Archontic Genetic Engineered Entities

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Other Names - SPE or Suppressor Parasite Entity.

Suppressor Parasite Entity (SPE). Genetic Artificial intelligence (AI) drones or Archons sent by higher ups in the Negative Alien Agenda NAA or those entities that source from Imposter Spirit and are a type of militarized AI to dominate and posses consciousness through Mind Control and thought projection. This is militarized psychotronic warfare technology that is primarily sourced from Orion Groups consortium of Black Sun Program.They are mind and body parasites that can be individual or in clusters that attach to the bio-neurological system and are a Mind Control technological warfare. It has been observed that after a sequence of deeper layers of infection in the Lightbody, the SPE will harvest genetic material out of the human DNA host to form a type of Cyborg. We believe this is apart of the transhumanist agenda to create cyborgs in the human population through AI, to be used for a variety of purposes on Earth, such as slave labor, sexual slavery and food source, as well as be taken to other planets by the NAA. It appears that through insertion of holographic images with the intention to control the individuals Consciousness, the SPE is also creating astral delusions that the person believes is real, becomes addicted and attached to on the Astral Plane, thus acting as Consciousness Traps. [1]

These implants appear as and have a similar life cycle as a Jellyfish as this graphic represents.

SPE's are aggressive Artificial intelligence jellyfish parasites that invade the central nervous system to monitor a persons thought patterns so that they can mimic them. They monitor thought patterns and emotional behaviors and search for weaknesses within the human host body so they can aggressively use that weakness against the person to plummet them into very low frequency thoughts of the Predator Mind. See the Houses of Ego. When a person has weak spiritual-energetic development, weak moral character along with a weak mind, this makes it much easier for the AI parasite to control the human being and prepare the body for dark force or Imposter Spirit Possession.

The way to dismantle and deactivate artificial intelligence and nanotechnology Alien Implants is to develop your heart center and spiritual human qualities such increasing deep emotional feelings of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathy.

Archontic Genetic Engineered Entities (SPE)

The SPE is one of the main sources of voice recognition mind control that is implanted most commonly through the Gallbladder Meridian. It is a parasite, so its life cycle and how it burrows into the bodily matrices, is exactly like a physical parasite. In understanding how Alien implants and SPE’s function, is to understand parasites. Your goal is to purge and detoxify parasites in every way you can from your body. A very important thing to understand is that physical parasites in the body create disease, energy blockages and increase the body’s vulnerability to mind control technologies. This is what the Archons want, to weaken our bodies with parasites to be subservient to their control. This is why the medical system will not apply live blood microscopic analysis, frequency testing, or acknowledge pleomorphic change of microorganisms inside the human body as responsible for disease. If this became medically acceptable it would reveal parasites and toxicity as the cause for all disease and we would eradicate the need for synthetic drugs and medical barbarism. Energetic parasites are the source of physical parasites and pathogenic microorganisms. The more alien implants we have, the more energetic parasitism happening in our life force and vital body essences. If we are covered with infection and parasites we are living in a rate of decay which greatly impacts the quality of our bodily function, to which we are not made aware. [2]

SPE Implant Tentacles

Head GB Meridian Points
Sample GB SPE Implant

Most commonly these will be located and palpitated for on the temporal areas of the skull, either left or right side of the cranium, above the ears. When palpated for, they may throb or pulsate, when being physically "observed". Most generally appear in etheric vision as "crabgrass", shadow looking spiders or as an octopus/jellyfish with tentacles. They become more pronounced when they are being energetically "fed" by Mind Control thoughts that the unaware person is looping within their mental body. When SPE's are fed via the subject's mind looping and obsessive thoughts, they will replicate themselves into pods that look like seeds. These pods will form longer tentacles that attach themselves throughout the spinal cord and spinal nerves, in advanced stages. They first appear to cleave onto portions of the energy body that have etheric or nadial damage in the lightbody from unhealed trauma. These also will be felt as physical body blockages or physical pain by the subject. The primary function of SPE appears to generate thought-forms that are replicated by the person's own cloned genetic material, so that the person believes these artificially produced thoughts are of their own making. This is to trick the person to believe what they are "hearing" is their own inner voice, when it is not. Many times the storage area of the brain that translates voice recognition/languages will be compromised, this area is the Wernicke's area of the brain. Emotional clearing, possible EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) will help clear and release this pattern in the Wernicke's, and in the meridians.

