the explosions in Atlantian Cataclysm, many retreated underground into the Inner Earth and some groups were taken from the Atlantian colonies to be re-settled in Egypt, thus, bringing their specific technological knowledge to the area.

The Egyptian Mystery Schools were formed by the Blue Flame Melchizedeks that carried the higher genetics which allowed them to pass through the Blue Flame gateway, which became known as the Pearly Gates leading to the heavenly realms. When Guardian Yeshua returned from his time studying Eastern mystical teachings he went to Giza in order to be initiated into the Mystery Schools and practice the Ascension rites of the Blue Flame Melchizedeks.

A portal was constructed between the earth core and Sirius B in which sections of the Amenti was placed in order to orchestrate the second seeding and create the hybrid line between Sirian-human consciousness, which was known as the Kantarians. The Kantarians helped to serve as Guardians and mentors for the human race and they were heavily involved in educating the Egyptian and Sumerian cultures. During the Egyptian dynastic period this portal bridge was known as the Third Eye of Horus, which represented the union between the mystical teachings of the Left Eye and Right Eye of Horus. During the last stages of the Atlantian Cataclysm, as the result of the explosions damaging the Planetary Grid Network, this portal bridge was damaged and could not be repaired due to the Giza Stargate takeover.

Egyptian History Erased

Thus, true and accurate Egyptian history was replaced with the Black Sun agenda of inserting the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods, along with their Black Magic rituals, that were to be enforced by the installation of the Setian King lines, Hyksos and the Amun Snake Priesthood. These groups in the Middle East would eventually integrate into the Greek Mystery Schools and further evolve into the corrupted lineages of the secret societies that formed as the Knights Templars and Freemasons, some using the image of Akhenaton as their Luciferian high priest for enacting the blueprint for the New World Order. This is an inside joke to the Galactic Federation, to defame his image and make a mockery of his life. Akhenaton was/is a Krystic being serving the Law of One and Reclamation of Christos Mission, attempting to negotiate with these rogue Annunaki groups to allow humanity to ascend in the 2012 window without interference. His negotiations to enter into a peace treaty failed, shortly after he was murdered a heretic king by a family member, and thus branded as a Luciferian high priest to the Illuminati hybrid lines. [1]

Egypt Stargate and Sun Takeover

Stargate Takeover in Egypt

During the time that the Egypt pyramidal technology was rebuilt in the Giza Stargate in that location as the central mission control and ET interstellar port, Sirians and Procyon groups were in high security. The Nibiru Annunaki resistance moved its last Atlantian Colony to the Bermuda area of the 3D Stargate and the Annunaki Resistance continued its conflict over territory and earth dominion through war and genetic alteration of the DNA.

Annunaki and Patriarchal Melchizedek's rapidly digress their race and genetics through becoming a warring species like the Orion Group. The Annunaki plan takeover of all planet ET technology and to capture humans for genetic experiments to create a worker race 28,000 BC, further they negotiate with Orion Group Draconians to share the “spoils of war” of earth takeover. This action is what allowed the Orion Group and Draconians to get a deep foothold into the planet consciousness fields and when severe genetic damage, such as DNA reversal pairs, to the planet and humanity really began.[2]

12 Tribes

The primary hosting race for the angelic human seeding of the 12 Tribes on earth, Tara and Gaia were the Serres-Egyptians most advanced genetic lines that had received the Blue Flame Melchizedek genetic imprints. These lines are the Urtite-Cloister host races or Melchizedek Ur that went on in the latter creation cycles to create the Maji Grail lines that are the genetic time Keepers of the Threefold Flame, The Keepers of Blue Flame, Gold Flame and Violet Flame. Through the Paliadorian Covenant the original Maji Priest King Grail lines were from the Solar Rishic levels of the Emerald Order, Gold Order and Amethyst Order and incarnated through the Urtite Cloister host race in the location of the Stargate opening points on the planet.

Code of the Blue Nile

The Blue Ray is a gestalt of four Universal Harmonic Layers of the Universal Families of Blue Ray Consciousness, the Universal Melchizedek Lineages that incarnated as the 12 Essene Tribes or Essenes. There are Three Primal Order Sound Fields that make up the Ray Aspects of our Universal creation, and the Blue Ray is of the First Order of Emanation. The Highest Order of the Blue Ray Family emanate from the 13th Circuitry Gate of the Mother of God aspect, which is the first layer projected from the Zero Point Universal God Core. This First Order Blue Ray Family are the esoteric 144,000 Genetic Timekeepers of our Universal Time Matrix and is known in the Egyptian and Sirian histories as the Code of The Blue Nile. Many Galactic Wars throughout human and non-human extraterrestrial history have been waged for gaining control and access to this code, which holds essentially every genetic key that allows access into the kingdoms of God, or the God worlds.[3]


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