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What is being witnessed currently is the interdimensional geo-mapping of the Anti-Christ architecture that holds the structures for the dimensional layers of the hierarchy for the purpose of serving these Archon alien predators. This holographic mapping is in order to get these satanic nests deep at the root of their infection in the earth, so that they can be more effectively extracted. Their complex system of Alien Machinery, demonic entity bindings, directional spiritual gateways, micro black holes and wormholes, include AI Brain server mechanisms used to harvest biological light for their energy source requirements. This is the complex machinery that gives the human controllers and Black Magicians the massive amount of energy they require for running the highest echelon of the global elite empire and pedophilia networks. This is a massive infection throughout our world, as the NAA are totally vested in protecting the Pedophilia, trafficking and SRA network by fighting for it until their death, as this is their most prolific and valuable human Loosh collection source.[1]

Thoth AI Brain

Thoth was uploaded into an AI Brain, so this is not the actual original Luciferic being, but the AI version of himself uploaded and downloaded all over the fabric of the Universal Time Matrix.

This has been an ongoing journey to identify these extensive AI projections used as imposters of the Emerald Order that were communicating with earth humans via false Channelings or image projections. The Emerald Order recon mission reached a crescendo in obtaining access to quantum supercomputers used to upload Emerald Order DNA code that is then projected into computer servers and transmitted through AI Signals, that which was used to create AI Emerald Order DNA structures throughout the matrix. Guardian teams recovered a massive amount of AI hardware, in terms of the alien machinery used to power up these AI holograms, that were running artificial Emerald Guardian holograms and Emerald Order DNA code projections. This was used to attempt overrides on all organic Emerald Order coding, perverting the architecture into the Thothian coded gestalts that are designed to control all of these AI distortions. Thoth was uploaded into an AI Brain, so this is not the actual original Luciferic being, but the AI version of himself uploaded and downloaded all over the fabric of the Universal Time Matrix.[2]

AI Network of Brain Net

Recently, Gridworkers and Guardian Host had a standoff with the implementation of Hive Net to be taken into larger spans of global areas gridded with 5G or telecom satellites. The pushback was immense in the United Kingdom as they rolled out another stage of the 5G, and as of this writing, there is an ongoing electric-digital war which is happening to prevent harm and re-route these transmissions.

Primarily, the Black Sun groups have been experimenting on humanity for many years with an assortment of Artificial intelligence and black box quantum computing technologies for the purpose of moving the Collective Consciousness towards AI controlled Groupthink, which is similar to connecting human Brains to the internet. This system is referred to as the Brain Net or Hive Net. The NAA want to connect all human brains to artificial intelligence systems as the means of total and complete human consciousness enslavement, in order to monitor and manipulate all electromagnetic activity of the human Brain to fully collect the data for the purpose of controlling the timelines. People that have been identified as Targeted Individuals are the first waves of humans being secretly experimented upon for testing out this AI surveillance system, by using an assortment of automated SRA methods for subjugating group consciousness via remote device or satellite. The planned expansion of this AI system through the reset into Techno-Totalitarianism is to eventually connect every living human Brain to artificial intelligence networks that build out complex simulations of the entire genetic library on the earth.[3]


Many of these nonhuman entities infiltrated the top of the pyramid of the One World Order controller structures and are taking orders directly from Pindar-Thoth-Azazael gestalts enmeshed with AI programs, to control the Beast Machine architecture which runs reversal currents into the planetary grid. These are the Alien Machinery components that transmit electromagnetic mind control which is being used for conjuring Black Magic sorcery to manipulate and control the global nations at geo-political levels.[4]


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