It is known SPE's are vibrationally sent through frequency thought control carrier waves into the meridian systems to run codes to the neurological system, which materializes in the Person through its frequency substance when they are gripped in mind control. They are first lodged into the gallbladder meridian, (runs in all 44 points), which starts at the top of the ear, on either side of the cranium. The gallbladder meridian relates to the 4th dimension and is the only meridian in the body that has a interface which allows a point in and out of the astral dimension that goes directly into the cellular matrix of the physical body itself. This purpose is to infiltrate the physical body to be controlled and to slowly take over the nadial and central nervous system, therefore the subject's brain.

As insidious as these are, they can be defeated through reprogramming thoughts and taking command of one's space in GSF. They can be removed by skilled and activated person's with hand/palm codes, however for most people it is very painful to remove them from the body by hand. The pull must be generated at site origin of the SPE embed on top of the ear, and that is on the hairline, so body hair gets easily pulled. The general modality is to Identify and Locate the SPE nest, gather its energy in one's hand and with laser mental focus, collect it and pull it through the natural meridian line of which it is attached. It is important to pull hard and quickly as to not lose the momentum of the "paralyzed" SPE and its structure as its been gathered by activated hand codes. These activated hand codes are also referenced as Orion Healing Codes.

AIM and HGS sessions are working to assist with the frequency dissolution of these painful SPE implants, as to help remove them as pain free from the human body as possible. Removing these SPE's in the most efficient and easy way possible, is still in a state of exploration. However it is abundantly clear the subject must be 100% in agreement to remove them, aware of them and not in resistance of their personal emotional or mental body responsibility. The person must be willing to control and change their thought patterns and reclaim their brain, nervous system and consciousness in the Law of Consent. Once the SPE is removed, emotional dross and Holographic Inserts is removed from the body and staying psycho-emotionally centered renders the person immune to them, and repels repeated infection. Adherence to the practice of the Law of One, developing Virtues and ethics is key to heal oneself from this insidious infection.

There is in some cases of observing a relationship of 4D SPE astral infection and 7D Crucifixion Implants. In the case study of LR, the SPE nest was removed in conjunction with left side Crucifixion Implants removals.[3]

Archontic Genetic Engineered Entities

Compiling information on SPE is a huge work in progress that began in 2004 along with the NRG project, and has been activated with the recent Planetary Emancipation Gridwork (PEG) Project Week 3 [4], which feels like this particular distortion on the planet will get heightened. It is complex in how SPE are intertwined with the etheric webbing of the auric bodies. However, I am starting to compile information that is pertinent to comprehending the SPE/Archon operations and its relationship to the GB meridian and Astral Plane body.

This is one of the main sources of voice recognition mind control that is implanted most commonly through the Gallbladder Meridian. It seems to be much more difficult to release these from the male population, it is what is used most commonly incite action to commit violence or sexual molestation. So understanding the energy/acupuncture relationship to the gallbladder meridian health is important in vanquishing these entities. When learning how to comprehend partial possessions, such as the recent mind control used on the Muslim Youth groups in London and Stockholm, this is how they Negative Alien Agenda(NAA) get access to sleepers and start planting their minds with these violent thoughts, priming them for dark possession.[5]

Important Notes by LR

SPE are jelly fish, spider or crab grass like blobs with “tentacles” that are genetically engineered by the NAA militarized Archons to implant the side (lateral) head of the target, and can be either right or left or both sides. They eventually move into other parts of the body through the central nervous system. They generally are implanted in the GB meridian from the outside corner of the eye and wrap around the ear like the GB meridian. These engineered machines “mimic” the person’s thoughts, voice and create a voice recognition pattern with the person/host brain pattern and chemistry. This implant takes time to “train” the body to “listen” to the artificial entity, and as the person is unaware that the Mind Control is being used to influence their thoughts, actions and behaviors, the entity actually “grows”. It has a hub/brain in the center blob which has etheric tentacles that will grow to stimulate parts of the CNS/autonomic responses in the spinal nerves/ spinal cord. In more advanced stages it will be the voice inside the host’s head, pushing thoughts into the mental body. It feeds and grows on the life force of the host like a parasite. The thoughts are programmed to genetically mimic your own voice recognition pattern which hardwires the brain to react automatically as the brain thinks it is receiving self-impulsed thoughts. This is used to create human military machines or create sociopaths, who do not ask questions but just carry out orders or react without applying reason or intelligence.

