Astral Mirrors of Delusion

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In the next harmonic universe the dimensions are based on a triad which includes the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions of Timelines which together form the probable realities on the future earth, Tara based on the current events of the earth in 3D. The next or future harmonic universe is flipped over and runs the opposite direction of what we perceive as linear reflections in this lower density of the earthly time in the 3rd dimension.

In the Astral Plane, many of us travel during sleep state, which may be called "astral traveling" when a person desires this result consciously. The Astral Plane is the collective human race emotional body debris and lowest layer of the soul body, it is a place of collected dreams, fantasies, creatures and mirrored reflections. Those creations are manifested in astral waters which is a type of emotional elemental substance created by human instinctual desires. The substance is manifested through the instinctual desires of the collective, and contain a vast array of distortions which are projected into this realm, the Astral Plane.

Many times an inexperienced person, not spiritually aware, nor studied in psychic self defense or Psychic Attack may travel the astral plane and is not aware this is not an enlightened or high dimensional plane. It is a repository of a collection of fantasy desires, in the lower plane, many perversions and sickness exist, yet in the higher areas there are some very colorful realms of projected realities that may appear beautiful. The astral plane waters project fantasy sets of which some people may not have developed the consciousness clarity to discern are fantasy creations. These can be one's own fantasies created and projected onto a screen, or they can be the result of the human race collective body, or they can be an unscrupulous entity that is using these astral mirrors to manipulate the person or even harm the person.

These fantasy creations from the Astral Plane are called the Astral Mirrors of Delusion.

Basing decisions and believing in these astral delusions as truth does not ever have a positive impact on the individual, except for learning better discernment of the dark energies, manipulation or polarity integration. These areas can be dangerous for a escapist or addictive type of personality. This is the area of the False Ascension Matrix and where many levels of Dark Force Manipulation Methods exist.

Astral Plane and AI

The Astral Plane is essentially assimilated into a fully technologically based realm that uses Artificial intelligence to read the collective race consciousness and then fuse it with an AI hive mind that generates many artificial dreamscapes that program virtual environments for the Phantom Matrix. If a person blends with the artificial intelligence located in these virtual environments, the individual’s co-creative consciousness will start to manifest these artificial dreamscapes into forms in the fallen system, becoming Consubstantial with the NAA and dark forces that exist there. [1]


Found in HGS manual, page 118

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