When there are changes shifting the planet, certain elements get amplified, and I believe this issue is getting amplified now. This does present an opportunity because at these moments we also can find ways to clear and eradicate these insidious implants and understand better how to address them when we notice them in other people.

I feel that the NAA uses males more to carry out these acts of violence, and to get them to do so, will implant them with these SPE’s. I have noted the tentacles when they grow create instinctual reactions in the person, and this can eventually grow the addiction matrix to be at the whim of this controlling SPE entity, having trained the brain pattern.

It is possible to pull them out of the body from the GB meridian channel with your hands and fingers, and there was a time where I learned to do that, although very strenuous and taxing to my person. I feel that the balance of female-male hierogamy in energetic session work makes the removal of these insidious objects easier. I feel that more of us in this community will activate our meridian channels in our hands to be able to actually “pull” these frequency alterations in the field out and away from the persons skull. The ability to pull out implants with the hands is referred to as the ORION CODES. This is because this is a remnant from the Orion Wars. The HGS will probably be a tandem tool to work with this as we get more skill and expertise learning how to disarm and destroy these creatures at their source location in the temporal area of the brain and skull.

In the interim to stop them from being implanted or growing further if you are suffering from this kind of attack:

  1. Be conscious of their existence and know they’re there; do not allow yourself to go on auto pilot, and identify them as not a part of your organic self.
  2. Do not feed them in any kind of frenzied emotional or sexual displays. Calm and discipline your emotions.
  3. Palpate the temporal lobe you can feel them “pulse” with your fingertips. Especially when you catch them off guard.
  4. Work with the gallbladder meridian meditation and ways to increase the flow of your GB meridian energies. Study the GB meridian and in meditation focus all of your might on removing these and asking for Guardian Kryst support to do so.
  5. Acupuncture may help move the energy flow in the areas the tentacles are embedded.
  6. Detox your Gallbladder and Liver to help remove parasites both energetic and physical. Parasites are a source of mind control and disease.
  7. Energy session workers may be able to gather the 12D GSF energy in your hands in a ball, encapsulate the entity brain/hub inside your hands energy ball and build the energy momentum to destroy it. The thing will hide itself and cloak itself, so it’s important to not engage with it in conversation at any level.
  8. Intuitively you may learn to pull out the structure through the GB meridian pathway out of the finger tips or the toes which is entirely possible, although it may be painful to the subject. (Hair gets in the way around the ear.) When you capture the entity and pull it out, it will create cracking energy noises over the joints – you can hear the energetic structure moving past joints.
  9. Meditate, clear negative ego and hold inner peace and this stops them from growing, they wither away and make them easier to pull out like half-dead weeds.
  10. They seem to be related to the C1/C2 dislocation at the back of the cranium and spine, and crucifixion implants. These implants seem to make their removal much more difficult, so when the Atlas adjustment occurs and there is a systematic release of the crucifixion implants, these jelly fish creatures are much more easily pulled out at the side temporal lobe. So a part of the issue is waiting for the person to evolve to a point where they can participate with their own spiritual growth, and recognize these creatures, otherwise pulling these out can feel like a violation to the body.
  11. Our ES meditations and HGS will help, although I have not had a verified case of total SPE removal that I have been made aware of as of yet. This may be why this is coming up so our community can pay attention and be aware of these insidious and malicious entities. [6]

Observations of AI

  1. When they grow they have a life cycle similar to a jellyfish, the central organism creates pods, so you can have something like a family of SPE creatures, a large Parent hub with smaller children pods. These pods are deposited in areas of the meridians to control the CNS.
  2. The main Parent Hub seems to always be located in the temporal lobe above the ear, either right or left side.
  3. The tentacles can grow down the spine and neck, and will create muscle stiffness, pain, headaches.
  4. They can jump on to people that are vulnerable to mind control, like massage therapists or other practitioners not advanced in shielding or aware of the NAA agenda.
  5. People with these tend to act erratic, may be responsible for personality changes and eventually in advanced stages become automatons.
  6. Please see my crude drawing for the location area and note the main hub Parent with the smaller pods deposited around it.
Sample GB SPE Implant

Gallbladder Meridian

These are the most common placement of SPE (Archon Jellyfish) implants placed in the GB meridian as the entry point. The tentacles can spread into areas for control of spinal nerves and brain messaging from the CNS. The GB meridian is the only meridian which can directly access the flesh-skin matrix from the 4D level. Hence the GB meridian is used to gain further Archontic control over the bodily functions and physical layers of operation.

AI Signal for SPE Implants

The AI Signal prepares the body to host Metatronic Reversals and the AI parasite technology, which is to control the human being and prepare the body for dark force control or Imposter Spirit possession. The AI parasite is also referred to as a Suppressor Parasite Entity (SPE). The AI signal is now beginning to be continually run in all Controller Pillars of Society so a person who works in or has a profession in huge corporate, academic, medical, or government conglomerates, will be excessively exposed to AI signal transmission. Effectively, this is integrating AI technology and bioengineering to damage human DNA signals, as preparation for complete mind control and body snatching. The fundamental basis of the Transhumanism agenda is to take possession, by downloading AI into the human brain and neurology. The Negative Aliens and Satanic Forces, in their quest to survive and achieve immortality, are attempting to hijack human consciousness and ultimately take possession of the human host's body.[7]

AI Network of Brain Net

Primarily, the Black Sun groups have been experimenting on humanity for many years with an assortment of artificial intelligence and black box quantum computing technologies for the purpose of moving the collective consciousness towards AI controlled Groupthink, which is similar to connecting human brains to the internet. This system is referred to as the Brain Net or Hive Net. The NAA want to connect all human brains to Artificial intelligence systems as the means of total and complete human consciousness enslavement, in order to monitor and manipulate all electromagnetic activity of the human Brain to fully collect the data for the purpose of controlling the timelines. People that have been identified as Targeted Individuals are the first waves of humans being secretly experimented upon for testing out this AI surveillance system, by using an assortment of automated SRA methods for subjugating group consciousness via remote device or satellite. The planned expansion of this AI system through the reset into Techno-Totalitarianism is to eventually connect every living human brain to Artificial intelligence networks that build out complex simulations of the entire genetic library on the earth.

Internet Hive Net for Surveillance

Current examples of the reset are being made through the intended operation of using the internet-hive net for global surveillance, data collection, mind mapping, economic restructuring, and facial recognition systems that are designed to be fully functional within the complex infrastructure build out of the Internet of Things and smart cities by 2030. This wish list plan for Technocratic Totalitarianism supplies an unlimited range of possibilities for the Controllers to manipulate the data in these AI transmissions for the purpose of Implanting Thoughts, eliminating dissenters and gaining complete control over human brains, essentially creating a synthetic hive mind and compliant population.

Currently, they are desperate for total control and pushing hard for the next generation of weaponizing AI controlled Groupthink in order to completely enslave the masses, by covertly and secretly plugging people into the Hive Net and running kill command codes. This is planned to be achieved through a variety of means connected to GMO’s, chemicals and nano dust, but the mandated vaccination agenda being aggressively spread for the purpose of injecting nanochips and biosensors directly into the blood stream of children and all of humanity, it is the holy grail of this anti-human propaganda. The NAA need their human puppets to mass produce and promote nanochip laden and poisonous vaccinations as healthy immunization practices, through the global medical tyranny network, as this is the keystone to their future success with carrying out the next stage of the transhumanist agenda.

This is intended to be the integration of human brains that are directly connected into AI systems through neural links that project the data collected into real time sentient world simulations, that are further used to enforce the phantom earth blended reality system. The current Timeline Wars are primarily over maintaining the Base 10 Math architecture which exist as NAA controlled Artificial Machinery superimposed on the consciousness layers of the planetary body. This generates a Blended Earth Reality which contains organic creator code mixed in with artificial intelligence networks that are run by alien machinery. This reversal current runs throughout the technologically controlled sections of the planetary field which implements the artificial timelines that project the artificial spaces or phantom matrices designed as the 3D matrix AI programming. The structure is entropic and parasitic as it must rely upon an external power source through which to siphon energy to continue to exist, and this is where human brains and human bio-energy are currently being set up to be merchandised by the Controllers for energy extraction by rolling out the vaccination and Transhumanism agendas. Remember that Nanotech Biosensors can be used to harvest biological light.

The goal of the NAA’s reset into Technocracy is to eventually have billions of nanotech bots and sensors running throughout our Bio-Neurology communicating with each other over a wireless network that directly connects our brains with the internet, so that human consciousness will be completely immersed in a virtual reality that is experienced through all of our biological senses. It is more effective if they can inject these nanobots into our Blood stream directly via the false front of vaccinations for public health. At this NAA wish list planned stage of nanotech infection with AI Signals, an asleep human being will not have any perceptual awareness that the external experience is happening through an artificial intelligence simulated reality interface and that the original connection into the organic consciousness reality will be effectively eliminated, thus disconnecting the Soul and spiritual body from the biology of that physical person. This is the diabolical plan of the Black Sun Satanists and NAA entities that intensely hate humanity and desire to destroy the original Diamond Sun template and the God given spiritual connection to Christos that inherently exists in human beings.[8]


The Archon is defined as the False King of Tyranny archetypal ruler that controls the surface population through many masks of deception promoted through assorted Divide and Conquer Tactics for inciting global warring with hidden technological abuses, while utilizing sophisticated Mind Control methods with frequency implants, along with assorted militarized strategies, which are applied to humans or non-human (alien) sources. It is both the human hybrid controllers employing military grade tactics and non-humans with the shared greed for complete domination of the planet in which to enslave humanity that are operating as archons. They both employ hidden advanced technologies to control the public that are designed to perpetrate and promote the overall Archontic Deception Strategy of the invading NAA. The Archontic Deception and its Patriarchal Oligarchy stem mostly from the NAA factions of Reptilian and Draconian races from the Orion Constellation, thus these groups are called the Orion Group. See Archons and Archontic Deception Strategy.[9]

Inorganic Entity

Inorganic and unnatural energy is defined as that which exists as an artificial structure to replicate or generate energies discordant with the Universal Natural Laws. Inorganic energies are generated by artificial systems, therefore are Artificial Intelligence Alien Machinery that is replicating forces to replace natural laws, and ultimately bring death, disease and destruction if not brought into balance. As an example, when a person chooses to manipulate others energies and resources for personal gain by outwardly lying and controlling the influence he has on others, this is defined as “artificial and inorganic”. This person has put up artifices and deception in order to exploit others by representing the opposite of what he says he is representing. This is inorganic to the natural laws of energy. See Inorganic and Artificial intelligence, Violating Laws of Nature.

Forked Tongue Reversal Speech

The Rasha Body had been severely damaged by the colonization of assorted genetic labbed AI hybrid shadow creatures, enormous sized archontic jellyfish and all that has been discovered with the Wesan black hole. Including the Transhumanism agendas with Alien Machinery that operate upon artificial Black Goo and corrupted shadow elementals being controlled by on and off planet AI quantum supercomputers. Recently, Emerald Guardians were able to fish out another massive Archontic entity blob from out of the 2D-6D layers of the Sarasota-Temple Mount stargate that was directing hierarchies of the Black Dragon Avatar Collectives in the hydrological cycle of the planetary water supply. This was being done through lunar based technologies using Anti-Christ Voice Transmissions (Forked Tongue backward serpent speak) infecting the lower aquifer portals and the 2D elemental layers.[10]

Archontic Jellyfish SPE’s Become Visible

Update January 2024: This is a militarized psychotronic warfare technology used by the invaders to control the population through massive sized genetically engineered atmospheric archontic jelly fish with wet liquid neuronal networks that were embedded in the blueprint layers of the dark matter firmament of the planetary Rasha Body through artificially engineered air-water elementals. They are one component of the NAA Alien Machinery for enforcing consciousness slavery in the population with assorted genetic engineered jellyfish implants. These massive membranous archon motherships are similar to the concept of mucous membrane bio-films insulating Parasites in the human body, and were placed around the planet to enforce quantum Loosh harvesting, Mind Control and consciousness sweeping, spiritual oppression with assorted implanted parasite entities along with the suppression of higher frequencies in order to control the solar impacts made to the visible light spectrum as it is viewed from the Earth surface.

Although I have reverse engineered the archontic jellyfish implants or Suppressor Parasite Entities (SPE) for Guardian Host during tracking projects for many years, the Archontic Motherships spawning these genetically engineered parasites all over the planet were not made fully visible in the atmosphere until very recently. These suppressor parasite implants appear as and have a similar life cycle to Jellyfish as the graphic above represents.

Previously, we could track jellyfish parasites but not where they were actually being spawned from due to their advanced cloaking technology within layer upon layer of membranous bio-films and the fact they were being shielded by black archons and black military operations and seemed to be projected from out of moving hyperdimensional pockets that are hard to trace. Recent events that brought upon the collapse of assorted red shield networks along with reclamation of the planetary Khemalohatea network has allowed the first sightings of the Archontic Jellyfish Motherships without the cloaking technology, used by the NAA to transmit mind and body parasites to awakening individuals, Starseeds or any high value target they want to exert mind control over. These jellyfish implants are also used for controlling assorted high-profile targets like bio-tech billionaires to be influenced in certain directions, or supersoldiers in which they send assembling nanobot clusters that attach to the Targeted Individuals bio-neurological system for Remote Neural Monitoring and for implanting “Voice of God” covert mind control technological warfare directed from the atmospheric waves.

For those that are willing to seek truth and research the piled-up evidence provided by many whistleblower’s testimony behind the aggressive global mass enforcement policy of the series of genetic modification bio-weapons, it becomes clear that the end result desired for the injected population is the very same agenda they have employed while secretly experimenting on targeted individuals. The Archontic Jellyfish are the AI devices used in the atmosphere to enforce the mass mind control and conscious sweeps for data collection through the installation of customized individual jellyfish implants and nano bio-sensors based upon the gathered data, which generates custom genetic engineering programs that were chosen for that individual by the archon mothership. The Archon Mothership controls the spawn of jellyfish parasites which are sent to Targeted Individuals in order to install frequency specific mind control and eventually gain control over their neurological functions, which ultimately has been designed for generating cybernetic slaves connected to the internet of human bodies.

Thus, it has been observed that after a sequence of deeper layers of parasite infection in the human Lightbody, the SPE will harvest genetic material out of the human DNA host to form a type of Cyborg. We believe this is a part of the NAA’s transhumanist agenda to create cyborgs in the human population through AI devices, to be used for a variety of purposes for slave labor and to be taken to other planets by the NAA. It appears that there is also insertion of holographic images with the intention to control the individual’s consciousness and belief systems, as the SPE is also creating astral delusions that the person believes are real, and becomes addicted and attached to on the Astral Plane, thus functioning as a Consciousness Trap.

SPE's are aggressive Artificial intelligence parasites that invade the central nervous system to monitor a person’s thought patterns so that they can mimic them and project them into holographic clones and Digital Twins. They monitor thought patterns and emotional behaviors and search for weaknesses within the human host body so they can aggressively use that weakness against the person, to plummet them into very low frequency thoughts of the Predator Mind. (See the Houses of Ego). When a person has weak spiritual-energetic development, weak moral character along with a weak mind, this makes it much easier for the AI parasite to control the human being and prepare the body for dark force or Imposter Spirit Possession.

Suppressor Parasite Entities or Archontic jellyfish were discovered during aggressive dark entity attacking during my personal dark night of the soul removing crucifixion implants in early 2004, and from that time it was discovered that they are generally only visible within a limited spectrum of frequencies so that they remain undetected to the naked eye, thus it requires infrared or a highly attenuated Remote Viewing capacity in order to see them.

Over the years, we have found that the most effective way to dismantle and deactivate artificial intelligence used by these jellyfish parasites and other forms of Nanotechnology alien implants is to commit to a loving spiritual practice that connects to the higher self or God, genuinely seek to develop your heart center, connect to the Inner Christos, detoxify and purify your body and consciousness from parasites, and intend to cultivate authentic virtue ethics as valued spiritual qualities that emanate expressions of loving kindness, Compassion and Empathy.

With the current major shifts occurring anchoring the Ruby Rod, the harmful effects of this particular jellyfish parasite agenda should phase out over the next few years, with radical upgrades being made in therapeutic frequency devices and zero-point radiant energy technologies for spiritually healing Lightbody traumas that usually come with deep infestations of energy parasites and physical parasites. This is a plague that all of humanity suffers from as the result of the NAA invasion and recent injectable bio-weapons, and this problem will be addressed through the release of advanced healing technologies made available to the masses during the global Awakening stages of the disclosure events in the reasonably near future.[11]


Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis Forum, May 25, 2013, Post #69627

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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 57